The One Where Eddie Won't Go

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Quotes (17)

  • Chandler: Get out. Get out, get out, get out, get out, get out! Eddie: What? Chandler: You. Move out! Take your fruit. Your stupid small fruit and get out! Eddie: You want me to move out? Chandler: Uh huh. Eddie: I gotta tell you man, that's kind of out of the blue. Don't you think? Chandler: This is not out of the blue. This is smack-dab in the middle of the blue!

  • Joey: Anybody want a cruller? Phoebe: Okay, this is a typical lightning-bearer thing. Right there. It's like, "Hello. Who wants one of my phallic-shaped man-cakes?" Joey: Who've you been dating?

  • Chandler: So, you want me to help you unpack your stuff? Joey: No, no, I'm okay. Oh and, uh, just so you know, I'm not moving back in because I have to. Well, I mean, I do have to. It's just that that place wasn't really, I mean, this is... Chandler: Welcome home, man.

  • Chandler: Do you remember talking to me yesterday? Eddie: Yes. Chandler: So what happened? Eddie: We took a road trip to Las Vegas, man.

  • Ross: You spent $1200 dollars on a plastic bird? Joey: Uh, I was an impulse buyer, near the register.

  • Joey: It's my VISA bill. Envelope one of two. That can't be good. Ross: Open it, open it. Joey: Oh, my God. Ross: Woah. Joey: Look at this, how did I spend so much money? Ross: Uh Joey, that's just the minimum amount due. That's your total due.

  • Ross: (About Rachel's book) I, I don't know, it's got all this stuff about wind and trees and there's some kind of sacred pool in it. I mean, I don't really get it but she's, she's pretty upset about it. Joey: See, this is why I don't date women who read.

  • Rachel: Why do we always have to do everything according to your time table? Ross: Actually it's the movie theater that has the time schedule. So you don't miss the beginning.

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Notes (4)

  • International Episode Title: Czech Republic: Jak se Eddie nechtěl stěhovat (How Eddie Did Not Want to Move)

  • This is the final appearance of Adam Goldberg as Eddie Menuek. Eddie was in 3 episodes of Friends.

  • Joey's large ceramic dog was given to Jennifer Aniston as a good-luck gift from a friend. She donated it for use on the show.

  • This episode runs 24:00 on DVD (a typical sitcom runs about 22:00).

Trivia (1)

  • Goof: At the beginning of the tag scene there is an obvious cut.

Allusions (7)

  • Joey: Be careful with that 3-D Last Supper. Judas is a little loose. According to the Gospels, The Last Supper was the last meal Jesus shared with his disciples before his death. It has been the subject of many paintings, perhaps the most famous by Leonardo da Vinci.

  • Joey: I fell down an elevator shaft. Gunther: That sucks. I was buried in an avalanche. Joey: What? Gunther: I used to be Bryce on All My Children. All My Children is an American soap opera broadcast by the ABC TV network.

  • Ross: What I do know is that you owe $2300 at "Isn't It Chromantic?" A word play on "Isn't It Romantic?" a popular song written by Richard Rodgers.

  • Ross: Joey, you owe $1100 at "I Love Lucite." A word play on I Love Lucy, a CBS television sitcom aired in the 1950s that was the most popular American sitcom of its generation.

  • Rachel: Is it kinda like The Hobbit? Monica: It's nothing like The Hobbit. The Hobbit is a fantasy novel written by J. R. R. Tolkien.

  • Chandler: Ding dong! The psycho's gone! A reference to the musical number "Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is Dead" from The Wizard of Oz.

  • Chandler: Hannibal Lecter... better roommate than you! Hannibal Lecter is the cannibalistic serial killer from the book and movie The Silence of the Lambs.