The One Where Everybody Finds Out

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    By Canogaparkcindy, Sep 25, 2011

    Well I love this episode and it probably is my favorite of the season but best episode of the series? I really don't know about that. there is some funny moments. But "The One With Phoebe's Embryos" is probably the best in my opinion. So I think this is a little overrated. Anyways, yes all the development is Ross gets a new apartment, gets naked for Ugly Naked Guy. Phoebe finds out so then Rachel, Phoebe & Joey all start to play games with Monica and Chandler. Funniest scene would have to when Phoebe kisses Chandler and then he says that she wins and then he declares his love for Monica again. Then it was sort of a cliffhanger when Ross finds out. What will happen next?moreless

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    "they know that we know that they know that we know!"

    By seriesguy3998, Sep 06, 2010

    When the guys find out that Ugly Naked Guy is moving out, Ross decides to move to his appartment. Phoebe finds out that Chandler and Monica are sleeping together, which Rachel and Joey already know. Now this brings them on a game of who cracks up the first: Monica and Chandler telling them, or Phoebe and Rachel telling they know.

    Thie episode, unquestionably, is one of the best episodes in season 6 and possibly in the whole series. This is off course one of my fave episodes. It was so so funny seeing them all trying to make the other talk, and seeing Phoebe trying to seduce Chandler was hilarous. The ending was awesome, with Ross finding out about Chanlder and Monica by the window! The whole episode is so amazing! Is so freakin funny!moreless

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    So funny you can't watch

    By damanray, Sep 06, 2010

    A perfect example of the show taking one situation and making it so funny, no more could possibly be done with it. The great part of this show is that they utilise all characters to their fullest potential, which makes it HIIIIILARIOUS. Just little character development moments which add so much to a scene. Monica cleaning up Joey and Chandler's bathroom. Joey opening up Phoebe's bra. They add so much to a scene

    The episode has Alexa Junge doing what she does best, by creating brilliant situations. As Phoebe and Chandler get closer, sitting in your chair is not an option.The scene is given so much life by the facial expressions of the actors and the excited audience, Oh how i would have killed to go a taping.

    And to top it all off, after all the hilarity, we get to see, as Rachel Points out 'THAT'S NAKED ROSS'

    and the tag scene.... ohhhh Ross poor old rossmoreless

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    When the Friends find that Ugly Naked Guy is moving out, Ross tries to bribe his way into getting the apartment. Pheobe finds out about Chandler and Monica, so she and Rachel try to seduce him. When he finds out, he has a little fun of his own.

    By Abiteddyluv, Aug 31, 2008

    This episode is a classic, it shows all the group in a hilarious situation. For any Friends fan, this episode will have you laughing out loud. With the two funniest characters, Chandler and Pheobe, in a plot like this, what could be better? It includes romance between Monica and Chandler, comedy and pure Friends moments. It is a must see Friends episode, and definately my favourite. This is a unique episode of Friends and one that you will definately remember, having won several awards. I gave this episode a 9.5 for it's brilliant stroyline and hilarious moments. You simply have to see it!moreless

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    This episode shows Monica and Chandler finaly announcing their love for one another and everyone knowing about their affair.

    By Nataliiee, May 15, 2008

    This is probably the best episode of all! A deffinite favorite. I laughed so hard throughout the entire thing, it was a classic freak out episode. It shows such a strong connection with the gang. In other episodes, everyone kind of deals with their own problems, but in this episode everyone has one main thing to focus on. It shows Chandler and Monica in a way that we have not really seen before, and Pheobe and Rachel are shown to be very sly. It's just a very funny episode, and I would name it the best one of all ten seasons.moreless

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    This is propably my favourite episode of Friends!

    By hanpuusi, Mar 04, 2008

    I have watched this episode many many times and I don`t understand how it can still make me laugh so hard. Again and again. Just about everything in it is so damn hilarious. Best parts being: When Phoebe first finds out. "Aaaa!!Aaaaaa! Aaaa!!! Aaa!! My Eyes!! My Eyes!!!" And Ross coming in on that and they all just jump around screaming!! (I`m giggling inside to that image) Funny thing is (what isn´t) that all of the friends have first reacted a little loudly to the news.. Weird.. Anyway.. What a better way to deal with finding out that two of your best friends are together than to mess with them..Obviously. And even now Joey is the one getting stuck in the middle of their "war" and that´s always very funny to watch.

    Phoebe and Chandler´s "date" is, out of all the episodes, the thing that I can come back to and feel better about life because it gets me in a better mood. The dancing and flirting and kissing all of which are the most uncomfortable moments ever, ofcourse in a funny way.

    And Ross, trying to get Ugly naked guy´s appartment.. If you wanna bond with ugly naked guy, don´t buy him a basket of mini muffins...get naked yourself!! Another classic moment of this episode, for sure..

    Like all this wouldn´t be enough to make this episode perfect but Monica and Chandler finally REALLY tell each other that they love each other. Wonderful.

    This episode also ends perfectly with Ross seeing from the window of his new appartment Monica and Chandler getting pusy..Funny!!! "What Are You Doing!! Get Off My Sister!!

    So if I haven´t said it already, I truly loved this episode. Also you don´t see much of any secondary characters in this which is great because these are the people you really care about and want to see.moreless

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    The best episode ever !

    By duranferris, Mar 02, 2008

    Well, I think that it is the best episode of the series, and undoubtedly one of the best performance of Lisa Kudrow. Her way of saying "my eyes" and her dance to allure Chandler are among the funniest moments of the show. Generally, I adore the funny dances in a TV show, like the "routine" of Ross and Monica or odd dance of Elaine Benes in Seinfeld.

    And Phoebe's "they don't know that we know they know we know!", hillarant ! It is also funny that this episode marks the first appearance of Joey's toy Hugsy and the final appearance of Ugly Naked Guy.moreless

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  • 9.6

    The funniest episode of season 5 !

    By Kadodian, Feb 07, 2008

    Ok now people I have been dealing with a minor glitch on which makes all my sentences squash back together after I have put the in paragraphs so from now on I will be using a dash- to seperate my paragraphs. - Friends is a show like no other, it contains lovable characters who are played by actors who are fine with making fools of themselves to make people laugh which shows how willing the the cast and crew are to create the perfect show Friends.- Season 5 was a very good season. It contained the 100th episode and it was pure fun. Monica and Chandler dating or well sleeping together was very awkward at first but turned out to be the funniest thing ever.- Chandler and Monica trying to hide their relationship from everyone else and running around making excuses so they can get together just cracked me up and I thought if the other friends found out apart from Joey who found out sooner than the others it would rowen the fun but it did not because the way the truth was shown was so incredibly chaotic in a funny way that I almost pimp. By the way pimp is a word I made up as short hand for peed in my pants.- Rachel first finds out and then Phoebe finds out in naked ugly guy's appartment and she cannot stop screaming but then she just had to jump infront of Ross along with Rachel so he does not find out.-

    Phoebe decides to have some fun by trying to seduce Chandler but when Chandler and Monica find out what the others are up to they fight back with the end result being Chandler saying he loves Monica which was very romantic.- Deffinatley the best episode of season 5. Great stuff.moreless

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    "They don't know that we know they know we know!" - Phoebe

    By FriendsSvuLost8, Feb 06, 2008

    This was one of the best episodes ever and the ultimate Chandler and Monica episode. Ugly Naked Guy is moving out so Ross tries to get his place so that he can live across Rachel and Monica. So Rachel, Phoebe and Ross go check out the place. Phoebe looks out the window and sees Chandler and Monica doing something that well, hurts her eyes. The screaming part with Phoebe, Rachel and Ross was so funny. And Ross really screams like a girl. So now Phoebe knows and she thinks they should have some fun with it so she hits on Chandler. He tells Monica about this and she immediately knows that Phoebe knows because there's no other explanation.

    To get back at Phoebe Chandler flirts back and wonders if she wants to go on a date. She would love to (well actually she wouldn't but she wants to win. Did I mention this was a confusing episode). So they go on a date in Chandler's appartment and as they awkwardly kiss Chandler admits that he can't have sex with her because he's in love with Monica, and she loves him too. All very cute.

    Meanwhile Ross gets Ugly Naked Guy's apartment by being Naked Ross. He shows his boss his new apartment and just as his boss says that he can go back to work he notices something through the window and becomes Mental Ross again. That's the story of how everyone found out about Chandler and Monica. I wonder if the're ever gonna tell their kids this story.moreless

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    "Well, my grandfather was Swedish and my grandmother was actually a tiny little bunny."-Chandler Bing

    By efc1991, Jan 10, 2008

    Phoebe finds out about Monica and Chandler, so she and Rachel play practical jokes on them. Monica and Chandler realize something's up so they play along. Ugly Naked Guy sublets his apartment and is greeted with a number of applicants - including Ross. Wow it was really tough to pick which episode as my favourite of season 5 but it has to be The one where everyone finds out, another superb episode of Friends probably my second favourite episode of the series, after the brilliant one with the embryos. This episde was another fast episode which will have you in stiches.moreless

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