The One Where Heckles Dies

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  • Alison: Oh, my major was totally useless. I mean, how often do you look in the classifieds and see "Philosopher wanted?" Chandler: Sure. (Thinking) My God, that's a big head! It didn't look this big in the office. Maybe it's the lighting. My head must look like a golf ball at work. All right, don't get hung up on it. Quick, quick, list five things you like about her: Nice smile, good dresser... big head, big head, big head!

  • Phoebe: Chandler, you called Janice! That's how much you wanted to be with someone!

  • Rachel: You think of it as your apartment, and I'm just somebody who rents a room. Monica: Mmmm. Rachel: Okay, while you "mmm" on it for awhile, I'm gonna go find a place for my new lamp.

  • Mr. Boyle: All right, kids. Here's the deal. According to my client's will, he wants to leave all his earthly possessions to "the noisy girls in the apartment above mine." Monica: Well, what about his family? Mr. Boyle: He didn't have any. Rachel: Okay, so let's talk money. Mr. Boyle: All right, there was none. Let's talk signing. You be noisy girl number one, you be noisy girl number two. Monica: I can't believe that this whole time we thought he hated us. I mean, isn't it amazing how much you can touch someone's life, without even knowing it? (After seeing the mess in his apartment) Would you look at this dump? He hated us. This is his final revenge!

  • Rachel: (About Mr. Heckles passing away) How did this happen? Mr. Treeger: He must've been sweeping. They found a broom in his hand. Monica: That's terrible. Mr. Treeger: I know. I was sweeping yesterday. It could've been me. Ross: Sure, sweeping. You never know.

  • Joey: When I first moved to the city, I went out a couple of times with this girl, really hot, great kisser, but she had the biggest Adam's apple. It made me nuts. Chandler: (To Ross) You or me? Ross: I got it. Uh, Joey, women don't have Adam's apples. Joey: You guys are messing with me, right? Everyone: Yeah.

  • Ross: Pheebs, you see how I'm making these little toys move? Opposable thumbs. Without evolution, how do you explain opposable thumbs? Phoebe: Maybe the overlords needed them to steer their spacecrafts.

  • Ross: (To Phoebe) One plus one equals two. I can't just stand by and let you think that one plus one might equal three or four or yellow!

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Notes (5)

  • International Episode Title: Czech Republic: Hlavně nebýt sám (Especially Not Being Alone)

  • This is the first appearance of Michael G. Hagerty as Mr. Treeger. Mr. Treeger was in 5 episodes of Friends.

  • The police officer is actually Michael Curtis, the writer of this episode.

  • Mr Heckles' apartment in this episode definitely doesn’t seem to be located directly underneath Monica and Rachel’s, and also is not the same apartment as shown in previous episodes.

  • This episode runs 23:20 on DVD (a typical sitcom runs about 22:00).

Trivia (6)

  • In the scene when Ross and Phoebe are talking about evolution and Phoebe tells him that he believes in something and she doesn't, she turns and she's asking "Why not?" but her lips are not moving.

  • Goof: In the scene where the gang is at Mr. Heckles' apartment, Ross tries to explain evolution to Phoebe with bird models. At one point he drops the first bird but when the camera angle changes, the model is still there.

  • Factual Error: In the scene where Joey tells the gang that he used to date a girl with a big Adam's apple, they all tell him that "women don't have Adam's apples." Actually, women do have Adam's apples. Everybody does, however, in women, they aren't as large or as apparent, due to less cartilege protruding.

  • Goof: When they friends are in Heckles's apartment and the door is open, you can see there is a door at the end of the hallway. Since Heckles lives beneath Monica and Rachel, the stairs should be there, or at least the hallway should continue. When you see the hallway outside Monica and Rachel's apartment, the stairs are there. Therefore the layout of the building is inconsistent and incorrect. Also in "The One Where the Monkey Gets Away" when Ross knocks on Heckles's door, the stairs are where they should be.

  • Trivia: In "The One Where the Monkey Gets Away" Joey asks Mr. Heckles for the giant magnifying glass. At the end of this episode he takes it.

  • Continuity: Joey talks about how a girl he dated had the biggest Adam's apple. But in "The One Where They All Turn Thirty" Joey still thinks the Adam's apple is named after each individual person.

Allusions (5)

  • Chandler: Uh oh. It's Isaac Newton and he's pissed. Sir Isaac Newton was an English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, and alchemist, regarded by many as the greatest figure in the history of science.

  • Phoebe: It's just you know. Monkeys, Darwin, you know it's a nice story. I just think it's a little too easy. Charles Darwin is famed as the English naturalist who convinced the scientific community by his writings and a mass of evidence that species develop over time in a process of evolution.

  • Phoebe: I don't know, lately I get the feeling that I'm not so much being pulled down as I am being pushed. Phoebe refers to the force opposite of gravity, called anti-gravity, which actually pushes matter while gravity pulls it. They work in tandem.

  • Phoebe: You name one woman that you broke up with for a real reason. Chandler: Maureen Rosilla. Ross: Because she doesn't hate Yanni is not a real reason. Yanni is a Greek New Age composer. He is known for making really cheesy synthisizer compositions and labeling it as "new age." Also, some call Yanni, "yawni" because of how boring his music can be.

  • Phoebe: Go into the light, Mr Heckles. This is a famous quote from the Tobe Hooper film Poltergeist.