The One Where Nana Dies Twice

Season 1, Ep 8, Aired 11/10/94
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  • Episode Description
  • Nana dies twice, Monica and her mother come to an understanding, Ross falls into an empty grave, and everyone at Chandler's office thinks he's gay.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jennifer Aniston

    Rachel Green

  • Elinor Donahue

    Aunt Lillian

  • Courteney Cox

    Monica Geller

  • Nancy Cassaro


  • Stuart Fratkin


  • Fan Reviews (20)
  • Good

    By efc91, Jul 31, 2009

  • Awesome.

    By Sarah_LOST, Feb 08, 2009

  • Chandler's gay innuendo begins!

    By Canogaparkcindy, Aug 19, 2008

  • Chandler: I just have to know, okay. Is it my hair? Rachel: (Exasperated) Yes, Chandler, that's exactly what it is. It's your hair. Phoebe: Yeah, you have homosexual hair.

    By Sarah_Is_Lost, Aug 15, 2008

  • Monica & Ross Go To Their Nana's Bedside, She Returns To Life Then Dies, Everyone At The Office Thinks Chandler's Gay

    By xCeeCeex2007, Apr 15, 2008

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (15)

    • Ross: (High from pain medication) Rachel. Rachel Rachel. I love you the most. Rachel: (Humoring him) Oh, well you know who I love the most? Ross: No. Rachel: You! Ross: Oh... you don't get it! (He passes out.)

    • Ross: (About Rahcel getting a phone call from Paolo) So, he's calling from Rome. I can call from Rome. All I have to do is go to Rome.

    • Phoebe: (Walking in the cemetery) God, what a great day... What? Weather-wise!

    • Jack: I was just thinking. When my time comes-- Monica: Dad! Jack: Listen to me! When my time comes, I wanna be buried at sea. Monica: You what? Jack: I wanna be buried at sea, it looks like fun. Monica: Define fun.

    • Shelley: Do you want a date Saturday? Chandler: Yes please. Shelley: Okay. He's cute, he's funny, he's-- Chandler: He's a he? Shelley: Well yeah... Oh God. I just, I thought... Good, Shelley. I'm just gonna go flush myself down the toilet now. Okay, goodbye...

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    Notes (7)

    • International Episode Title: Czech Republic: Loučení s babičkou (Saying Goodbye to Grandma)

    • When everyone is looking at the photo of Nana and her friends, the label says Java Joe's. This is an inside joke, because Central Perk was originally going to be called Java Joe's.

    • Elliott Gould was credited as a "Special Appearance."

    • This episode is the first to feature location shooting (i.e. scenes that are not on a set or the WB backlot), with the scenes in the cemetery.

    • "The Rachel" makes its debut in this episode. It was an often imitated hairstyle for the next couple of years. Jennifer Aniston said her hairdo was created by accident when her friend cut her hair with a razor.

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    Trivia (6)

    • Goof: When Ross falls in the open grave, there is a lot of mud visible on his knees when he rolls over on to his back. When the camera angle changes to the reactions of his friends and then back to him in the grave, there is no mud at all on his knees.

    • Continuity: Rachel says she thought Chandler might be gay when she first met him, but later dismissed the thought since he spent Phoebe's birthday looking at her breasts. Rachel met Chandler for the first time when she was still in high school and they actually made out a party, as seen in "The One Where the Stripper Cries." So it's highly unlikely she didn't realize he was straight before Phoebe's birthday many years later.

    • Continuity: Joey says he didn't think Chandler was gay when they first met. In "The One with the Flashback", where they meet for the first time, Joey does think Chandler is gay.

    • Continuity: Phoebe’s birthday is inconsistent. In "The One with Frank Jr." Phoebe tells her half-brother that her birthday is February 16th. Also, in "The One with Two Parts (2)" Phoebe has a birthday party in February. However, in "The One Where Nana Dies Twice" Rachel talks about Phoebe’s last birthday party. Since Rachel first met Phoebe earlier that season, this implies that Phoebe’s birthday must have occurred since September, when Rachel first joined the group. Also, in "The One with Phoebe's Birthday Dinner", Phoebe's birthday is close to Halloween, consistent with Rachel's statement. Furthermore, in "The One Where They All Turn Thirty", the flashbacks of Phoebe’s 30th birthday imply her birthday is in the summer.

    • Trivia: Although Phoebe's job still hasn't been mentioned, we see her checking out Ross's back spasms after he falls.

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    Allusions (1)

    • Chandler: Nothing. Just your overcoat sounds remarkably like Brett Musburger. Brett Musburger is an anchor on ESPN.

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