The One Where No One's Ready

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    One of the best episodes!

    By holden_potter, Apr 12, 2011

    This is a very funny epsiode that nothing much happened. They are all staying in getting ready to go to a reception where Ross is giving speach. Rachel and Ross are fighting because Rachel is very slow while dressing up. Monica leaves embarassing messages to Richard and talks to his daughter. Phoebe is as funny and weird as ever. Joey and Chandler are fighting for the chair.

    Funniest story: Monica leaving messages to Richard and nervous as ever. She is so hilarious when she is nervous and even messes the things worse than they were.

    Funniest moment: Joey with all Chandler's clothes on.

    Funniest friend: Monicamoreless

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    By super_georgiaaa, Feb 26, 2011

    This episode is one of my all time favrouties !

    The lines that they gave these charaters were excellent and the whole dare thing to drink chicken fat was just out of nowhere but funny. I think that poor old Ross was really tring to help out but ending up making things worse by being too nagy. Some of the best quotes came from that episode such as

    Chandler - "What are you going to do show me my clothes?!"

    Joey - "Oposite!"

    Little while later....

    Joey (wearing all of Chandler's clothes) - "Look at me I'm Chandler.. Could I be wearing any more clothes?"

    Classic episode definate 10/10 from me.moreless

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  • 7.5

    Ross is in a hurry to get everyone dressed for a banquet, but no one is co-operating.Rachel can't decide what to wear, chandler and joey fight over a chair, Monica's desperate to delete a message she sent to Richard and phoebe has a stain on her dress.

    By luvpuff, Feb 26, 2011

    From this episode you could really tell how caught up Monica was on Richard when she tried to send him a message but when getting into his answering phone she realizes it isn't breezy and tries to delete it.

    My personal guess is that the writers couldn't think of a reason why phoebe would be late so they made the bickering boys, chandler and joey, spill humus on her dress.So she uses a large Christmas bow thing which is expected of her character.

    Also like her character was Rachel not being able to decide what to wear and after Ross shouts at her she puts on her 'sweats' and decides not to go.

    After chandler goes to the toilet, joey steals his chair, causing them to steal parts of the chair, hide each others underwear and wear all their clothes!

    It was a bottle-episode, with only one room, no guest stars and sort of like an episode of 24, with time running out.moreless

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    A bottle episode.

    By Canogaparkcindy, Apr 12, 2010

    A bottle episode in which they stay in the apartment the whole because of funding. But it worked out amazingly well. Probably like the best of the series. Plus it is a definite classic. Rachel & Ross fighting, Ross was so mean to her. Rachel was just trying to look nice for Ross, and he throws shoes! Phoebe's stain. My favorite plot is Monica's plot. It just keeps getting worst. When a message she doesn't know is new or old, from Richard. And then she sends a very embarrassing message on Richard's phone. The way R&R made up was perfect! Joey going commando! That was hilarious! Over a chair! An amazing bottle episode!moreless

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    Best Episode!

    By free_the_WM3, Oct 07, 2008

    I could never get sick of watching this episode. It is written so well and i think alot of people can relate to it. I can especially relate to the Ross-Rachel storyline. I find myslef taking forever to get ready to go out and my boyfriend is always telling my how much time i have left and that everything looks fine! The Chandler/Joey story line is halarious! Monica stressing about Richards call and her message is classic and accidently changing his outgoing message was great. I laugh so hard everytime Phoebe walks out with that big christmas decoration on her dress. And the look on Ross and Chandler's face. Classic episode!moreless

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    Brilliant episode! A frustrated Ross trying to get everybody ready for an important night at the museum without seeming to get very far with the task as everyone seems to have "more important" worries.

    By Elwingda, Jun 21, 2008

    This is one of my favourite episodes of all time. It is in "bottle" format, i.e. the six of them are in the same space throughout the episode and there are no guest stars. This immediately gives actors the chance to create an outstanding ensemble performance.

    The storyline takes place over a minimal amount of time compared to the couple of days of a normal storyline. Here it is only just under 30 minutes and it is emphasized by Ross constantly checking the time and counting down minutes.

    The multiple storylines in this episode are smaller and more connected than in regular episodes. This is one of the reasons I find this episode so funny: the problems are absolutely minimal and the characters have to start arguing about them just when they are in a hurry, even if they normally get on so well with each other. We can also see how the mood of one person can affect the whole group. Ross seems to be the one who causes all the frustration in the first place. He thinks he is helping but is really making things worse by making everybody angry. It feels nice when you see everybody making up with each other at the end even if you have expected this. Of course the small storylines are brilliant themselves, especially the childish argument about the chair between Chandler and Joey. I think that this episode really highlights the different qualities of the six of them, which is one of the reasons I would especially recommend it to people who are maybe not very familiar with 'Friends' yet. It is a nice lighter episode without any significant effect on the main storyline giving the real familiarity and feel of a sitcom. Absolutely classic.moreless

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    Best Ever

    By chocoholic411, Feb 17, 2008

    This Series 3 episode of Friends - The One Where No Ones Ready - is one of the best ever episode of Friends! The whole episode revolves round the fact that Ross wants everyone to get ready for a mueseum speech. It's one of those few episodes just in the apartment and with no guest stars (except after the credits). So, whats wrong with everyone?? Rachel can't decide what to wear and then she gets in an arguement with Ross and decides no to go. Joey and Chandler are arguing over cushions and chairs. Phoebe is ready but then joey spills stuff on her. Finlly, Monica hears a message from Richard and starts obssessing.moreless

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    Comando!! Lmaoo ...

    By Sarah_Is_Lost, Feb 10, 2008

    What can I say about this episode? I think this episode is my favourite from season three. Its so funny. I can watch this episode over and over again and never get bored of it. This episode always makes me laugh! I love it so much, Its defently in my top ten episodes of the whole show. Chandler and Joey were so funyn together liek always. Ross was great too. He was going to drink the fat, that was so funny. Rachel and monica where always enjoyable to watch, i loved at the end where Rachels says she is comando. That was so funny. Pheobe didn't really do much in this episode but she was still funny. Well all in all an awesome episode!moreless

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    "I wrote a song today, it's called GET UP!"-Chandler Bing.

    By efc1991, Jan 10, 2008

    Ross is in a hurry to get everyone dressed for an important banquet at the museum but no one is co-operating. Amazing Joey and Chandler were on top form in this episode absolutly brilliant the episode was full of great jokes that had ne laughing for about ten minutes, every character was great with loads of great lines, but Joey and Chandler stood out with there childish argueing over who was sitting in the chair, Monica was great aswell and Pheobe as usual. No doubt that TOW No ones ready was my favourite episode of season three of the brilliant sitcom called friends.moreless

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