The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS

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  • 9.5

    Ross has to choose.

    By Canogaparkcindy, Apr 09, 2009

    Finally Emily reprises her role, and is shown in one scene. I would dump that ho in a second if she asked me to stop speaking to one of my best friends. I love how Ross resorts to an eight ball to solve his problems, and Phoebe believes in the eight ball. I also like the part when Rachel walks in on Monica "getting ready" for Chandler. The best part would have to be when Joey got in a fight with the telathon guy. And Phoebe tries to find a good selfless deed but cannot find a single thing until the end but then was proved wrong soon after that. I Love this episode!!! Great cliffhanger!moreless

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  • 8.3

    Pretty funny, but average for a Friends episode.

    By Johnny2544, Jul 01, 2007

    This episode is very funny and though its not classic or anything, it is certainly worth the watch. Honestly, I just watched the episode not long ago and can’t remember that many details about it for some reason. The whole bit about Joey thinking he is going to host the telethon is really funny. He even gets into a fight with another phone operator which made me laugh. Also, in this episode Chandler and Monica continue to think of ways to cover up their relationship. Chandler says the reason he brought champagne to Monica’s house is that his office “finally got wrinkle-free fax paper”. Overall, an average episode with some very funny parts.moreless

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  • 10

    a good episode

    By simpfan90210, Apr 27, 2007

    Joey lands a job with a PBS telethon but is in the back and hardly has any air time., which ignites an old hatred Phoebe has towards the network because sesame street never replied 2 her letters after her mom died. and also joey says there is no selfless good deed and pheobe intends to prove him wrong and in the end donates to pbs because she hates them, and joey gets a lot of air time. Meanwhile, Monica tries to convince Rachel that she's dating someone from work to hide her relationship with Chandler. a very good episode indeed.moreless

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  • 9.1

    Joey lands a job with PBS telethon which has Phoebe towards the network. Monica tells Rachel that she is dating someone from work to hide her relationship with Chandler. Ross finally hears from Emily.

    By Black_Grace, Feb 15, 2007

    Good episode. Monica and Chandler still on their secret relationship no one knows about. Joey is like so desperate for a job and doesnt even know that he has to be on the phone and not t.v. Haha. I like the part when the gang calles Joey and he says if he is on t.v. and they say no so he puts his hand over so you can see his hand on t.v. The part was great. Emily must really hate Rachel then or unless she is jealous! Joey really wants to be on the t.v. and he is when he tackles that guy on t.v. and when Phoebe donates 200 dollars.moreless

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  • 10

    Wow. Emotional. Hilarious. Painful. Outrageous.

    By rachelnross, Sep 17, 2006

    As much there were many, many big laughs in this episode, it was still a little emotional, painful to watch, and a terjerker episode that mostly revolves around the Ross-Rachel-Emily triangle that Ross has probably got stuck in. Emily agrees to go to New York, and works things out with Ross again, only if he promises never to see Rachel again. Or even talk to her.

    That's the sad part...

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  • 9.0


    By OeTvGreat, Jul 01, 2006

    This episode was pretty interesting and really funny too, Phoebe tries to find a self less act but accidentally can't do it, when she finally finds out she is so happy about it, that she discovers that there are on selfless acts in the world, meanwhile, Monica lies to Rachel about a secret boyfriend for not telling about the truth about she and Chandler and that makes things worse when Chandler begins to ask questions about himself and how wonderful is he, and Ross tries to track down Emily and when finally does it, Emily agrees to try and settle things up with her, but only if she keeps from seeing Rachel.moreless

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  • 8.3

    How could Ross do that?

    By chazzock, Apr 04, 2006

    After Ross decides that he is never going to see Rachel again you wonder if Friends is going to fall apart, how could he agree to that? I think it won't work and that Ross will divorce Emily, although she is British she is being too harsh. Although I don't think I would forgive a man if he said the wrong name at my wedding.

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  • 6.0

    Godd episode, but with big falls

    By Carlos724, Feb 15, 2006

    This episode was great, but there was some parts that weren't that good, in fact, they were kind of stupid, since they ruined the other good moments of this episode. The part which demonstrante my theory is when Ross is talking to Rachel, and Rachel tells him to do whatever Emily wants (without knowning that what Emily wants is to Ross never see her again), which was going so well, being such a great scene but then, at some moments, when I was really connected to the story something happened, some stupid SOB decided that in one part of Rachel's dialogue, to put the fake laughs beyond them, ruining the whole scene. I just hope that the SOB was fired because of this.moreless

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