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    Phoebe is great in this episode!

    By Black_Grace, May 27, 2007

    Great episode! Rachel goes back to work to find a guy named Gavin take over. Chandler trys to get a new job and thinks maybe its not a good time to have a baby. Joey has Phoebe on his show as a extra because he needs more money. That director guy freaked out. Phoebe kept shaking. The second one was the best when she came and hit Joey in the head during the film. At the end was funny with her running around. Sure caused crazyness. Rachel was great over that chair and when she couldn't fix it. Short Rachel is the chair!moreless

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    Great Season 9 episode.

    By super_friend21, Mar 28, 2007

    Rachel visits work and finds out that a guy named Gavin has been "temporarily" assigned to take over her job, and she becomes desperate to get back to work right away for fear they'll dump her. Gavin turns out to be a nice guy and offers to take care of Emma while Rachel gives her presentation. Meanwhile, Joey has to deal with Phoebe acting like...well, Phoebe, when he gets her a job as an extra on her soap, and Chandler and Monica deal with the fact Chandler doesn't have a job and now might not be the right time to start a family.

    Rachel and Gavin have a funny relationship, its a shame the writers didnt keep him on the show for longer. Phoebe being an extra is so funny when she cant stop shaking when shes holding the bedpan and at the end when she refuses to leave when they fire her lool. Monica freaking out about the baby getting in the ribbon drawer is classic Monica!moreless

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