The One Where Rachel Smokes

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  • Monica: Yeah, we could have a dinner party and just invite her close friends. Joey: (Screaming) Ross! We're having a surprise party for Rachel! Ross: (From the bathroom) Okay! Joey: Done.

  • Chandler: Hey, Ross, if Ben gets this commercial do you think he can get me some free soup? Ross: Chandler, a can of soup is, like, 60 cents. Chandler: Yeah, okay, but I have been supporting a 29 year-old Italian for five years.

  • Joey: (About auditioning against Ben) Oh, man. This is going to be kind of weird, huh? Ross: Yeah, it is. Kyle: Yeah, it's going to be weird. Ross: No, we're, we're like, best friends. That's, that's why it's weird. Kyle: Oh, oh. I thought we were just talking.

  • Phoebe: (About her trash bags) Hey, is it okay if I leave this stuff here till Rachel's birthday party? Chandler: What's in them? Phoebe: Um, cups. Chandler: Oh, good, because we got Rachel 800 gallons of water.

  • Joey: I mean, who better than to play Ben's father than his godfather? Ross: You're not his godfather. Joey: What?! Are you kidding?! Ross: Of couse I am. Okay, let's go, godfather.

  • Joanna: You smoke? Rachel: Oh, no. My dad's a doctor and he would always tell me just horror stories... about, uh ghosts and goblins... who...totally supported the princess' right to smoke.

  • Monica: I bet it's going to be weird seeing some other actor pretending to be Ben's dad. Ross: Yeah. Chandler: Weirder than seeing his two moms make out?

  • Phoebe: Okay, let's discuss Rachel's birthday. I say we throw her a surprise party this weekend. Joey: Whoa, but her birthday's not for, like, another month. Phoebe: Okay, but if we throw her a party on her birthday then it's not a surprise.

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Notes (6)

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Rachel kouří (Rachel Smokes)

  • This is the final appearance of Charlie and Jack Allen as Ben Geller-Willick-Bunch. Although Ben appeared in 12 episodes of Friends, Charlie and Jack only played him in 5 episodes.

  • Ironically, Jennifer Aniston is a smoker who says she wants to quit.

  • When the casting director asks most of the actors to leave, you can see Harry Van Gorkum playing one of the fathers taking his son out of the room. Harry Van Gorkum plays Don, Monica's "soulmate" in "The One Where Joey Tells Rachel".

  • This episode runs 25:23 on DVD (a typical sitcom runs about 22:00). There are two extra scenes at the audition, one with Carol, and an extra scene at the party where Chandler is trying to steal a pack of cigarettes.

  • Music: "Never There" by Cake "Jammin'" by Bob Marley

Trivia (7)

  • Continuity: Rachel’s year of birth is inconsistent. Her 30th birthday in "The One Where They All Turn Thirty" (2001) implies that Rachel was born in 1971. However, her 29th birthday in "The One Where Rachel Smokes" (1999) implies that she was born in 1970. Also, Rachel says she is 28 in "The One with the Fake Party" (1998) implying she was born in 1970. But 15 months earlier in "The One Where Rachel Quits" (1996) Chandler says Rachel is 28, implying she was born in 1968.

  • Continuity: Rachel’s birthday is inconsistent. In "The One with Joey's New Girlfriend", Rachel tells Gunther her birthday is May 5, and this is consistent with the month of birthday parties thrown for her on the show in "The One Where Rachel Finds Out", (which aired in May 1995) and in her one-month-early surprise party in "The One Where Rachel Smokes", (which aired in April 1999). Rachel's 30th birthday, however, is celebrated in February in "The One Where They All Turn Thirty", (which aired on February 8, 2001). Rachel also mentions that her birthday is after Valentine's Day in "The One with the Girl From Poughkeepsie". A birthday in February is also consistent with Rachel's statement to a police officer in "The One with Chandler's Dad" that she is an Aquarius (January 21- February 19).

  • Goof: When Joey is talking to Ross at the party, the flavoring on Joey's snow cone keeps changing between shots.

  • Continuity: In this episode Joey says that he had to teach Ross his bummed out bit, but Ross has been doing this bit since "The One with the Thumb".

  • Magna Doodle: Joey, Carole want you to call her!!

  • Goof: When Joey is talking to Ben about acting, the color of the blocks Ben is playing with change during the scene.

  • Goof: When the director says who she wants to stay, she says Joey is with Raymond and Ben with Kyle. Later on we find out that Joey didn't get the part, but neither did Ben even though they were the only two pairs left.

Allusions (1)

  • Rachel: Also Vogue called. Vogue is a fashion magazine, that is now published in several different countries.