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    I was actually glad they broke up. Ross allowed the baggage from his marriage to make him whiney and insecure. He was happy with Rachel working @ a job where she was unfullfilled because he could be with her when HE wanted. ,

    By msfefej, Nov 30, 2010

    Its just a job he said. Selfish, selfish person. I can't imagine my life without you, at when he thought he was, he jumps @ the hot girl he made reference to earlier. No excuses, if the shoe were on the other foot i'd feel the same. Great episode, there is so much more I could say. I just think the self absorbed attitude he had it coming. You can't claim love while you're humping someone else. She answers the saying I'm glad you called honey, he hears Marks voice then dives off the cliff just a little faith Rossmoreless

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    We were on a break...

    By seriesguy3998, Aug 01, 2009

    Ross and Rachel take a break after Ross shows up at Rachel's office with a picnic basket. Ross, heartbreaked, sleeps with another woman, which leads into the next episode and the whole "We were on a break thing".

    After a year, Ross and Rachel take a break. Now, this makes the show become even better. The whole comedy keeps on, and theres tones of drama coming up because of all this whole thing. Friends is a great show, and with this episode it becomes even better. Ross and Rachel's relationship reaches an end, and in the next episode starts the whole thing.moreless

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    Ross & Rachel break up.

    By Canogaparkcindy, Jun 02, 2009

    Probably one of the saddest episodes of Friends, well the second saddest, the nest episode is the saddest. Anyways Ross & Rachel break up. Ross needs to stop mentioning Mark! If he hadn't they would of still been together. The whole translator storyline was hilarious! That must of been a weird situation. I mean, that must happen to no one in real life. So then Ross cheats! A great to be continued. I like how Joey & Chandler how their threesome would work out. Mark had to come in the way again. He was really nice to Rachel though. Helping her out. Great episode. (Pretty sad)moreless

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    Ross seeks solace at a party after a bitter fight with Rachel and ends up in the arms of another woman.

    By ParkPlace2623, Jun 03, 2008

    This episode was so good, as can be expected from "Friends." It was so romantic that Ross brought the picnic basket to Rachel's job. Even though Rachel seems ungrateful, Ross should have known not to bring anything when he knew she had a lot of work to do. This episode was a classic. I can not believe that Ross would kiss another woman when he still has feelings for Rachel and she still has feelings for him. This episode was so sad. I hate that they took a break, but it was very dramatic. This episode is yet another great installment to an already perfect series.moreless

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    This is the most significant "on-again, off-again" moment in Ross-and-Rachel history

    By tafj73, Aug 03, 2006

    Minding the two other storylines, the focus of this episode, of course, is the building tension in Ross and Rachel's relationship, specifically Ross bringing the dinner to Rachel's office despite her wishes for him not to. The fact that Ross didn't feel he had to apologize shows a difference between men and women - such that he felt he wasn't at fault for doing a nice thing. What matters to Rachel, though, is that Ross respects her wishes and listens to her needs, which he doesn't always do. The fact that Rachel wants to "take a break" is understandable, as Ross can be a little too caring and smothering at times, not giving Rachel enough room to breathe. So instead of Ross interpreting "taking a break" as backing off on his affection, he believes that Rachel wants to break up, which she obviously does not want to do. It is unfortunate that Ross does not see his fault in this as well, because if he did, his sleeping with Chloe at the end may not have ever happened.moreless

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    SPOILERS about the whole series- Ross and Rachel fight; that will lead to the next episode. In this one lots of fun!

    By TheAWT, Aug 02, 2006

    I think that the third season of friends is the best one. This episode is one good example of why. In fact it features the first fight between Ross and Rachel which ultimately ends with the two take a break. While this sadness and a bit of romanticism is almost concentrated in the last scenes (almost 'cause th fight is spread throughout the whole episode), we manage to have a great deal of fun, thanks to Joey and Chandler -Hilarious the scene where they discuss the threesome- and even the Phoebe/Monica storyline gives something to us. So that's it: the spirit of friends, difficult relationships, stupid mistakes (Ross kissing Chloe), romanticism, and lots lots LOTS of laughing! I don't know who would want more!moreless

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    The first big fight between Ross and Rachel, after which they'll never be together for a few seasons. It's a very good episode, really funny.

    By dmarex, Apr 18, 2006

    After a season and a half together, Rachel and Ross have another fight, which this time turns out the be the worst, as Ross seeks for solace in the arms of another woman, after having a big fight with Rachel about her job. Chandler and Joey have a smaller role in this episode, but the scenes are really funny, especially when they talk about having a threesome with Chloe, a hot girl. Phoebe's story is actually very great, I really liked the entire foreign guy and his translator man fight.

    This episode is very good, I must admit -- they really know how to make a good plot and act in the sad scenes. Although I'm a big fan of Ross & Rachel, the fight had to come sometimes. We'll see what happens in the next episode...moreless

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    Really Funny Episode

    By tcatron566, Jul 12, 2005

    This episode I think is the best along side with part 2. It the funniest. The part where everyone except for Ross and Rachel are in a room listening to the conversation is so funny!! What they say and do! "We're waxing our legs." (Phoebe) "Off!" (Chandler) and when there eating the wax. These episode just make me loose my breath by laughing so much. If you want to watch the best episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. ever than watch this one!

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