The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel

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  • Monica: You know what? The next time we see them, we're just gonna tell them. That's it! Chandler: Oh, is that how this is gonna work now? You're just gonna order me around all the time? Monica: Pretty much. Chandler: Alright.

  • Joey: This sucks. Chandler: Look, I'm just gonna be right across the hall and I promise you the minute Monica and I break up I'm moving right back in with you. Monica: Maybe that's now. Joey: Okay, okay. Look, look, if you're going to be moving in with him, I feel that it's my responsibility to tell you the truth about him, okay? He is a terrible roommate. Terrible! He forgets to, um... Oh! Always-- Always, uh... Who am I kidding? He's the best roommate ever! (hugs Chandler).

  • Ross: See, once you know the stories, it's not that bad. First marriage, wife's hidden sexuality, not my fault. Second marriage, said the wrong name at the alter, a little my fault. Third marriage, well, they really shouldn't let you get married when you're that drunk and have writing all over your face. Nevada's fault.

  • Monica: So, I told Rachel that it's just gonna be the two of us. Chandler: Oh, yeah? How'd she take it? Monica: Really well. Surprisingly well. Yeah, she didn't cry, she wasn't angry or sad. Chandler: And you're upset because you didn't make your best friend cry? Monica: I mean, all I'm asking for is a little emotion, is that too much to ask after six years? I mean, what are Rachel and I not as close as you guys? I mean, do we not have as much fun? I mean, don't I deserve a few tears? I mean, when you told Joey he cried his eyes out.

  • (Monica gives Rachel a plate to take when Rachel moves out) Monica: Something to remember me by. Rachel: Mon, honey, you're not dying. I'm just moving out. We're gonna see each other all the time. Monica: But still, it's a big change. The end of an era, you might say. Rachel: Are you okay? You're not blinking. Monica: I'm fine. I'm just thinking about how it's the end of an era. Rachel: Oh, alright. But I gotta say, I don't think six years counts as an era. Monica: An era counts as a significant period of time. It was significant to me, maybe it wasn't significant to you! Rachel: What's the matter with you? Monica: What's the matter with you? Aren't you gonna be sad? I mean, aren't you gonna miss me at all?

  • Rachel: I mean, it's you guys. You do this kind of stuff. I mean, you were gonna get married in Vegas then you backed out. I guess I'm not upset because I don't see you actually going through with it. I'm sorry. Monica: Rachel, it's going to happen. Chandler is going to move in here. Rachel: But, I-- Monica: I know. Just let me finish, okay? This isn't something that we just impulsively decided to do in Vegas. This is something that we both really want. And it is going to happen. Rachel: It is? Really? Monica: Yeah, sweetie. Rachel (getting upset): You mean, we're not going to live together anymore? Monica: No. Rachel: Oh, my God. I'm going to miss you so much. Monica: I'm going to miss you! Rachel: It's the end of an era. Monica: I know!

  • Monica: (After telling Rachel that she and Chandler are moving in together and getting no reaction from her) Don't you want a cookie? Rachel: Sure. (Monica gives Rachel a cookie) Monica: And maybe... do you need a tissue? Rachel: (nodding) Mmmhmm. (She spits the cookie into the tissue.) Monica, where did you get these? Monica: I made them. Rachel: (Sucking the cookie back into her mouth) Oh. God, they're so yummy.

  • Ross: You wanna hear something weird? Phoebe: Always. Ross: I didn't get the annulment. Phoebe: What?! Ross: We’re still married! Don’t tell Rachel. See you later.

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Notes (3)

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Jak Ross objal Rachel (As Ross Hugged Rachel)

  • Rather than provide a recap, the beginning of this episode is almost identical to the ending for the previous episode.

  • This episode runs 23:00 on DVD (a typical sitcom runs about 22:00).

Trivia (6)

  • Goof: When Phoebe hails a taxi, and puts Rachel in it to send her down the street to the movie theater, it clearly says on the marquee on top of the taxi that it is "off duty".

  • Goof: In the scene where Monica and Chandler tell Rachel that they are moving in together Rachel's skirt changes from a long flat-front gray skirt to a shorter gray pleated skirt. However, later in the episode which appears to be later the same day; Rachel's skirt is back to a long flat-front gray skirt.

  • Continuity: At the end of "The One After Vegas" when Ross came in and told Rachel he had gotten the annulment and she asked if he wanted to go to a movie she also asked Phoebe who said no. In the exact same scene in this episode, Rachel did not ask Phoebe if she wanted to go to the movie.

  • Continuity: In this episode Chandler says that Joey is surprisingly strict about sweets. Bit in "The One with the Kips" Joey leaves Rolos everywhere.

  • Continuity: Throughout this episode Monica and Rachel keep saying that they've lived together for six years. However since this is the start of the sixth season, they have only lived together for the previous five years.

  • Continuity: Chandler and Joey only have one microwave again. The one that was above the sink is replaced with a paper towel holder.

Allusions (1)

  • Rachel: (Singing) Come and knock on our door! Monica: (Singing) We'll be waiting for you. After Rachel believes that Chandler will be moving in with her and Monica, she begins to sing the theme song to Three's Company, a 1970s sitcom about one man and two women who lived together.