The One with All the Jealousy

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  • Ross: I'm sorry, I was an idiot. Rachel: A big idiot. Ross: A big idiot. Just you have to realize is, this whole Mark thing is kinda hard for me. Rachel: Honey, why is it hard, I mean we've been together for almost a year now? Ross: Well, I was with Carol for like eight years and I lost her. And now if it's possible I think I love you even more. So, it's hard for me to believe that I'm not gonna, well that someone else is not going to take you away. Gunther: (Eavesdropping) Let it be me! Let it be me!

  • Phoebe: How was last night with Julio, señorita? Monica: It was so amazing, he is so sexy, and smart, which makes him even sexier. Oh gosh, I gotta show you this. Last night, we were fooling around and he stops to write a poem. Joey: Get out! I couldn't stop if a meteor hit me.

  • Mark: (Answering the phone) Rachel Green's line, how may I help you? Ross: Hi, is Rachel there? Mark: And who may I say is calling? Ross: This is Ross. Mark: Ross of...? Ross: Of Ross and Rachel.

  • Barbershop Quartet: (Singing) One, two, three. Congratulations on your first week at your brand new job, It won't be long before you're the boss. And you know who will be there to support you, Your one and only boyfriend, (One singer singing) It's nice to have a boyfriend. (All singing) Your loyal, loving boyfriend, Ross. Ross!

  • Rachel: (To Ross) You have a play date with a stripper?! Chandler: Man, I gotta get a kid.

  • Monica: (To Julio) Your a poet and don't know it.

  • Ross: She's having lunch with him. She's having lunch with him! And you should of seen the hug she gave him when she got the job. And, and, and, he's really good looking. What am I gonna do? Chandler: Don't do anything. Keep it inside. Learn how to hide your feelings! Don't cry out loud.

  • Joey: Guess who's in an audition for a Broadway musical? Chandler: I want to say you, but that seems like such an easy answer.

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Notes (4)

  • International Episode Title: Czech Republic: Žárlivost (Jealousy)

  • Carlos Gomez also worked with Matthew Perry in the movie Fools Rush In.

  • Carlos Gomez will later play a director in the episodes "Joey and the Spanking" and "Joey and the Stuntman" on the spin-off show Joey.

  • This episode runs 23:19 on DVD (a typical sitcom runs about 22:00).

Trivia (6)

  • Continuity: In this episode Phoebe says that having a stripper at a bachelor party is so cliche. Yet at her own bachelorette party in "The One Where The Stripper Cries" she is very upset when they did not get her a stripper and nearly insists that they do.

  • Continuity: When Ross confronts Mark, Rachel walks out the back hallway behind her desk. However, after Rachel catches Ross confronting Mark, there's only a wall behind the desk.

  • Continuity: Ross said that he and Carol were together for 8 years, which means that they got together in 1985. However, In "The One with the Thanksgiving Flashbacks," Ross said that he just met Carol during the 1987 flashback.

  • Goof: In the coffee house when Rachel is talking to Ross about trust, a couple comes in behind her and stands at the bar. In the next shot of Rachel they have switched positions.

  • Goof: When Chandler is showing Rachel his stripper pen, Rachel is sitting with one leg up on the couch. When Ross walks in her legs are crossed, then she takes her leg down off the couch again and crosses them again.

  • Goof: When Monica is confronting Julio about the poem, there are two bottles upside down on the top of others. He turns one over, but in the next shot there are still two upside down, and then there are none.

Allusions (6)

  • Monica: And you know what? I get excited about stupid stuff like when my People magazine comes on Saturday and the new Hold Everything catalog. People is a weekly American magazine of celebrity and human interest stories. The Hold Everything catalog was a furniture catalog by Williams-Sonoma that was discontinued in 2006.

  • The song that Rachel's "love bug" played was "Love Story" by Francis Lai, from the film Love Story.

  • Joey: (Singing) You've got to pick a pocket or two. Boys, you've got to pick a pocket or two. At his audition Joey sang "You've got to pick a pocket or two" by Lionel Bart from the Broadway musical Oliver.

  • Julio: Flowers of Evil by Baudelaire. Have you read it? Les Fleurs du mal ("The Flowers of Evil") is a volume of French poetry by Charles Baudelaire, one of the most influential French poets of the nineteenth century.

  • Joey: It's a musical version of A Tale of Two Cities. So I think I'm gonna sing "New York, New York" and "I Left My Heart in San Francisco." A Tale of Two Cities is a historical novel by Charles Dickens. The two cities referred to in the title are London and Paris. "New York, New York" is the theme song by John Kander from the 1977 Martin Scorsese film New York, New York. "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" is a popular song, written in 1954, and most known as Tony Bennett's signature song.

  • Chandler: Keep it inside. Learn how to hide your feelings. Don't cry out loud. These are lyrics from the song "Don't Cry Out Loud" by Melissa Manchester.