The One with All the Thanksgivings

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    I really love this episode.

    By Canogaparkcindy, Apr 09, 2009

    Well I guess the writers decided to go on a new leaf with Thanksgiving episodes. I like how this episode seemed to give a lot of trivia and mostly a filler in ways but ended up being a fight between Monica & Chandler, and then Chandler says "I love you" to Monica. Maybe his first "I love you" ever. I like how all the actors got to dress up in different costumes. I'm sure it was fun for them. The flashback that I liked the most is when Monica was fat. We learn in this episode that Chandler has half a toe due to Monica's clumsiness. hilarious great episode.moreless

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    The Friends All Think About The Worst Thanksgiving They Had, And Monica's Worst Memory Is Revealed!

    By xCeeCeex2007, Feb 25, 2008

    All The Friends Remeber The Worst Thanksgivings They Had, Monica Reveals Her Worst Memory To The Shock Of Chandler, He Finally Finds Out Why He Lost His Toe! But It Was His Fault..He Called Monica Fat! Then Monica Was Trying To Seduce Him, But Ended Up (Accidentally) Cutting His Toe Off With A Knife.

    "Sir-Limps-A-Lot" Haha..That Was Funny! :)

    Then Monica Was Trying To Cheer Chandler Up By Wearing A Turkey With A Fez And Sunglasses On Her Head! Joey Panicked When He Saw This Though And Ran Out Screaming!

    This Episode Always Makes Me Laugh, It's Just Laugh Out Loud Funny! I Love Friends!moreless

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    The six friends look back on past thanksgivings. Rachel suggests to hear Monica's worst thanksgiving, which involves Chandler getting hurt!

    By Kadam1991, Jul 02, 2007

    This episode was hilarious the first time i saw it on TV and i still find it hilarious every time i watch it. When the knife was falling and the psycho theme played i just couldn't stop laughing. also Phoebe and Joey's thanksgivings were funny: joey getting a turkey stuck on his head and Phoebe's "imaginary thanksgiving" in the war. This episode would have been even better if it showed one of Ross' and Rachel's thanksgivings. When Monica came onto the screen when she was fat in the flashback it was so funny, she looked so different than she normally looks.moreless

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    By Andrew0000, Apr 16, 2007

    A great episode, with a really interessting storyline and a good and funny cast. And like all episodes it has it's great wave in the storyline and a good cliff hanger at the end. A great episode, with a really interessting storyline and a good and funny cast. And like all episodes it has it's great wave in the storyline and a good cliff hanger at the end. A great episode, with a really interessting storyline and a good and funny cast. And like all episodes it has it's great wave in the storyline and a good cliff hanger at the end.moreless

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    The Thanksgiving meal is great, Chandler is still moodt over his parent's divorce and Ross with his 2nd divorce. The group remebers their worst thanksgiving memories and Monica's worst memory is revealed.

    By Black_Grace, Feb 19, 2007

    This wasn't one of my favorite episodes of season 5. I like the flashbacks but Monica's didn't seem that bad at least she got back at Chandler even though it was worst and the whole sexy thing was like Oh My God! Monica couldn't do it right but Rachel could. Joey had the turkey was funny and he couldn't get it off. I wouldn't be scared I would just keep laughing out the person if he/she had a turkey in her/his head. Monica's turkey head was the best because she had a hat and sun glasses on. I think this episode needed more of Phoebe and Joey in it.moreless

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  • 9.8

    The best EVER friends episode. Chandler made Monica loose weight, Ross and Chandlers ridiculous fashion, Chandler "Sir limpsalot" and Joey with a turkey on his head and ending with Chandler teling Monica he luvs her wile shes wearing a turkey, classic!!!!

    By bubble992, Aug 08, 2006

    This episode is by far my favourite episode of friends because it has so much information in it. We find out that Chandler is missing a toe because Monica wanted to get him back for calling her fat. We see Chandler and Ross's weird college fashion sense of 1987 and 88, the seagull hair and the weird roll-up sleeves thing. And we see Rachel before and after her nose-job which is funny. And its a typical Joey mistake when he gets Monica's turkey stuck on his head in 1992 and it scares Chandler, but it's so funy when Chandler gets him back in "the present day" when Monica is trying to make it up to him by dancing around in the turkey and Joey runs off screaming. And its a great touch at the end when Chandler accidentaly tells Monica he loves her. A great ending to a great episode.moreless

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    The gang has just been 'killed' by the greatness that is Monica's home made thanksgiving dinner and talk about their past bad thanksgivings

    By ChibiEnvy, Jul 12, 2006

    This is exactly why I watch this series, it's over the top funny and filled with flashbacks. The 'more turkey mister Chandler?' part was simply hilarious. Even though this episode contributes to the trivia of this series it's still great. Monica and Ross' dad cracks me up, he's so funny xD Fat Monica and Rachel with 'the nose' is sp funny and the Thanksgiving after that when Rachel had her nose fixed. It was so funny when Jack told her about the removal of his mole xD This is without a doubt one of the best flashback episodes ever made.moreless

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  • 9.6

    One of the top 5 Friends episodes!

    By anyabr, Feb 03, 2006

    Monica fat + Ross and Chandler as 'college boys' + Rachel's nose + Jack and Judy Geller = hillarious! I have seen this episode a million times and still laugh as hard as the first time! They all did great jobs and kept the tradition of the Thanksgiving episodes being the best of every season!

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    By angelsxo, Feb 03, 2006

    I love the episodes where they go back in time. They are soo funny. All the characters are pretty much the same they all have the same personallity and that is what makes it so great. i love the fact that most of them new each orher when they were younger and can share that later on in life.l it is always nice to have life long friends.

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