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    Thanks for kimidress

    By Anne779, May 07, 2014

    Love it!! Exactly the dress from the picture! My normal size is 4 and got a size 4 from kimidress, it fit perfectly!!! Shipping is about 4-5 BUSINESS days.

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    Watch the board on the door in Chandler & Joeys apt

    By cruzinslc, Mar 11, 2014

    It will say "poop" then say "get out".

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    The aftermath of the proposal.

    By Canogaparkcindy, Dec 30, 2008

    This episode was so revealing, I mean it turns out Rachel is not okay with the proposal, you sort of saw it in the last episode but this time she admits it. Things are finally over with Joshua, I am so glad things are over between them. He was really starting to annoy me. And I love the way they broke up. the way Rachel answered the door. I liked when Phoebe & Monica were dressing up as brides. That was hysterical! The whole Joey & the sleep clinic thing was laughable. I mean I loved when Chandler just turned him over. this is all just building up to the finale!moreless

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    This is my favorite one ever!!!

    By lbsolomon, Jan 27, 2007

    The best part of this episode for me was when Monica and Phoebee were wearing the wedding dresses and convinced Rachel to put one on too! They were sitting around drinking beer in the dresses and they were so funny! I could watch this episode over and over again and still laugh my ass off every time!!!

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    Rachel is so funny in this episode

    By arabey, May 19, 2006

    Well , If you want to see 3 pretty women-including one pregnant...some say also in real life- you should see this one.

    It was so funny 3 main stories, one about Joey and Chandler ...which wasnt the big deal here..

    Ross getting more hasty and ask Emily for a wedding day sooner than everyone expecting.

    So Rachel get jelous and try to ask her 4 dates only boyfriend to marry her, which was too soon for him.

    Monica went to pick up Emily's Wedding dress, which make her so want to wear it all the time, so she did....also did pregnant Pheobe, and after the break up ,Rach did too ....And you got to see her saying "I Doooooooooooo .." that was sooo funny..

    It's so fun episode, you gotta see itmoreless

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    Quite good episode but a bit boring in some parts.

    By sawyer_rules, Mar 06, 2006

    Mostly this episode was fantastic! monica phoebe and rachel wearing the wedding dresses was hilarious! sometimes it felt like it was a bit of a filler, especially with the rachel/joshua storyline.

    Ross and Emily decided to get married much sooner than everyone thought they would, and Rachel, not wanting to go behind Ross in the whos more over who battle, went a bit too hasty for joshua (by saying they should get married aswell), leading their relationship to an end. The most comedic bit was Monica trying on Emilys wedding dress, which soon lead to Phoebe and even Rachel wearing them aswell. overall, quite a good episode.moreless

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