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    "OH MY GOD!"

    By Canogaparkcindy, May 29, 2009

    Sort of a cliffhanger this season. Not a GREAT season cliffhanger. But still a great stand alone episode. Chandler is cyber dating, yeah the OMG part, it was Janice. And Chandler kisses her. Probably the only cliffhanger. But okay. Rachel finally going to the wedding. So much bad things happen to her! Her ass falls out, everyone thinks she has Syphilis. Ross's speech, and Rachel's song at the end was hilarious! The heartbreaking part of this finale, was Monica & Richard breaking up. He should of been with her longer though. I guess I can't wait what happens next season! A great finale.moreless

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    Why were they there? my silly is because of a question about one thing not the episode itself

    By laurmarie, Apr 14, 2009

    Does anyone know why Monica and Richard went to the wedding I thought that Mindy was Rachel's friend so why would Monica and Richard be this never made sense to me? I wish they would have given a reason why and i know they dont always and jsut expect people to get it but no matter how many times i see it i still dont get why they were even invited to the probably sounds silly lol....

    I like the episode Rachels dress always makes me laugh...

    I wasnt even surprised at the end when it was Janice that showed up cuz of course it would be janice no one likes her lolmoreless

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  • 4.9

    I am sorry but this finale wrecks.

    By Kadodian, Nov 11, 2007

    Everyone knows that from the first season Friends has become one of the most popular t.v shows on televion ofcourse then why was the finale this bad.

    Now there were alot of stories put together in this finale but most were pretty lame.

    Janice having an internet girlfriend which ended up to be Janice, I mean how many times does he have to run into Janice real life or in a cyber world. Seriousley and for Janice and Chandler's meeting to be the end of the episode which is always supposed to be the best part. Sorry writers of Friends you have let me down.

    In another story Rachel goes to her ex fiance's wedding with her best friend and I have to day her underwear incident was funny but everything was a bit you know not as funny as friends should be after that.

    I mean if the show was not that popular I would not have given it such a low rating.

    Another story that was going on in the episode was Joey wanting to practce kissing guys on his friends to do well in his audition for a part which was very funny.

    Now the way richard and Monica's breakup was handled was very bad. I mean if Monica suffered that much in season 3 then why didn't they aleast make the breakup with a little more tears or 'I dont want to lose you 'or something. Some passion,emotion, something. Because if it was that painful it should show the moment they broke up.

    Now what annoyed me was the lack of Phobe. Why wasn't the finale remotely starring her.

    I mean all the other characters got a story then why didn't she??

    I am not saying make more storylines because there were too many in 'the one with Barry and Mindy's wedding' but atleast eliminate Joey's kissing guys and give Phoebe something.

    The kiss could be done in any other episode.

    Not like Phoebe had any good previous stories but atleast start something for her.

    And even the jokes were kind of bad and unbalanced in a way.

    I am sorry.

    Friends is one of my favourite and it hurts me to give this episode a D.moreless

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    This is the where Mindy and Barry wedding .

    By Diamonddoll_07, Feb 03, 2007

    In the beginning when Rachel was with Barry she caught him with her best friend at the time her name was Mindy . Barry and Mindy satyed together and finaly they decided to get married even though they would cheat on each other . And Barry tryed to kiss Rachel . Anyways Mindy didn't know and asked her ex best friend Rachel to be in the wedding party . Rachel was unset because they had to wear these hideous purple dressed and before the wedding she goes to the bath room and accidently tucks in her dress to her under wear and walks down the aile with her underwear and but sticking out and is embarrased .moreless

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    shes a good singer

    By xkelly123x, Jan 21, 2007

    Rachel agrees to be maid of honor at her ex-fiancé's wedding, but a fashion faux pas focuses attention away from the bride. To get a role in Warren Beatty's new movie, Joey needs to practice kissing...guys. Monica ponders her future with Richard when they want different things and Chandler falls for a mystery woman on the Internet...who turns out to be Janice

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    Friends Super Social Advice #2

    By arabey, May 22, 2006

    Well, as i said before, Friends is not just a comedy's got alot of very very great things about real social life, and i dont talk about these Amirecan lifestyle, but it's like every one at the world ..

    So here is a nice comedy one, may be not so good as a series finally but, it was okay.. The main point for mein this episode that we actually saw for like 8 episodes a love relation between Monica and Richard,where there's like 20 years diffrent between thier ages.

    Well may be it was a nice relation but it never been perfect,and they finally make you really got to think twice before getting into a reation like this, i mean .. if she got a kid, when the kid is 16 and graduating high school , she'd be 45,which is okay, but he'd be 66 which is... not i guess..

    This point cleary was why Richard cant have babys, and that finally mention by the season finaly-finally.

    And it takes couple more episodes to make sure..that not ganna happend."TOW Monica and Richard are friends" and "TOW the Proposal".

    Coming Up Next : The One With the Gaint Poking Device


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  • 8.6

    They could have picked a better final episode.

    By LiamBolton, Apr 03, 2006

    Rachel agrees to be maid of honor at her ex-fiancé's wedding, but a fashion faux pas focuses attention away from the bride. To get a role in Warren Beatty's new movie, Joey needs to practice kissing...guys. Monica ponders her future with Richard and Chandler falls for a mystery woman on the Internet...who turns out to be Janice!

    I thought personally that this episode was good like any other Friends episode. The only reason I have givin it a lower mark is because I don't think it lived up to the expectations of being a series finale.moreless

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  • 5.2

    This episode is about Chandler having an internet girlfriend, joey getting a part kissing a guy and Monica and Richard talking about kids and Rachel and Ross goign to Berry's Wedding.

    By golfer100, Nov 08, 2005

    This wasn't one of my favorite episodes. Didn't have to much comic relief except for the fact of Joey kissing guys and Rachel wearing that dress.

    Then only thing that was meaningful is the foreshadowing of Richard and Monica's Break Up. Overall is was just an average episode but still who doesnt like friends. MIKE

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