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    The beginning of a 6 episode arc.

    By Canogaparkcindy, Dec 30, 2008

    This episode opened an amazing arc in season 4, Chandler falling in love with Joey's new girlfriend, Kathy. I love how were so over this whole dramatic scene between Ross & Rachel & things start to get playful when they play the jealousy game. I love how Rachel is dating a college student who steals from her. And Ross is hardly going out with someone when he is an automatic babysitter for a girl who her assumed was his girlfriend. Which was actually very sad. I like how this episode was sort of a cliffhanger. Poor Chandler. Phoebe kissing Gunther was hysterical. An amazing episode.moreless

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    Chandler hits on a woman at Central Perk, not realizing she is Joey's new girlfriend. He soon realizes he is very attracted to, possibly in love, with her.

    By Alias2001, Mar 09, 2007

    This episode was so amazing. Ross and Rachel were very amazing in this episode. Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer really shine on the screen. They truly are amazing actors. This episode was so funny. It was so funny when Ross and Rachel were trying to get back at each other with their dates and started fighting. Then Ross said that at least he made ten dollars out of his relationship. Phoebe is also amazing in this episode. It was hilarious when she was trying to get all of Monica's germs so she can get sick and have a sexy voice. This episode is a series classic.moreless

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    Shows what Chandler thinks of his relationship with Joey

    By blue4t, Sep 09, 2006

    I like this episode. Each character is true to themselves here. Phoebe is typical Phoebe thinking she sounds sexy with a cold (a terrible nasty coughing cold) and then when she loses it desperately tries to get it back. Chandler meets a girl only to find that Joey's already found her and he's too late.

    This is a great episode in showing the bonds of Chandler and Joey's friendship. It does not matter what Chandler feels for Kathy, he is not going to ruin his relationship with Joey just so he can have the girl. Truly, a good episode in this series.moreless

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