The One with Monica's Boots

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    By Canogaparkcindy, Jan 13, 2011

    I can tell you one thing this episode wasn't: entertaining. Not interesting to the slightest. Courtney Cox was probably the only the good thing about this episode, with her reaction times and her response in general to the "boots." All the plots didn't seem like Friends. Friends used to be about making it in New York City, and a bit more serious and realistic plots, but still managed to be funny. This episode was a perfect example of what Friends should NOT be.

    Did anyone really care about Joey's sister, Dina? Such a filler, yes she's pregnant, so is Rachel, and we already went over that, so... enough. You can tell this was a filler, because there was absolutely no mention of Dina after this episode. Not even a mention, saying she's fine, she delivered the baby. Dina's character was also not likable. Phoebe becoming a crazy stalker for Sting tickets was humorous, but not realistic, and yeah, sure Phoebe's weird, but she has never gone to this extent for Sting tickets. Remember when she used to care about Ben? She seemed as though she didn't care for Ben, just for comical relief. There's being funny, and then there's being ridiculous. Monica and the boots were funny, but did we really have to make this the MAIN plot? This was just about boots that bothered Monica. Snore. All that was good was Monica's reaction time and response to the boots. I didn't say the plot was good.

    So to sum it up, this episode was mediocre, and you wouldn't be missing much if you missed this episode of Friends.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Great Episode! :)

    By casonline, Oct 04, 2010

    This was a fantastic episode. I can't believe someone thinks it was "mediocre"! Monica and her boots was amazing. Buying boots that cost more than food or rent, something that Chandler thought was closer to the price of a boat. Ha I laughed watching this episode. I loved when Ross is talking to the baby in the stomach and phoebe thinks he is talking to Rachel's crotch. Maybe what makes it funnier is when Pheebs says, "when I heard "I can't wait to hear your first words", I thought well there's a trick." Well the episode was downright funny and I loved it.moreless

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    Monica buys boots that kill her feet!

    By Black_Grace, May 03, 2007

    Good episode! Monica buys boots that look very cool but like kill her feet she can barly walk. She should of just told Chandler right away but I guess she wanted to always!! Phoebe pretends to be Susan so she can get those tickets for the game. Joey has a melt down when he finds his little sister is pregnant. He was so funny when he carried that guy in and was going to marry them.

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    Monica buys some new boots that are alot of money. Chandler isnt happy but lets her keep them. They start to hurt her alot but does not dare tell chandler meanwhile pheobe wants tickets to stings concert and comes up with a good plan.

    By lucylu1992, Nov 05, 2006

    This episode is defenitly one of my favourites. i think the best bit in the episode is pheobe wanting the tickets to stings concert and then her finding out Ben goes to the same school as him. I find it so funny when she is singing Ross Can! This is my favourite quotation in the episode:

    Ross: Im sorry Pheobe i just cant do it!

    Pheobe: Yes u can Sting sed so himself!

    Ross: Wat?

    Pheobe: Ross Can!

    Ross: I just cant do it...

    Pheobe: Rosssss caaaannn!

    Ross: Pheobe...

    Pheobe: Roossss Caannn Get me the tickets, Rosss cannn get me the tickets.

    I didnt get why she did this until someone explained the sting song to me!

    I love this classic episode.

    This is excatly why i watch friends to make me laugh!moreless

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  • 7.7

    a good episode

    By FunkyFriends01, Oct 23, 2006

    I thought this episode was good but not just that great though. I mean, I get bored of seeing Monica sometimes and this episode had loads and loads of Monica in it. although I have admitedly done the same thing as Monica and brought clothes in the wrong size before, just cause there so nice, I've never been so bad as to get my feet all bloody and gross so that was a bit stupid cause if she loved the shoes that much she could have just ordered them into the store!!! I'm sure the shop would have done that so they could get money.moreless

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    Monica tries to convince her that the 'boots' are worthwhile.

    By LiamBolton, Mar 22, 2006

    Monica spends a ridiculous amount of money on a pair of top fashion boots, affecting their rent and everything. She promises Chandler that she will wear the boots - She says that they go with everything.

    But the boots soon show no mercy as her feet begin to swell through the unconfortableness - she begins to loose track of suitable ways of convincing Chandler the boots were worthwhile.

    When Chandler invites Monica to a work party, it's all hell breaks loose for Monica's feet as she struggles to keep the agony from her feet a secret.moreless

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