The One with Phoebe's Wedding

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  • 9.0

    "Please be crazy bitch again!"

    By DanFuchs, Jul 19, 2014

    One of the best episodes of season 10 (and indeed, in the later years of Friends), The One with Phoebe's Wedding gives us the last wedding on the show.

    It's a shame that the story didn't get more time. It feels somewhat rushed. When you think of the amount of time the writers spent on Ross' weddings and the Monica/Chandler-wedding, it seems obvious that this one could have been extended to two-three episodes. Maybe they feel they have done weddings too much by now?

    Anyway, Phoebe's wedding is certainly the funniest of them all. The episode is tight-packed with hilarious situations, most of which are carried by Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox. Monica as 'crazy bitch' wedding planner who clashes with Phoebe's plea for a nice, simple wedding, leading to Phoebe's hysterical yell during the wedding rehearsal ("I just wanted a simple wedding, where my BOYFRIEND CAN GO TO THE BATHROOM ANY TIME HE WANTS!"). Lisa Kudrow is simply amazing in this episode and once again shows herself as the strongest comedienne on Friends. An episode that revolves around Kudrow is obviously what this show, which is getting increasingly tired, needs. Congratulations to Phoebe.moreless

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  • 9.6

    ''I just wanted a simple wedding,where my fiancee can GO TO THE BATHROOM ANYTIME HE WANTS!!!''

    By Tally_Ho, May 07, 2008

    Phoebe and Mike's wedding is on its way,and they've decided to give Monica the job of a wedding planner,which really wasn't the best idea.Monica(of course)arranges a fancy(and pretty boring)wedding,that is,until Phoebe fires her at the rehearsal dinner.

    At the end,the wedding takes place in unusual location,with even more unusual weather :)

    This episode was a nice comeback from some previous entries to the 10th season.It contained many funny moments,a perfect wedding storyline and...other stuff :P ***BEST QUOTES***

    Phoebe:This is my wedding!And I don't want 'this',or 'this',or 'this'!Okay?I just wanted a SIMPLE wedding where my fiancee can go to the bathroom anytime he wants!!!!

    Monica:I've even won awards for my organisation skills!


    Monica:Uh-huh.I've printed them out on my computer!

    Joey:Friends,family,dog,thank you all for being here to witness this blessed event.The cold has now spread to my special part,so I'm gonna do the short version of this.

    Phoebe:I got married!

    Monica:The rehearsal dinner starts at 1800 hours.


    Monica:You don't know military time?

    Phoebe:Well,I must've been on the missile training on the day they taught that!

    Monica:Just subtract twelve!


    Monica:SIX O'CLOCK!moreless

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  • 9.8


    By FriendsSvuLost8, Feb 05, 2008

    Phoebe is finally getting married. I love her and Mike together they complete each other with Phoebe being wonderfully weird, as Mike put it, Mike is a little more down to earth but can still love Phoebe. They have a lot of weddingepisodes in Friends and usually everything goes wrong. That was also the case in this one. Monica being the weddingplanner is driving Phoebe crazy, Rachel as the Maid of honor has to choose between Ross and Chandler for groomsman and Joey and Mike have a little misunderstanding as Joey has to fill in for Phoebe's stepfather and his very protective of his 'daughter'.

    Then, when everyone works out their differences the're's a blizzard that closes all the bridges and tunnels. For a second it looks like the wedding's not gonna happen but then Monica has a great idea that Phoebe should get married outside Central Perk which I thought was a great idea with Phoebe growing up on the street and everything. In the end everything works out, every Friend has a role in the wedding and Chandler ends up having the most organized sex anyone's ever had.moreless

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  • 9.8

    Phoebe gets married to Mike. (Phoebes awesome!)

    By peterfan1, Oct 07, 2007

    This episode is just great with Monica being Phoebes wedding planner and phoebe just not being able to take all the time restrictions etc. so she just explodes at her. I like phoebe so maybe why I liked this episode so much but either way it is awesome and could watch it again and still laugh my head off. I loved it when Phoebe fired Monica and had to deal with everyone herself overall a great episode were phoebe gets a wedding in the snow and you get a bareel full of laughs!

    Phoebe: (On the phone) No! We're gonna do it my way. (Listens) Because your way is stupid! Alright I gotta go. I have another call, Reverend.moreless

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  • 10

    A perfect episode

    By Kahlan14, Jul 15, 2007

    This episode is one of the best from the last season. I love the rehearsal dinner and how Phoebe yells at Monica for taking over everything and how nobody is able to do what they want. When Mike makes Phoebe who makes Rachel pick the third groomsman it makes the episode even that much more funnier. The snowstorm makes the episode even that much more special because it makes them figure out a way to do the wedding somewhere else. The street wedding is so perfect and Phoebe not wearing a coat and just her dress is awesome. Ross having to carry Chappy the smelly dog down the aisle is hilarious its definitely payback.moreless

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    By simpfan90210, May 07, 2007

    Phoebe asks Joey to give her away at her wedding. Monica's the wedding planner and she's driving Phoebe nuts. Chandler and Ross discover at the rehearsal dinner that neither of them has a part in the wedding. However, Mike needs to replace a groomsman, so he lets Phoebe choose one of them, although she gives the job to Rachel. Joey takes his role as the bride's dad way too seriously. Phoebe fires Monica. The day of the wedding, New York is hit with the worst snowstorm its seen in 20 years. Phoebe rehires Monica, and the wedding ends up taking place in the street outside of Central Perk. When the priest can't make it, Joey steps in for him, and Chandler gives the bride away, while groomsman Ross is stuck taking care of Mike's old dog.moreless

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  • 9.8

    Phoebe and Mike get married

    By jkeigenbe, Feb 07, 2007

    I absolutely love this episode! I was very pleased with they way Phoebe's wedding was presented and created. I kept very well with her character and how it would have really been done. I actually liked Phoebe's wedding more than Monica's wedding. It actually made me get all teary eyed. Mostly because it was kind of an unexpected thing for Phoebe to get married because of how she was as a character. By the bad weather occuring, it gave a chance for all of the friends to participate and just as everything else has always been. On top of my list!moreless

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  • 9.8

    i love phoebe

    By mmm_pringles, Oct 25, 2006

    what i loved about this episode was that it was mostly about phoebe which is always great because she seems to be the friend that the writers forget about but every so often she gets a great episode like this one.

    i also liked monica being back to her neat freak ocd person that we all love but dont get to see enough of with everything being on milatary time. when she said "just get in there do your thing and get out" and mikes response was "is that what you say to chandler" priceless.

    i found it really funny that ross ended up with the dog while everyone else had really important jobs which is typical ross.moreless

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  • 9.4

    Definitely Something Moving Yet Hilarious!!

    By NeverTheSame91, Oct 14, 2006

    This was one of my all-time favorite Friends episodes. Phoebe is given her night to shine and Monica couldn't be any less obssessive. Rachel was subtly funny but still endearing. Joey was again the best in this episode! He's extra funny because he starts acting like Phoebe's father figure. Ross and Chandler are hilarious because they fight for the person who joins the wedding. In the end, they both do but Chandler gets the higher end of the deal.

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