The One with Princess Consuela

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  • Joey: (on the phone) I mean, this soap opera is a great gig, but... am I missing opportunities? You know, I've always thought of myself as a serious actor. I mean, should I be trying to do more independent movies? (a wider shot reveals he is on the phone with the young girl from the house on Long Island, Mackenzie)
    Mackenzie: I don't know... You know what? I'm gonna put you on with my bear. Hold on. (puts the phone at the bears ear)
    Joey: Hey, Bear, I need some career advice.

  • Mackenzie: Who are you? Joey: I'm Joey. My idiot friends are buying the house. Mackenzie: I'm Mackenzie. My idiot parents are selling the house.

  • Phoebe: Hey Mon, was it weird changing your name to Geller-Bing? Monica: No, no. It felt nice to acknowledge this. Phoebe: Where did you go to do it? Monica: Hum the... the ministry... of names... bureau...

  • Chandler: We've got a couple of things we've got to check out at the new house. You want to come with us? Joey: No, thank you. Monica: All right. I know you're not happy about us moving, but you're the only one who hasn't seen the house. Chandler: Yeah, come with us. You'll see how close it is to the city. Joey: But no, it's not close. You said it was in escrow? I couldn't even find it on the map.

  • Chandler: How'd the interview go? Rachel: Oh! It's not good. Chandler: You know, I always feel that way after an interview. I'll bet it went better than you think. Rachel: Well, I didn't get the job at Gucci and I got fired from Ralph Lauren. Chandler: That is a bad interview.

  • Joey: This place is great. I'm so happy for you guys. Although, you know, I hope you like fungus. Chandler: What? Joey: Fungus! Yeah. Place is full of it. Monica: No, it's not. We had an inspection and they didn't find anything. Joey: Okay. Then I guess I have dry eyes and a scratchy throat for no reason. Monica: Maybe because you hung your head out of the window like a dog the whole ride here. Joey: Maybe. So this is the living room huh? Oh, it's pretty dark. Monica: No, it's not! Joey: Are you kiddin'? I think I just saw a bat in the corner! Chandler: When your head was hanging out the window, it didn't hit a mailbox, did it?

  • Ross: See? I told you something good would come along. And he seemed really nice. I've met him before? Rachel: Ross! That's Mark. From Bloomingdales? You were insanely jealous of him. Ross: That is Mark? Rachel: Yes. Ross: I hate that guy! No, no, no, you cannot go to dinner with him. Rachel: What? You don't want me to get a job? Ross: Oh yeah, I'm sure he's gonna give you a job. Maybe make you his sexretary.

  • Ross: Who said something better would come along, huh? You didn't believe me. I told you everything was gonna work out. You know what? This calls for a bottle of Israels finest. Rachel: The job is in Paris. (They all stare at each other.)

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Notes (6)

  • International Episode Title: France: Celui qui n'aimait pas la maison (The One Who Didn't Like The House)

  • Courteney Cox-Arquette also worked with Brent Spinner, who played Mr. Campbell, in the pilot episode of Sylvan In Paradise, which was never picked up.

  • Matt LeBlanc also worked with Brent Spinner, who played Mr. Campbell, in the episode "Joey and the Premiere" on the spin-off series Joey.

  • This is the final appearance of Steven Eckholdt as Mark Robinson. Mark was in 6 episodes of Friends.

  • Courteney Cox-Arquette was pregnant during the filming of this episode. It is visible, especially in her face, that she gained weight from her real-life pregnancy. She also wears larger clothes to try to disguise this. On June 13th, 2004 Courteney and her husband David Arquette welcomed the birth of their daughter Coco Riley Arquette.

  • This episode runs 24:02 on DVD (a typical sitcom runs about 22:00).

Trivia (5)

  • Goof: When Ross hugs Rachel in Central Perk, after finding out she has been fired, he leans his face against hers twice.

  • Goof: After Phoebe told Monica and Chandler her new name, Monica exclaimed "Phoebe!" and Phoebe corrected her by saying "Princess Consuela." However, a couple of seconds after, Monica asked if they have to called her that, but she said her friends have to call her "Valerie."

  • Goof: At the very beginning of the episode when Mike & Phoebe and Chandler & Monica are eating dinner, the microphone is visible at the top of the screen.

  • Goof: In the scene where Phoebe and Mike discuss Phoebe's name change, you can see Mike's scarf change from tied to untied repeatedly between shots.

  • Trivia: It is revealed in this episode that Monica never legally changed her last name from Geller to Geller-Bing.

Allusions (1)

  • Rachel: I have a meeting tomorrow with Gucci. Gucci wants me! Gucci is a popular designer clothing brand founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921.