The One with Rachel's Assistant

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  • Ross: In college, Chandler got drunk and slept with the lady who cleaned our dorm! Chandler: That was you! Ross: Whatever dude, you kissed a guy.

  • Rachel: I hired you! Tag: What? Rachel: Yeah! You-you got the job! You're my new assistant! Tag: I am?! Rachel: Yeah! Tag: I can't believe it! Rachel: Me either.

  • Joey: Hey Terry! Terry: Good to see you again! Joey: It's been a while, huh? Wow, it's funny these halls look smaller then they used to. Terry: It's a different building. Joey: So... Stryker Ramoray, huh? When do you want me to start?

  • (Chandler comes into Central Perk and sees Phoebe and Monica whispering to one another)(Phoebe exits) Chandler: Hi sweetie. So, what was with all the whispering? Monica: I can't tell you. It's a secret. Chandler: Secret? Married people aren't supposed to have secrets between one another. We have too much love and respect for one another. Monica: Aw. But still no. Chandler: I'm serious, we should tell each other everything. I do not have any secrets from you. Monica: Really? Okay, tell me what happened to Ross junior year at Disneyland? Chandler: Oh no,no, I can't do that. Monica: If you tell me, I'll tell you what Phoebe said. Chandler: Okay! So, Ross and I are going to Disneyland and we stop at this restaurant for tacos. And when I say restaurant, I mean a guy, a hibachi, and the trunk of his car. So Ross has about 10 tacos. And anyway, we're on Space Mountain and Ross starts to feel a little... iffy. Monica: Oh, my God. He threw up? Chandler: No, he visited a little town south of throw-up. Monica: (Laughing) No! Chandler: Yeah some of the employees decided to rename the park: "The Crappiest Place on Earth." So what was Phoebe's secret? Monica: Oh, Nancy Thompson from Phoebe's old massage place is getting fired. Chandler: That's it?! I gave up my Disneyland story for that? Monica: That's right! You lose sucker! (Pause) Please still marry me.

  • Chandler: Hey. Monica: Hey! Good, you're home! Chandler: Oh it's always nicer to here that than, "Aw crap! You again!" Monica: I made you a surprise. Chandler: Oh yeah? Monica: Yeah, tacos! Ever since you told me that story I've had such a craving for them. Chandler: Did you not understand the story?

  • Joey: They wanted me to audition! Phoebe: You? An actor? That's madness!

  • Monica: Chandler one time wore my underwear to work! Chandler: Hey! Monica: I'm sorry, I couldn't think of anymore for Ross!

  • Ross: Monica couldn't tell time 'til she was 13! Monica: It's hard for some people! Chandler: Of course it was! (Mouths to Ross) Wow!

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Notes (4)

  • International Episode Title: France: Celui qui retrouvait son rĂ´le (The One Who Got His Part Back)

  • This is the first appearance of Eddie Cahill as Tag Jones. Tag was in 7 episodes of Friends.

  • Tom Welling of Smallville auditioned for the role of Tag.

  • This episode runs 22:45 on DVD (a typical sitcom runs about 22:00).

Trivia (2)

  • Goof: When Joey is talking to the producers of Mac and Cheese and says, "We're not even shooting them anymore," his left arm is up in the air. When the shot changes, his hand is down at his side.

  • Continuity: It is revealed that Ross slept with a cleaning woman in college. In "The One with Phoebe's Husband", he clearly stated that Carol was the only woman he'd slept with until Julie. However, he didn't remember it, seeing as how he thought it was Chandler that did it. So he may have forgotten then as well.

Allusions (2)

  • Monica: Ross used to stay home every Saturday night to watch Golden Girls. The Golden Girls was a TV show about the friendship of four elderly women.

  • Rachel: Ralph Lauren! Ralph Lauren walked into my office. Ralph Lauren is a famous American fashion designer and business executive.