The One with Rachel's Dream

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    Not a fan of the Joey/Rachel pairing.

    By Kadodian, Apr 26, 2012

    Joey/Rachel felt awkward. I mean they've been friends, almost sibling like for about 8 years and then this happens. Yes they eased us in with Joey's crush in season 8 but it still dosen't feel right. I guess the writers want more of the friends to date more of the friends, but to me Ross/Rachel and Monica/Chandler were enough. I'd prefer it if they didn't complicate their little family with complicated dramas.

    Ross and Chandler's storyline was okay. David did a great job with the wacky, hopped up on sugar act but the dilaogue was cheesy.

    Phoebe and Monica saved the episode with their little disagreement. "The food here at Javus will kill you!" Hilarious!moreless

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  • 8.0

    When Monica has to work, Chandler takes Ross on a non-refundable weekend getaway. Rachel visits Joey on the set and begins seeing him in a different light. Phoebe starts playing her music outside of Jabu, where Monica works.

    By bd2007, Jun 24, 2011

    "Friends" really couldn't let go of the idea of getting Joey and Rachel together! In this episode, Rachel sees Joey rehearsing, and then later performing, a romantic scene and begins having dreams about him. Jennifer Anison and Matt LeBlanc have great chemistry as roommates. They balance each other out and the friendship is believeable. However there is just no romantic chemistry between them so it really just seems forced. It doesn't help that Joey's feelings seem to come and go throughout season 8 and 9. David Schwimmer was just whiny and overacting. This was a pretty frequent occurence throughout seasons 9 and 10, but it was really annoying in this episode. Not on of the best, but still good for laughs!moreless

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    'What are they having, the garlic martini?'

    By super_friend21, Mar 04, 2008

    The most funniest part of this episode is Monica and Phoebe's argument over Phoebe's singing and Monica's cooking. Their comebacks had me in stitches, meanwhile Rachel has a problem. She dreams about a romantic encounter with Joey after a visit to the set of "Days of Our Lives". She thinks she's developing feelings for Joey so asks Monica for advice. Phoebe then deliberately drives people away from Monica's restaurant with her terrible guitar playing and choice of songs.

    Chandler buys a non-refundable weekend getaway for himself and Monica, but when she can't get time off at work, Ross joins him and they decide to take hotel supplies to make up for the expensive trip which leads Ross into having a maple candy high and ruins their plan when his suitcase breaks.

    Great Season 9 episode.moreless

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  • 9.7

    This is one of the best episodes! A must-seen episode!

    By KiwiSan, Jan 25, 2008

    In this episode, Chandler buys tickets to a weekend vication with Monica, but because of her work she can't come and he takes Ross instead.

    Rachel has feelings to Joey, and Phoebe preforms at Monica's restaurant.

    This episode is CRAZY! One of the best!

    I really liked the part with Ross and Chandler! It's brilliant! The part with the maple candys was SO funny.

    The part with Phoebe was also great =]

    This episode made me laughing a hours after that...

    The hotel part was the best! I wish I had a life like that XDDD I really think it's brilliant! Must watch it NOW!!

    A great episode.moreless

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  • 9.2

    Joey and Rachel moments.

    By Black_Grace, Jun 05, 2007

    Great episode!! Rachel goes to see Joey on Days of Our Lives. Rachel has a dream with Joey and they are practising Joey's next scene and Rachel says kiss me which isn't on the line and they are about to kiss when she wakes up. She was in love with romantic Drake and not Joey. Joey is quite funny but not really the romantic type. The end was funny when Rachel had that same feeling but Joey said something that ruined the whole thing.moreless

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    "you can have the batteries, but not the remote"

    By simpfan90210, May 06, 2007

    Rachel dreams about a romantic encounter with Joey after a visit to the set of Days of Our Lives but it is really drake that she dreams for and not joey, or is it? Chandler buys a non refundable weekend getaway for himself and Monica, but when she can't get time off at work, Ross joins him and ross then teaches him the trade of stealing the freebies from the hotel room and they end up dropping it on the floor and running away. Meanwhile, Phoebe drives people away from Monica's restaurant with her terrible guitar playing and it causes a rift between the two.moreless

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    Man this episode was soooooo funny!!! Ross cracks me up sooo much in this episode you have to watch it.

    By Annahhh, Sep 21, 2006

    This episode is one of my favourites in friends. It was sooooo funny!!! I loved it. Ross was such a crack up in this series because he was high on maple candy and then Chandler hid it and he was looking for it. At the beginng when chandler and ross arrived at the hotel there was apples in the bowl at the receptions desk and ross took them because he was high on maple candy and he wanted to sell them to gain money because the hotel ripped them off and then at the end there were pinecones in the bowl and he said *I want the pinecones* and Chandler was like *there's some outside* and ross said *but I want these ones* and then he took some and walked off with his suitcase and it opened and there were all these stuff from the hotel ross and chandler took and ross goes *Ahh my maple candy*. I know how I wrote it sounds lame and unfunny but seriously it was hillarious you gotta watch this episode.moreless

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  • 9.7

    Such a great episode!!

    By Cutepuppy917, Aug 26, 2006

    This is such a great episode one of my favorites like every other episode.This episode is about Rachel going down to the set with Joey when he filming a episode of days of our lives and then she has a dream about her and Joey kissing.Monica's restaurant is booked and Phoebe starts playing her guitar outside of the restaurant and drives people away.Chandler Buys a Getaway for him and Monica but since Monica's Restaurant is Booked Chandler trys to get a refund but cant so he takes Ross and when they get there , there is no reservation for them so they end up spending 600 dollars for a suite and end up stealing apples , light bulbs , salt and etc. so what i am saying is this is another great episode like all episodes of friends.moreless

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    It was great the moments between Rachel en Joey!!! They're so great together!!!

    By LasVegasRulez, Jun 29, 2006

    Although a lot of people always tell me Ross and Rachel belong to each other, i always had a thing for Rachel and Joey. They have more in comment i think!!! That's why i think this episode was great, after everything Joey told Rachel in the restaurant and with him and her in the chair watching Cujo!! I was really hoping that a episode like this one would come!!! I really liked it when Rachel was watching Joey and really got into it. Also with the dircetor who said CUT! and rachel said NO!!! And of course back at the appartment when they were reading lines, i really hated it that she woke up just before they kissed. At the end it was also beautiful when Joey told all those things to Rachel!!! Great episode!!moreless

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