The One with Rachel's Dream

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  • Rachel: How... how's it going with Drake? Joey: Oh, uh, I don't think it's going very well. Rachel: What? That scene I saw was so good. Joey: Well, I'm feeling really insecure about the one we're shooting tomorrow. Rachel: Joey, is this that thing that you do when you say you're bad so I'll give you a compliment? Joey: A little.

  • Joey: I'm rehearsing my lines. They gave me a big romantic story on Days of Our Lives. It's the first time my characters gotten one. I'm so nervous, ya know? I really want it to be good. Rachel: Wow. I haven't seen you this worked up since you did that dog food commercial, and you thought you were going to be with a real talking dog. Joey: Yeah, that was a disappointment.

  • Chandler: I got you something from Vermont. Monica: Besides tampons and salt? (Sees a box) Oh my God! Maple candy! That’s so sweet of you. (Opens the box) That’s weird, it’s empty. Ross: (Hyper) Hi you guys! What’s going on? You, you guys want to hang out or...? (Looks around the room) Do you, do you guys hear a buzzing?

  • Ross: (On the phone) Hi, this is Ross Geller in suite 206. It seems you forgot a couple of things. Could you have some complimentary toiletries sent up to my room? Thank you! Okay, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, mouthwash, deodorant, dental floss, band aids, shaving cream, after shave... and I feel like I’m forgetting something. Is there anything else you have that I haven’t asked for already? Yeah, go ahead. Send up some tampons.

  • Monica: (About Phoebe singing) Thank God it's just you! I thought someone was swinging a bag of cats against the wall! Phoebe: You'd better get back in that kitchen, Monica. The garlic's not gonna overuse itself.

  • Rachel: Have you ever had any weird romantic dreams? Monica: Well, when I was young, I used to dream that I married Mayor McCheese, and on our wedding night, I ate his head.

  • Monica: Does anyone want to eat at my restaurant any time in the next few weeks? Well, you can't! We're booked solid for the next month! Phoebe: Well, I can't give you a massage! Because my license has been revoked again! Ross: Phoebe, what happened? Phoebe: Well, it was an accident, you know. There's a lot of oil, and sometimes a hand just slips.

  • Rachel: (On the Days of Our Lives set) Is this the bed where Olivia lost her virginity? Joey: I don't know, but one of the extras sure did!

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  • International Episode Title: France: Celui qui piquait dans les hôtels (The One Who Stole In The Hotels)

  • Courteney Cox-Arquette also worked with Marisol Nichols, who played Olivia, in the 1997 horror movie Scream 2.

  • This episode runs 25:16 on DVD (a typical sitcom runs about 22:00).

Trivia (2)

  • Phoebe's Songs: "Argentina" And there's a country called Argentina, It's a place I've never seen. But I'm told for 50 pesos, You can buy a human spleen, Human spleen. "The Woman Smelled Like Garbage" It wasn't just that she was fat, the woman smelled like garbage. Everyone! It wasn't just that she was fat, the woman smelled like garbage. "The Food at Javu" The food here at Javu will kill you! The food here at Javu will kill you!

  • Goof: In the scene where Phoebe is showing her hat to Monica in the coffee house, her purse falls off the sofa. But right in the next shot the purse is on the sofa again.