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    By SShane, Jan 14, 2013

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    I'm glad they got this taken care of.

    By Canogaparkcindy, Dec 24, 2009

    I'm glad they dealt with all the "goodbyes" from all the friends, which by the way, made me tear up a bit, in this episode, so it wouldn't of had to cut in to the finale. This episode, is a cliffhanger because Ross & Rachel kiss at the end of the episode, and everything is left up in the air, also Erica goes in labor! It was hilarious when she just said it was stomach pains, and Chandler offered the antacids. That was the bright part of the episode, after all the heartfelt goodbyes. Rachel's speech to Ross at the end was so sad. Great episode.moreless

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    Rachels Gonna Leave :(

    By HarmlessAngel, Aug 09, 2008

    I love this episode. We see one of the much loved characters we know preparing to leave her friends and it really for me was a tearjerker. If i could make an improvement, I wouldnt put comedy in the Rachel/Chandler goodbye, because we rarely get to see them bond. For me, although comic, the saddest part of this episode was Rachel say goodbye to Monica. I think Courtney and Jennifers friendship really comes out here, becausethey have really great on screen chemistry. I like the fact that this was a bottle episode, because it was an important episode. I love how they really brought out Ross' hurt over not being said goodbye to, because it really emphasizes the strong connection and relationship R&R had.moreless

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    Very moving... *sniff*

    By harryathouse, Apr 10, 2008

    With Rachel leaving very, very soon, the gang throw her a small going away party. She says a very painful goodbye to each of her friends individually, except for Ross. He gets very angry and wonders why. Ross confronts Rachel, accusing her of him not meaning as much to her then everyone else. The two of them end up in a passionate kiss after she explains that she was putting it off because of how hard saying goodbye to him would be. Meanwhile, Erica is in town until the baby arrives and she ends up going into labor at the party.moreless

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    Closer to the finale!

    By super_friend21, Mar 11, 2007

    With Rachel leaving tomorrow, the gang throws her a small going away party. She says goodbye to each of her friends individually, except for Ross. He gets mad and the two of them end up in a passionate kiss after she explains that she was putting it off because of how hard saying goodbye to him would be. Meanwhile, Erica is in town until the baby arrives and she ends up going into labor at the party. One of the saddest episodes because everything is being wrapped up. The handcuffs, the leaving party, the contractions, the packing made this episode what it is and that's GREAT!moreless

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    Rachel has a going away party befpre she leaves for Paris

    By GreenLion1993, Jan 14, 2007

    A fantastic episode, one of the best! Her little speaches to everyone is hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing at her and Monica, where they are squeling and "I don't know what you just saaaaid" I laughed my Pants off! And when she says goodbye to Joey and he nearly jumps off the roof! One of the best episodes, a must-see for every friends fan, it's brilliant!


    Green Lion 1 9 9 3

    (i ran out of things to say and i haven't finished on words yet!!) Green Lion 1 9 9 3 - ? ? ? ? Boo Boo Cha Chomoreless

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    Is she staying? Is she not? As Janice would say: OH, MY, GOD!

    By anyabr, Mar 27, 2006

    'Friends', as a comedy, wasn't supposed to have such touching episodes as this one. It was funny as it was supposed to be, and yet extremely sad and beautiful.

    I guess the best thing of the episode was noticing how some of the actors were really crying. Lisa Kudrow was full of tears the whole episode, and in Rachel and Monica's goodbye scene, you could see those were Jennifer and Courteney, two friends, saying goodbye to a great part of their lives.

    Rachel and Monica - it was hilarious, but it was touching! They were High School buddies, each went to her own way, then became again best friends- and showed it to us without words. Rachel and Phoebe - so beautiful to see two different people become such great friends. I guess their friendship is a lot of what 'Friends' has tried to say over these ten years. Rachel and Chandler - he says stupid jokes and she laughs at them: big part of friendship. Rachel and Joey - I'm still laughing (it's been two years).

    Rachel and Ross - no words. Ross is still the same of the first season, and that kiss! We all missed Ross&Rachel.

    Great episode. Touching and extremely well written.moreless

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    The One With Rachel's Going Away Party (a.k.a. The One Where Rachel Goes To Paris)

    By jennidoe, Aug 08, 2005

    The group throws a going away party for Rachel. Rachel takes each one of them aside to say her goodbye to them. It is so sad!

    Later, when she says her goodbye to Ross, they end up kissing and .... well, you know. At this point we don't know if she will actually go or if she will stay. Very well written.

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    To me, it was one of the saddest episodes of the series....

    By --RPozo--, Jul 13, 2005

    ...But with great jokes that made me laugh to tears.

    Rachel is going away, you know the series is about to end and anything could happen, Is she staying?, Is she really going?, Is she going to take Emma away from Ross?, Is she going to leave Ross?.. many questiones would pop to your head that would define your feelings of the series ending... then came the always sad good-byes to the loyal and caring friends, which now, after 10 years, are family. That was the real tearjerker, the good bye. I mean, 10 years we have seen those friends together and now they are about to break up... And then they brought up again the Ross-Rachel story arc, one of the engines of the series and it had to have a conclussion....

    Great Episode...moreless

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