The One with Rachel's New Dress

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Quotes (7)

  • Joey: (About what to name Phoebe's baby) Ooh, ooh, Pheebs, you want a strong name? How about, The Hulk? Phoebe: No, I’m not sure about Hulk, but I like the idea of a name starting with "The."

  • Chandler: (About Phoebe carrying a drum) Hey! Wow, it is true what they say. Pregnant bellies look like a drum.

  • Joey: (To Chandler) Yours is the stupidest name I've heard in my life. It's not even a name. It's barely even a word. It's kinda like chandelier, but it's not!

  • Chandler: Help, am I a Mark or a John? Joey: Well, you're not tall enough to be a Mark ... but you might make a good Barney.

  • Chandler: Chandler is a stupid, stupid non-name. From now on I have no first name! Joey: So you're just Bing? Chandler: I have no name!

  • Monica: So you wore your nightie to dinner? Rachel: Yes, and the best part was when the waiter spilled water down my back, and I jumped up and my boob popped out. Monica: Oh no! Rachel: No, it's alright. I've got nice boobs.

  • Ross: We thought Carol was straight when I married her.
    Phoebe: Yeah, I definitely don't want to name my kid Ross.
    Ross: Hey, what a weird way to kick me when I'm down?

Notes (4)

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Rachel a její večerní šaty (Rachel and Her Evening Gown)

  • Joshua, Rachel's boyfriend in this episode, was played by Tate Donovan who was Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend.

  • This episode runs 23:30 on DVD (a typical sitcom runs about 22:00).

  • Guest star John Bennett Perry is Matthew Perry's real-life father.

Trivia (7)

  • Goof: Joshua's mother, thinking that Rachel is a hooker says, "Joshua, that $500 dollars was for groceries". This doesn't ring true at all. Joshua is a grown man who is obviously well off (he bought a complete wardrobe from Bloomingdale's and was an investor in a nightclub). He is only staying at his parent's while his own apartment is being renovated, not a dependant still living at home.

  • Goof: When Rachel shoos the birds into the hall, the chicken turns around and heads away from the guys' door. When Joey opens the door, the chicken is right outside the door.

  • Magna Doodle: WORK (in a prohibitory sign)

  • Goof: When Monica tells Rachel what she is cooking, and Rachel says "I really get crabby when I cook" she crosses her arms and in a flash they are on the counter again.

  • Goof: Rachel pretended that she was trying out the dress for Bloomingdale's and then she "wrote" in her notepad "America not ready." Why wouldn't she have used that as an excuse to go and change before going to dinner?

  • Goof: When Rachel is sat down in Joshua's couch, wearing her "new dress", she has her legs crossed and not crossed, during shots.

  • Factual Error: At one point during the episode, Ross mentions Incredible Hulk #72, a comic book which wasn't published until 2004 (as of this episode it didn't exist).

Allusions (5)

  • Chandler: I have no name. Phoebe: All right, so, what are we supposed to call you? Chandler: Okay, uh, for now, temporarily, you can call me, Clint. This is a reference to The Man With No Name from the Clint Eastwood "Dollars Trilogy."

  • Chandler: There are no famous Joeys. Except for Joey Buttafuoco. Joey: Yeah, that guy really hurt us. Joey Buttafuoco made headlines in 1992 for his affair with a then-underage Amy Fisher, who subsequently shot Joey's wife, Mary Jo Buttafuoco, in the face.

  • Joey: Name one famous person named Chandler. Chandler: Raymond Chandler. Joey: Someone you didn't make up. Raymond Chandler was an author of crime stories and novels.

  • Ross: Actually that's not true. In The Incredible Hulk, uh, number 72, Dr. Bruce Banner found ... You know, never mind. My girlfriend's a lesbian. The Hulk (Dr. Robert Bruce Banner), sometimes referred to as The Incredible Hulk, is a fictional character, a superhero appearing in the Marvel Comics Universe. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, he has since become one of Marvel Comics' most recognized superhero characters.

  • Ross: Didn't you see Personal Best? Personal Best is a 1982 movie centered on a group of women who are trying to qualify for the Olympic Games track-and-field team.