The One with Rachel's Other Sister

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    brilliant episode!

    By harryathouse, Apr 20, 2008

    Rachel's sister Amy tags along for Thanksgiving at Monica's place, because her (married) boyfriend cancels their plans. While watching the parade, Joey realizes that he forgot to show up for the Days of Our Lives cast float, and he asks Phoebe how to lie to his boss so he won't get in trouble. Monica obsesses about anybody damaging her best china. Amy, who is self-absorbed and can't remember anybody's correct names, thinks that if Rachel and Ross die, she will then get custody of Emma, but Rachel and Ross tell her that Monica and Chandler are going to get Emma. Arguments ensue, and Chandler tries to prove that he would be a good parent, even if Monica weren't around.moreless

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    "Who has to die for me to get her?" - Joey

    By FriendsSvuLost8, Feb 09, 2008

    It's Thanksgiving and Rachel's sister Amy is visiting. Apperently Rachel is the mature one of the Green sisters. Joey was suppose to be on the parade this year but forgot. So Phoebe helps him with a good lie because Joey stinks at lying. Monica aka The Crazy Plate Lady is using her fancy wedding china and well is really obsessive about them. I love obsessive Monica. The catfight between Rachel and Amy was really funny. Especially when they break one of the plates and Monica faints. But Chandler stops them and shows his father skills. This was a great Thanksgiving episode and one of the best episodes of season 9.moreless

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    "That's okay. You're totally right. I don't know anything about disciplining a child. But it did hurt my feelings, and I want you to know that if I die... you don't get Joey."-Chandler Bing.

    By efc1991, Jan 10, 2008

    Amy, Rachel's spoiled, irresponsible sister, shows up for Thanksgiving. The gang argues over who gets custody of Emma if Ross and Rachel die. Great episode I love it, as usaul thanksgiving episodes of Friends are great and this is my second favourite of the series, I loved it with Monica and the plates, when one of the smashes and she collapses was great couldn't stop laughing it was one of her best moments, also when Chandler breaks all of them at the end was genius. I loved to finally see Racheals other sister and it was really fuuny when they were fighting.moreless

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    By princess714_509, Jan 05, 2008

    ok so everytime i watch this episode i ask myself why ross and rachel knock on the table when she says "if something were to happen to ross or myself" idk y dey do that...other than that this episode cracks me up everytime...

    "Crazy Plate Lady"

    My favorite part is when chandler tells ross "you're totally right i dont know anything about disciplining a child. but it did hurt my feelings and i want you to know that if i die you dont et joey"


    what cracks me up da most is the part where rachel says "and you wanna know why i am not giving emily to you" and then ross says "emma" and rachel says "oh who's side are you on!"

    that cracks me up.moreless

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    great Episode

    By peterfan1, Dec 02, 2007

    Rachels "other" sister comes over for thanksgiving diner. She is up-herself and cant remember anyones names.

    Amy: I was thinking of changing her name. I'm not a big fan of Emily.

    Ross: Emma

    Amy: (To Phoebe) Emma, Ross wants you.

    Phoebe: Phoebe

    Amy: (To Ross and Rachel) Why does she keep making that noise? This episode is really great Christina Applegate does a great job as Rachels sister. It is extremely funny her not remembering anyones names and expecting to get Emma if Rachel and Ross died. This is a really great episode and should be watched!!! Christina Applegate won an Emmy for this episode and if you watch it you will see why!!!moreless

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    I watched this episode, once, twice, thrice, and time and time again, and I still laugh at it harder than at any other epiosode.

    By SHUCKLEMAN, Sep 30, 2007

    This episode is truly a masterpiece. There are so many funny parts, and they come so frequently, you never actually stop laughing after the first big joke (which I think is 'I will be careful, until told otherwize'). Rachels best line is 'Okay, I went to the zoo yesterday, so now I am a koala bear', Monica's best line is 'Emma is a product of a 5 year-old condom and a box of Morlot' or 'Let us go and blow our noses on my wedding dress'. Phoebe's best moment is 'How about the whole man walking on the moon thing? You can see the strings people!', 'Next week, stealing.' or 'Yes Monica, you're all about the fun(!) (as she cuts her vegetables in mid-air as Monica suggested). Joey's obsession with racoon's is very funny, as is his forgetting to go to the parade and pick up his mother at the airport. I love it when he says 'Let us throw some jello on them!' and 'Who has to die for me to get her?'

    Chandler has some of the best lines too. '2 of my best friends die, then my wife dies, then the one tiny ray of hope left in my life takes taken away from me?' This followed by Phoebe's 'Thats a great movie!' and Joey's 'Who has to die for me to get her?' is enough to get you laughing non-stop through the 3 minute advert break which follows. Chandler saying 'Im not incompetant, because I managed to survive whatever it was that killed the three of you!' is also funny, as it 'By the way, that was totally arousing.'

    Ross's sarcasm in this episode is great too.

    Amy: You know what would be great? If you guys died!

    Ross: Thank You Amy(!)

    Amy: You think you can spend Thanksgiving with your boyfriend, and then his wife comes back into town! Its not even worth dating married guys!

    Ross: Dont say that.

    Ross: It will be like the pilgrims bringing the Indians syphillis.

    I also like it when Amy rants on about Monica and Ross in the past, not realizing the same people are in the room.

    The name-mixing thing is also hilarious.

    Amy: I would like to change her name, Im not really a big fan on Emily.

    Ross: Emma!

    Amy: Emma! Ross wants you!

    Phoebe: PHOE-BE!

    Amy: Why does she keep making that noise?

    Amy crying over her sister's Ralph Lauren discount is incredibly amusing as is her random sushi obsession.

    So, what is it that makes this episode so great?

    It has one of the best guest stars in Friends's 10 year run.

    It has some of the best jokes.

    It is one episode in the later Season's where the Friends are all together.

    It has baby Emma in it, and Chandler wanting to be a father, yet it doesnt make the Friends seem grown-up like we all feared it would.

    It doesnt center about one character, but had all 6 characters playing equally major parts.

    A person can watch this episode an get familiar with all the characters and their personalities very easily.

    I just can't believe how good this episode is. It definately did deserve an Emmy award.moreless

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    Ive watched every episode of Friends. I think this one is the best of all. When I first watched this episode, it made me want to watch Friends everyday from that moment on.

    By Janieiscool1, Jul 13, 2007

    Rachel invites her sister Amy thanksgiving. Phoebe teaches Joey how to lie. Chandler worries about whether he will be a good father.

    In my opinion there are many highlights of this episode. Rachel and Amy's fight is a very funny part and Monica collapsing when the plate smashes is very funny. Phoebe ranting on about how she doesnt believe that men have walked on the moon is priceless. Monica telling the others not to scracth the plates, but eat their food in the air makes me laugh just to think about. Joey fogetting to be at the parade and forgetting to take his grandmother to the aiport is hilarious. Amy forgetting Emma's name, and thinking Phoebe is Emma is also very funny.

    Anybody who watches this episode, and gets all the jokes will probably understand why so many people say this is the best episode.moreless

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    I think this is the very best episode of Friends, but it has not gotton the top of the leaderboards simply because it is in Season 9, rather than Season 5, which I think is a real shame, especially considering it IS THE BEST episode of Friends.

    By BolbCire, Jul 09, 2007

    This episode is so hilariously funny. Rachel's sister, Amy (Christina Applegate) gets invited by Rachel to Monica's thanksgiving dinner, but unfortunately it gets ruined by her presence. Amy wants to know that if Ross and Rachel die she gets Emma (a.k.a. Emmet, Emily, etc.), but she it not happy when she finds out Monica and Chandler are next in line. A heated arguement arises. Meanwhile, Phoebe teaches Joey how to lie (because he needs an excuse as to why he was not at the parade on TV).

    I think this episode is so funny because of how the very funny (and very numerous) running jokes get repeated throughout the episode, and they all get mixed up with each other in conversations. For this to be achieved the episode has to start off by introducing all of the episode jokes (which Friends does very well in all of its episodes), so this meant a less eventful first 5 minutes, but all the episodes (excluding the Season premieres and the two-parters) start off in a similar manner. It is also great to see an A-list celebrity playing a major role in an episode, and I really think she deserved an Emmy award for her acting in this episode.

    Rachel and Amy's fight is also very funny, and a lot of character development is made as Chandler worries about being a father. The plates subplot is wonderfully acted by Courteney Cox, and I think she had the most difficult part to play in the episode, having to play worried about her plates, pleased about being next in line to raise Emma, comforting towards Chandler and distressed when the plates smash, often having to change her emotions within seconds.moreless

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    Thanksgiving episode #9

    By super_friend21, Jul 04, 2007

    Rachel's sister Amy tags along for Thanksgiving at Monica's place, because her married boyfriend cancels their plans. Monica obsesses about anybody damaging her best china. Amy, who is self-absorbed and can't remember anybody's correct names, thinks that if Rachel and Ross die, she will then get custody of Emma, but Rachel and Ross tell her that Monica and Chandler are going to get Emma. Arguments ensue, and Chandler tries to prove that he would be a good parent, even if Monica weren't around. The interactions between Rachel and Amy are priceless while an argument arises over who gets Emma if Ross and Rachel die. Monica (Crazy Plate Lady) gets obssesive over her china which leads to them being broken by Chandler. This the best Thanksgiving episodemoreless

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