The One with Ross's Grant

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    Gladys and Ichiba together in one episode means comedy gold...

    By doguineta, Jun 27, 2010

    This is one if the funnier season 10 episdes because it has some of the funniest stories. The less funny was Hobart trying to sabotage Ross and dn't make him get a grant unless he breaks up with Charlie, but even that one had funny lines, like the pbrotofalosaus or something like it. Next we have OHebe needing to toss Gklayds if she wants t move in with Mike, and a misunderstanding leads MOnica to keep it. She sells it to Joey, but Racheld doesn't weant it in her apartment either so she invernts a curse of the painting to scare JOey. Phoebe makes a much creepier painting to give the onethat doesn't get Gladys, called Gleenis, leading to M&R actually wanting Gladys. And for the last Joey asks Chandler to pass a tape to his boss to get a part on an advertisment and Chandler lies telling him his boss hated the tape because he thinks Joey doens't fit the part. The funniest p├árt f this storyline was whaty was IN the tape: a commercial for lipstcik for men called Ichiba, and was only sold in Japan, plus, it was BLUE. ANd the peisdde ends with Rachel using GLadys to scare JOey, funny episde, watch it.moreless

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    Finally Charlie is gone!

    By mykeathome, May 29, 2010

    In my opinion (and my friends and family), Charlie was a very hard character to like, firstly she dumps Joey for Ross and then to dump Ross for her ex (Benjamin Hobart played by Greg Kinnear) and she hated Rachel aswell. Finally she is gone.

    It was very funny watching who got Phoebe's ugly painting out of Monica and Rachel, as Phoebe was making room for Mike to move in. In the end Phoebe made another one even worse. So they each got one.moreless

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    "lipstick for men" funny

    By simpfan90210, May 06, 2007

    Rachel and Monica fight over who will receive an ugly painting from Phoebe's apartment when Mike wants her to get rid of it. Chandler gets on Joey's bad side when he lies about watching Joey's audition tape which was for male lipstick, so he knew he was lieing. Ross is up for a big grant, although Charlie's ex-boyfriend is in charge of who gets it. Dr. Hobart tries to trade--Ross breaks up with Charlie and he'll get the grant but prior to that he asks him loads of stuupid questions. Eventually, Charlie and Dr. Hobart reconcile after he reveals his feelings for her leaving poor ross all alone.moreless

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    Greg Kinear

    By SMGslayer97, Nov 14, 2006

    Greg Kinear as Professor Hobart was probably my favorite part of this episode. I already liked his as an actor but after this cameo I liked him even more. As Charlie's crazy or...crazy ex he made for a great way to exit Charlie off the show without making it seem like she just vanished or was pushed down an elevator shaft.

    But Joey's commercial! Oh my gosh. I mean there are just no possible words to describe this. Excellent, just excellent.

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