The One with the Ballroom Dancing

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Quotes (19)

  • Mr. Treeger: Hey, Duck. Where's Chick?
    Chandler: Umm...
    Joey: I'm coming! Mr. Treeger: Okay! (To Chandler) Thanks, man. Chandler: No problem... bunny rabbit.

  • Monica: So you didn't leave the bank? Ross: No! And somehow, we ended up with a joint checking account. Rachel: What are you ever gonna use that for? Chandler: To pay for the gym.

  • Phoebe: (Thinking while giving a massage to Rick) Okay, baseball. Rick, playing baseball. Okay, slides into second, maybe even his pants come down a little… Oh, no, wait no, no! No! Okay, all right, sandwiches, sandwiches. Umm, okay, on a plate, maybe Rick's pants come down a little. No! No! Okay, Chandler! Okay, Chandler, oh, that's working.

  • Phoebe: Oh, you guys, remember that cute client I told you about? I bit him. Rachel: Where?! Phoebe: On the tushy. Ross: And that's not against your oath? Phoebe: No, I know! I, I'm sorry, but the moment I touch him, I just wanna throw out my old oath and take a new, dirty one. Monica: Well, next time you're massaging him, you should try and distract yourself. Joey: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Like, like when I'm doing something exciting and I don't wanna get too excited, I just, ah, ya know try to think of other things like... sandwiches, and... baseball, and ah Chandler! Chandler: Thank you, Joey. Joey: No, no, thank you.

  • Ross: (About feet flirting) Then how do you explain the toe ring? Phoebe: Because it’s Arabian princess day at work! Okay?! Leave me alone!

  • Mr. Treeger: Okay ah, well, just ah, follow my lead. (Turns on some music) Joey: Whoa, whoa, don’t we need to do some kind of preparation first? Like, ah, get really drunk?

  • Ross: We could go to the bank, close our accounts and cut them off at the source. Chandler: You’re a genius! Joey: Aw, man, now we won’t be bank buddies! Chandler: Now, there’s two reasons.

  • Chandler: We’re doomed. Okay, they’re gonna take 50 bucks out of our accounts for the rest of our lives. What are we gonna do? Monica: Well, you could actually go to the gym. (Chandler and Ross laugh)

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Notes (4)

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Učitel tance (Dance Teacher)

  • E.J. Callahan, who played Mr. Simon in this episode, also appeared in "The One Where Estelle Dies" where he played Al Zebooker.

  • Music: "Night and Day" by Frank Sinatra

  • This episode runs 22:48 on DVD (a typical sitcom runs about 22:00). Added scene where Chandler talks to the gym "quitter" guy and finds out Ross joined too.

Trivia (4)

  • Goof: When Joey is telling Monica and Rachel about dancing in Central Perk, Monica's legs are crossed left over right. When the camera angle changes, they are crossed right over left, and in the next shot her legs are crossed left over right again.

  • Factual Error: When Chandler and Ross are trying to quit the bank, there is a state flag behind the banker's desk. The flag displayed is the California state flag, where the show is filmed, not the New York state flag, where the show is set.

  • Goof: In the tag scene, the name on the awning of the building has been superimposed. It moves a little while the shot remains still.

  • Goof: When Monica's talking to Rachel, she has the milk carton in her hand. Then the camera switches to Rachel and suddenly the milk can has become a garbage bag.

Allusions (1)

  • Mr. Treeger: (Imitating Rachel) Daddy, buy me a pizza. Daddy, buy me a candy factory. Daddy, make the cast of Cats sing "Happy Birthday" to me. Cats is a musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber based on Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats and other poems by T. S. Eliot. It was successfully adapted into the 1998 film Cats. "Happy Birthday to You," which is traditionally sung to people on their birthday, is the most popular song in the English language.