The One with the Bullies

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Quotes (12)

  • Joey: Haven't you ever gotten beat up before? Ross: Yeah. Joey: I mean, by someone besides Monica. Ross: No.

  • Joey: Hey Monica, why are we watching the business channel? Monica: 'Cause I was going by it the other day and I saw that there was a stock with my initials, MEG, on it and, well, sometimes I have to watch for two or three hours before it comes up again but when it does, it's pretty exciting. Rachel: Okay honey, you really need a job.

  • Chandler: (About beating people up) Yeah, I wouldn't know having missed everything. Bully: Don't do that to yourself. Any one of us could have tripped over that little girls jump-rope.

  • Joey: (In a deep, scratchy voice) Uh, hello Miss Buffay. I know where your dog is. I want you to know that he'll be returned to you, almost as good as new, within, within 24 hours. Uh, goodbye.

  • Chandler: Hey. Ross: What? Chandler: Do you have to be a Century 21 real-estate agent to get to wear those really cool jackets? Ross: Do you say this stuff to girls?

  • Ross & Chandler: (Depressed) Hi. Rachel: What's the matter with you? Chandler: The mean guys at the coffee house took my hat.

  • Ross: Maybe getting beat up is just something every guy has to go through once in his life, like a rite of passage or something. Chandler: Well, couldn't we just lose our virginities again? Because actually I think mine's growing back.

  • Monica: (On the phone) Time is money, my friend! Whoo! Rachel: "Time is money, my friend?" Joey: Yeah, you missed, "Takes money to make money," and, "Don't make me come down there and kick your Wall Street butt." Monica: Hey, I made $17 before breakfast. What have you done? Joey: Well, I had breakfast here, so technically I just saved $3.50.

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Notes (4)

  • International Episode Title: Czech Republic: Frajeři (Dandies)

  • This is the first appearance of Giovanni Ribisi as Frank Buffay Jr. Frank was in 8 episodes of Friends. Giovanni Ribisi also appeared in an earlier episode playing the guy who put a condom in Phoebe's guitar case in "The One with the Baby On the Bus".

  • Music: "YMCA" by the Village People

  • This episode runs 23:38 on DVD (a typical sitcom runs about 22:00).

Trivia (6)

  • Goof: When Ross and Chandler go to the coffee house to "stand their ground," they take one sip of their coffees and run out of the coffee house without paying.

  • Goof: When Ross mentions his father, Phoebe says that that is the third sign today that she should go see her father. Then, she goes on to list that the first one was the Buffet (his last name), the second one was was that they were serving Franks (his first name), and the third one was chicken (because she chickened out the last time). So when Ross mentions his father, it would be the fourth hint.

  • Goof: When Phoebe is returning the dog, a woman in the background wearing a blue shirt walks into her house twice.

  • Factual Error: At the diner where Monica gets a job, she and other employees dance "YMCA" by the Village People. However, the diner theme is the 1950s, while that song is from the 1970s.

  • Goof: When the dog jumps into the cab window, you can see the head of the person holding him.

  • Trivia: This episode has the only mention of Monica's middle name which begins with "E". (The actual name is never revealed throughout the series's ten years.)

Allusions (5)

  • Arthur: Us, what about you guys? Man you really, bing, gave it to old Mr. Clean back there. He was a big guy. Mr. Clean is a brand name of a popular cleaning product. This brand's mascot is a large, burly man.

  • Ross: I say you and I go back down there and stand up to those guys. Chandler: All right, hang on a second, Custer. George Custer was a United States Army cavalry commander in the American Civil War and the Indian Wars known for his personal bravery in leading charges against opposing cavalry.

  • Monica: Well, CHP because I used to have a crush on Erik Estrada. Erik Estrada is an American actor of Puerto Rican descent, known for his role in the US television series CHiPs.

  • Monica: How could I take a job where I have to make something called Laverne-and-Curly Fries? Monica was referring to Laverne & Shirley, a popular American television situation comedy which ran on ABC.

  • Phoebe: Hamburger. McDonald's. Old McDonald had a farm. My dad is a pharmacist. Chandler: And E-I-E-I-O is what your mom said when your dad left her. "Old McDonald Had a Farm" is a popular children's song.