The One with the Flashback

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    "Ten bucks says, I never see that woman again in my life." - Monica

    By FriendsSvuLost8, Apr 10, 2010

    Just another day at Central Perk and Janice wonders how many of the friends have almost slept together. The Friends get very awkward as we flashback to three years earlier.

    Ross was still married to Carol but they we're having problems. Monica and Phoebe still lived together but Monica was driving Phoebe crazy, Chandler was looking for a roommate and Rachel was still engaged to Barry.

    Turns out that in 1993 Central Perk was a bar where they use to hang out. Rachel and her screaming friends go there for a drink and she runs into Monica and Chandler, who makes himself look really stupid. I love it when Monica says 'ten bucks says I'm never gonna see that woman again in my life'. I guess that's ten bucks she lost.

    Chandler is interviewing roommates and becomes friends with a photographer, but thanks to Mr. Heckles Joey becomes his new roommate.

    Ross and Carol are having problems so Ross suggest she has a girls night out. Carol finds out she's a lesbian and Ross and Phoebe almost have sex on the pooltable wich is a suprise because they both have a very differant look on things.

    Monica invites Joey over for a drink which he thinks means Let's have sex. Well that's our Joey. Chandler and Joey bond over watching Baywatch which is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

    Phoebe decides to live with her grandmother because Monica's obsessive behavior drives her crazy. Monica starts to wonder why she doesn't have a boyfriend and there is a little hint of a Chandler Monica relationship as they share a hug.

    Rachel ends up having this weird fantasie about Chandler and a pooltable. I guess you really don't want to get married if you have those kind of fantasies.

    So that's basically how our gang was in 1993.moreless

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    what happened before the show started

    By seriesguy3998, Aug 14, 2009

    When Janice asks the guys who "almost had sex" with each other, we see a flashback of what happened a year previous the premiere of the series.

    Friends Episode 6 "The One with the Flashback" tells the story of how Joey ended up being Chandler's roommate (thanks to Mr. Heckles), how did Ross discovered Carol is a lesbian, how Monica met with Rachel before they met in the show's premiere after years after high school. It also tells how Ross almost slept with Phoebe, how Monica almost slept with Joey, and how Chandler almost slept with Rachel. This episode is an amazing episode. With everything oging on, and was so funny! Season 3 is great!moreless

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    Everyone almost did it.

    By Canogaparkcindy, May 31, 2009

    This episode was great to see. It really put things in to perspective. This is before season one. I like how Monica & Chandler bump in to Rachel at the bar. Soon to be coffeehouse, I like all the jokes they make, like when Ross says how Carol meeting Susan was great. How Monica bets she will never see Rachel again. it is fun to see the past since we already know everything that is going to happen. Monica & Chandler, Chandler & Rachel, Monica & Joey, and Ross & Phoebe all almost sleep together. The funniest was Rachel & Chandler. It was very fun to watch.moreless

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    laugh from start to finish

    By xkelly123x, Jul 07, 2008

    When Janice asks the gang if any of them have ever slept together, the friends flash back to a time three years before. revealing some of the things we didnt know about their relationships. Ross and Phoebe together, chandler gets a new roommate who gets naked in monicas appartment, rachel comes into the coffee house(although at the time its a bar) and then daydreams about being with chandler, who has a moment with monica..... anyway alot happens in a short time but it works and is an absolute laugh all the way through one of the best in my eyes for suremoreless

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    Brilliant - this episode just goes to show how well the writers really know the characters.

    By hainesg324, Aug 14, 2006

    I love this episode for numerous reasons, but mostly because the writers are able to twist storylines, going back into the past, and still retain all the characters and the feeling of the show.

    My favourite parts include Rachel's dream sequence at the end where she hits the jukebox and the music starts and then she kisses Chandler. I thought it was great because there is no feasible way they would have kissed otherwise.

    I love Mr Heckles - although Eric shounds like a great roommate to have, if it wasn't for Heckles, Joey wouldn't be around and Chandler wouldn't be obsessed with Baywatch.

    I also loved Phoebe trying to hide the fact she had moved out with such lame lines as "It's not in the apartment?" when Monica asks where her bed is.

    Classic show, with dozens of brilliant lines - especially the double meanings with Ross and Phoebe on the pool table.moreless

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    Wonderful flashback episode. May contain SPOILER

    By TheAWT, Jul 31, 2006

    This episode of friends is an amazing flashback in the year before first season. The authors chose to try and mix couples and situation, and they acheived an extraordinary result with one of the best episode ever. There's a bit of romance, mainly from the chandler-monica couple. Then it's all laughter, with an amazing plot featuring many explanation about what we've seen in the first 2 seasons, like Phoebe moving out from Monica's apartment, Ross discovery of his wife being a lesbian and the big why: why Chandler chose Joey. If I had to teach how to make a good tv show I would show everybody this episode of FRIENDS, it's almost perfect.moreless

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