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    Incest on Friends?

    By Canogaparkcindy, Apr 09, 2009

    It was pretty weird seeing this whole new plot that had not been recycled/reused. the writers actually thought the plot out well, instead of reenacting what happened to Joshua. I'm glad Danny made it for at least one more episode, so we can all find out his creepy side. Does anybody know that it was incest what Danny & his sister were doing ore was it innocent. I wasn't sure. Anyways the hysterical part of the episode was Phoebe being good and helping out for Christmas. Lisa Kudrow did really great in those very few scenes. I love Street Phoebe. I Laughed so hard when she insulted the old lady. Don't miss this Christmas episode folks.moreless

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    Rachel has second thoughts about getting involved with Danny when she observes his close relationship with his sister.

    By Black_Grace, Feb 22, 2007

    Happy hoildays on Friends! This was an average episode. I would never be that close with brother like Danny and his sister are, that would just be yuk! Well Phoebe seems to being getting more screen time with the whole donating thing and people throwing whatever they would like. If i did that I would keep the money well because I love money and who doesn't?! Less of Monica and Chandler in this episode. I love that part when Phoebe calls that old woman a b***h! I love Phoebe! She is awesome and is the best charater on Friends and when she makes sure no one throws any crap into the bucket.moreless

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