The One with the Invitations

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  • 9.2

    Another Ross romance destined to be doomed.

    By melindakw, Mar 15, 2008

    I can't believe that Ross and emily are getting married...!

    I still think Rachael is the one for him and no one else will do.

    Then I thought Chandler and Janice were going to be perpetually be together until hell freezed over.

    The comments Emily made about Ross probably shouldn't have invited Rachael to the wedding were a bit sad...we shouldn't she get an invite...emily should be more secure.

    Anyway it was good to see the flashback moments of Ross and Rachael's relationship and I still like the prom scene where Ross was gong to stand in for her date that didn't show up and then he did and rachel never knew until now what Ross was going to do.

    Anyways...I'm still rooting for Ross and Rachael.moreless

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  • 4.9

    Oh no. Maybe the worst episode of Friends...

    By SHUCKLEMAN, Jan 28, 2008

    This is extremely boring to watch, and all that happens is we discover that Phoebe can't go to Ross's wedding, and Rachel doesn't want to go, and Emily doesn't want to invite her, but Ross is okay with it.

    The reason this is so much worse than the other clip shows is that the other clip shows have more episodes to select clips from, and they focus on trying to be funny, rather than trying to sum up a relationship. The One With The Vows would be one of the funniest episodes that you could show someone new to Friends, but this isn't very funny at all.

    Some good points about this episode is that it does sum up Ross and Rachel's relationship well, and is good for people who have only watched the 4th season of Friends, not to mention that it must be truly fascinating to go back in time and see clips from earlier episodes. It also increased the money they could spend in the season finale I suppose (although they were already given extra money by channel 4).

    This episode can be a bit of a tearjerker too, especially with the scene from The One With The Prom Video, so that gives this episode a little extra credit too.moreless

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  • 8.2

    Emily and Ross discuss who to invite to their wedding. Ross wants to invite Rachel and Emily thinks it is odd. Phoebe can't go to the wedding and Rachel decides to stay with Phoebe.

    By Black_Grace, Feb 08, 2007

    I like the flashback episodes and I think they make the show very good. Emily and Ross are discussing who to invite to the wedding when she sees that Ross wants to invite Rachel and she thinks it is odd. Ross has flashbacks of his and Rachel's up and down relationship in the past. He still sends Rachel an invatation. Phoebe finds out that she can't go. Everyone gets there invatations except for Chandler. Rachel has flashbacks of her and Ross in the past of there relationship. Rachel decides not to go to the wedding because someone needs to stay with Phoebe.moreless

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  • 5.8

    Not a good episode.

    By Kahlan14, Aug 08, 2006

    The first part of the episode is funny because Chandler and Joey want to climb Mount Everest until Pheobe tells them what could happen. I hate this episode because Emily is really annoying especially when she finds Rachel's invitation and that starts all the stupid flashbacks. The flashbacks are really boring, I get that they are an important part of the episode and the whole episode is basically flashbacks but they could have done a little bit less of the flashbacks and more of the episode it would make a lot of difference in the episode and the interesting parts in it. I don't see the point to the episode because you can figure out what will happen just by the flashbacks which is why it would be easier just to do a normal episode.moreless

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