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    By dillonpickle, Nov 25, 2008

    The One with the Late Thanksgiving has to be one of the best Friends episodes. Its great storyline is very good. After the gang asks Monica to make a Thanksgiving meal even though she doesn't want to, she reluctantly agrees. But Phoebe and Rachel are at a beauty pageant for Emma and Joey and Ross are at a Rangers game and they are all late for dinner. They all however meet in the hallway trying to make up an excuse. However Monica realizes they are out there and locks the door. Rachel uses her spare keys to get in but Monica and Chandler used the chain. After they squeeze their heads in to apologize, Joey gets stuck and breaks down the door right into the Thanksgiving dinner. However, Monica is not upset because her and Chandler are going to get a baby form the adoption agency.moreless

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    Funny episode.Not the best thanksgiving but very good!!!

    By martooo_m, Apr 18, 2008

    Very good episode from Friends because the acting was great and wrting too.The performance of Monica and Chandler were great and Joey was great too.Every character develops its personality here and shows us the greatest parts of thir characters.Season 10 is not the greatest because it hasn't got so many significant episode like the previous seasons but the tone is funny like before.That thanksgiving is not the greatest one but it is pretty goo for a last season.The funniest moments were when they were waiting and Rachel,Phoebe,Joey and Ross were outside the apartment.And the most moving moment was when Chandler and Monica realize they are chosen for a baby.moreless

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    By simpfan90210, May 07, 2007

    After Monica announces that she's not cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year, Phoebe talks her back into it but they are all to busy to go and then... Ross, Rachel, Phoebe and Joey are all late to the dinner, thanks to a baby beauty contest and a Rangers game that they told them not ot go to, so Monica and Chandler lock them out. The gang is united again when Monica gets a phone call informing her that a pregnant girl from Ohio has selected her to adopt her unborn baby leaving the audience cheering for them, a very good episode.moreless

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    the group begs monica to cook thanksgiving dinner but then they all show up late.

    By gilvatar, Aug 31, 2006

    This episode is probubly my favorite. it was so funny. In the beginning chandler tells them that he and monica don't want tocook thanks giving dinner. But they talk them into it.

    Pheobe: think about it monica you'd be trying to top what you did last year. It'd be like you were in compotition with yourself.

    Monica: thats my favorite kind

    then Joey and ross get tickets to a big game and decide to go before dinner.

    Ross: (to chandler) guess what Joey got.

    Joey: Rangers tickets

    Ross: I wanted him to guess.(to chandler) Ok guess where they are.

    Joey: center ice

    Ross: did I do something to you?

    Pheobe and Rachle sign Emma up for a baby beauty pagent that is before dinner.

    Rachle: don't you put make-up on my baby

    Pheobe: why not? she's gonna look washed out compared to the other contestants.

    Rachle: cause I all ready did

    They all show up late and monica won't let them in.

    Joey: I hope the threeof you have a happy thanksgiving. Monica, Chandler, and the vain!moreless

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    "The One With the Late Thanksgiving"

    By chandlerchick, Aug 18, 2006

    I loved this one! It was depressing in a way because it's the very last Thanksgiving episode before the season finale so it was all sad.

    But at some parts it was happy because Monica and Chandler get the phone call that tells them they are getting a baby! Yay!

    Of course there were hilarious parts between Joey and the others especially...

    Ross:(about the turkey that mon slid under the door) How do we decide who gets it?

    Joey: Water balloon! (joey takes it and eats it)

    I laughed so hard at that part! I laugh alot and even cry alot during this show.

    It's just sad knowing that this is the last Thanksgiving episode, that alone made me cry.

    Great episode!moreless

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    After Monica announces that she's not cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year, Phoebe talks her back into it. Ross, Rachel, Phoebe and Joey are all late to the dinner, thanks to a baby beauty contest and a Rangers game, so Monica and Chandler lock them out.

    By GuLight, Sep 21, 2005

    Not funny. By this season, the stories were dragging and the writing was on a downward spiral. It could've been better.

    Not the best episode of the series. Probably one of the worsts. The "floating heads" idea was amateurish. This last Thanksgiving episode had potential to be the best episode of the season, but the season was kind of a letdown as well.

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