The One with the Red Sweater

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  • 9.6

    Who is the father of Rachel's baby?

    By Canogaparkcindy, Jul 13, 2010

    This episode would have to be one of my favorites in season eight. The anxiousness of finding out who the father of Rachel's baby intensifies in this fun filled episode. Rachel is getting ready to tell the father of the baby, and we find out the father owns a red sweater. Suspicions lead back to an old friend from last season: Tag. We think he's the father but it turns out that he already has his red sweater and he didn't leave it behind at Rachel's. So now everything is pretty much up in the air. Meanwhile Joey proposes to Phoebe after thinking that she is pregnant, we definitely got to see some relationship moments there especially when Phoebe wouldn't give the ring back after Joey proposed to Rachel after finding out it was her who was pregnant. Ross & Chandler taking the wedding pictures again at someone else's wedding was hilarious! Not as hilarious as when Monica won't stop opening the wedding presents. Then at the very end, we find out who the father of the baby is! The sweater belongs too.... ROSS! Ross is the father of Rachel's baby, I certainly did not see that coming and this episode got me ecstatic on how Rachel is going to tell Ross in the next episode. Amazing episode overall, and a great followup to the premiere.moreless

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  • 8.1

    Joey finds a red sweater in his apartment and realises it's the sweater of the father of Rachel's baby. Phoebe thinks it's Tags and arranges a meeting for Rachel with him. Ross and Chandler attempt to recreate the wedding pictures.

    By luvpuff, Aug 28, 2008

    I would say this is one of the best endings of an episode in friends.

    I admit that I'm pleased tag isn't the father and I'm thrilled ross is, as it leads to many good written episodes after. It was rather funny when phoebe and joey misunderstood the signs which lead to many surpises.

    When Chandler and ross lost the cameras, It was obvious it would lead to disaster when they tried to 'recreate' the moving wedding scene.

    Once again monica shows her obsessive side when she has to wait for chandler to open the wedding presents with her but goes out of control when she opens them all her self!

    A brilliant episode.moreless

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    The father of Rachel's baby is revealed...

    By super_friend21, Apr 12, 2008

    Speculation regarding the father of Rachel's baby leads to a misunderstanding when Joey discovers a red sweater left behind in a one-night stand Rachel had. So Joey proposes to Phoebe (because excluding Monica and Phoebe, everyone thinks she's pregnant), but Monica spills the beans so he proposes to Rachel. Classic moment of Friends. Meanwhile, Chandler and Ross search for the disposable cameras left behind at the wedding, Ross and Chandler are hilarious pretending their wedding guests at someone else's wedding receptionand Monica goes on a opening-present binge. Phoebe thinking Tag is the father calls him over for Rachel to talk to him but he freaks out which is funny.

    At the end, Ross claims the sweater as his and everyone is stunned...moreless

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  • 9.5

    Ross and Chandler take pictures at someone else's wedding.

    By Black_Grace, Apr 26, 2007

    Great episode! Monica sure gets up set about not being the bride again and then she comes all the presents. Chandler kisses another woman to look like Monica and Chandler in the picture. Ross and his fake speech was so funny! Joey proposes to Phoebe then Rachel! It would be so freaking awesome if Phoebe and Joey did get married! Ross is the last one to find out about everything. First Monica and Chandler and then that Rachel is pregnant. Monica and Chandler sure started there marriage weird. Tag just runs because he hears Rachel is having a baby! What a freak!moreless

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    What about "thank you 'epunster'" about that I draw your attention that this episode is missing from your episode's list??????

    You just putting on the list without giving credit to the one who reported you!!!

    By epunster, Mar 18, 2007

    What about "thank you 'epunster'" about that I draw your attention that this episode is missing from your episode's list??????

    You just putting on the list without giving credit to the one who reported you!!!

    I'm waiting for you "thank you" note.

    (A hundred words???it's not fair because I have said whatever I wanted to say)

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  • 8.2

    A great episode!

    By FinJay, Aug 28, 2006

    This episode is all about who his the father of Rachel's baby and about her getting the nerve up to tell him. The episode revolves around a red sweater, hence the name of the episode, which is thought to have belonged to the father who left it in Joey's apartment.It's a really good episode and keeps you on a knife edge throughout. The other 'Friends' during the episode hypothesise on who the potential father could be and Phoebe takes direct action on this front. This all leads to a funny outcome before the father is revealed in a classic friends style. A must see! Enjoy!moreless

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  • 8.8

    It's amazing how this show can start incredibely well and end incredibely awesome.

    By chris_friends, Aug 17, 2006

    It's just the second episode of season eight of "Friends", and the show is having higher and higher ratings. This episode, The One With The Red Sweater, was one of the funniest, one of the most exciting and wonderful episode.

    How great did you feel at the end when Ross looks at the red sweater and says, "Oh, my sweater!" where the shocked audience go, "ooooohhhh!!!!" screaming and jumping out of their seats. And Ross goes on with the excitement, "I've been looking for it for weeks!!" and Monica and Chandler go, "Oh, my god!!" where a slow-up-to-take Joey goes, "Oh, my god!"

    This show always has surprises for everyone. Sometimes, your heart just bumps with excitement when something beautiful and wonderful happens to one of your favorite characters. The greatest installment about this show is that every cast is differnt, has a different character, which is why you can choose your favorite one.moreless

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  • 6.5

    The One With the Red Sweater...It was exciting to find out that the red sweater is Ross's.

    By weluvyou, Mar 29, 2006

    Its was exciting to find out that Ross is the father of Rachels baby. THe wedding part was sort of boring, you know, Ross and Chandler tried to create a remake of their wedding and take pictures.

    Phoebe is good at acting like she's pregnant. Funny, if you think about it, on the other episode(not sure which), she sort of sucked. And Joey proposing and all......

    Doesn't it make you wonder; Why would Joey(the player) propose? Is he suddenly ready to settle down? Where did he get the ring? How long had he had the ring? Whatever happened to the monkey?

    Anyways, my favorite part is the ending when Ross says 'Oh my sweater' and the audience is like, 'oooooh!' and Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey are like 'OH My GOD!'moreless

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  • 9.1

    A fine example that a show can keep a high standard not just on the openers.

    By LiamBolton, Mar 22, 2006

    So the wedding's over and it's time for Monica and Chandler to start their lives as Husband and Wife.

    This show is a fine example of every member of the team working together to produce excellent results.

    The actors not only work well together, but their comedy sense complement themselves and the show. If you watch the show, you can immediatly pick up on the little querks they have picked up for themselves that everyone can recognise.

    Keep it Up!

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