The One with the Red Sweater

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  • Joey: (About Rachel's baby) Who's the father?
    Phoebe: We don't know.
    Joey: Oh, I wonder if it's that dude.
    Monica: There's a dude?
    Joey: Yeah.
    Phoebe: Who? Who is it?
    Joey: About a month ago, this guy spent the night with Rachel. I didn't see who it was, but...(Walks out of the room)
    Phoebe: Was that story over? (Phoebe and Monica go into the hall, where Joey is holding a red sweater)

  • Phoebe: Is it Gunther? Rachel: No! Phoebe, it's not Gunther. Phoebe: Thank God, 'cause that hair on a baby... Rachel: Phoebe, the father is not here, okay? I haven't told him yet, and I don't think I can tell him at all now. Phoebe: Why not? Rachel: I don't know, let me think. I was walking down the street thinking, "I'm gonna tell the father today" and then bam! Phoebe: Bus? Rachel: No, you!

  • Phoebe: (About the father of Rachel's baby) Is it someone in this building? Is it that tall guy from the first floor? Rachel: Ew! No! Phoebe: What? I think he's cute. Rachel: Well, then you have his baby. Phoebe: Believe me I'm trying.

  • Chandler: Where are the disposable cameras? Ross: What disposable cameras? Chandler: The cameras. Remember? Last night I told you to take them. Ross: No, you didn't. Chandler: Yes! Remember? Right before we cut the cake, I went up to you and I said-- Ross: Oh, oh yeah, you, you came up to me and asked if I could do you a favor, and my Uncle Murray came up to you and handed you a check. And then you said, "Why do they call it a check? Why not a Yugoslavian?" (Chandler laughs) Yeah, then you did that.

  • Monica: Phoebe, I think he'd notice when in nine months you didn't have a baby! Phoebe: It's Joey!

  • Chandler: Okay, well I’m gonna get Ross, get the cameras, and get them developed. (Joey laughs) 32 Joe. You’re 32!

  • Chandler: (To the front desk clerk) Hi! We’re checking out of the bridal suite. Monica: (Depressed) That’s right. I’m no longer a bride. I’ll never be a bride again. Now, I’m just someone’s wife! Chandler: And I’m the happiest guy in the world!

  • Ross: Hey, my sweater! I've been looking for this for like a month! (Ross leaves) Monica and Phoebe: Oh, my God! (Pause) Joey: Oh, my God!

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Notes (3)

  • International Episode Title: France: Celui qui avait un sweat rouge (The One Who Had A Red Sweater)

  • This is the final appearance of Eddie Cahill as Tag Jones. Tag was in 7 episodes of Friends.

  • This episode runs 22:25 on DVD (a typical sitcom runs about 22:00).

Trivia (8)

  • Monica and Chandler have a yellow Kitchen Aid mixer which can be seen on the kitchen counter. They received the exact same yellow mixer as a wedding gift which can be seen on the floor when chandler comes home and notices all the opened gifts. The camera then flashes to the counter where the same mixer can be seen.

  • Goof: When Phoebe is talking to Rachel in Central Perk, she rips her Band-Aid off from her right arm. However, in the next scene, when Joey proposes to her, she has the Band-Aid on again.

  • Goof: Rachel's hair is over an inch longer in this episode than it was the morning of Monica and Chandler's wedding. This episode is supposed to take place the next day.

  • Continuity: Joey's age is not consistent. In "The One with the Birth" (1995) Joey says he is 25. "The One Where Joey Moves Out" (1996) Joey says he is 28. In "The One with the Red Sweater" (2001) Chandler says Joey is 32.

  • Continuity: Last season in "The One with the Engagement Picture" Chandler isn't able to make a normal face if a camera is in front of him. But in this episode he has no problems standing in front of a camera.

  • Goof: When Rachel walks into Central Perk and finds Tag, she sets her purse down on the table. After the camera angle changes a few times, she sets her purse down again.

  • Goof: Chandler isn't wearing a wedding ring.

  • Goof: The scene where Monica is opening the gifts without Chandler. The big box with the flower type wrapping paper she sits on the couch to open. She halfway rips the paper off when Joey walks in. Every time the camera is switching between characters, we see the box wrapped, unwrapped, wrapped again, partially unwrapped and unwrapped to different degrees. It's really obvious because in some parts you see the brown box and in others you see the wrapping paper.

Allusions (3)

  • Chandler: Who are you, Ansel Adams? Get outta here! Ansel Adams was an American photographer, known for his black and white photos of the Yosemite Valley.

  • Phoebe: You're like Ed McMahon, except without the big check. Ed McMahon, the presenter for the American Family Publishing Sweepstakes, is famous for knocking on people's doors and giving them a rather large surprise check.

  • Rachel: And we did not watch Dr. Do Me A Little! The title of the porn film that Joey ordered was a parody of the movie Dr. Dolittle with Eddie Murphy.