The One with the Stain

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  • 9.5

    i watched this episode and wanted to share with people what the dutch people are saying. (btw simpfan, its not norwegian, its dutch ^^)

    By joranjopietje, Mar 24, 2011

    i love this episode, and the dutch parts are realy funny :P, for the people who wanna know the translation here it is:

    with woman @ doorpost

    zeer vereerd een vriend van mijn moeder te ontmoeten = im honourd to meet a friend of my mother's.

    with gunther:

    bedankt voor de koffie = thanks for the coffee

    jij spreekt nederlands? = do you speak dutch?

    dat is te gek = that is awesome

    heb je familie daar? = do you have family their?

    ezel! = donkey

    jij hebt seks met ezels = you have sex with donkeys

    i know its not realy an review just wanted to share the information :P (btw sorry if my spelling is off on some words, i kinda suck at spelling)moreless

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    By simpfan90210, May 05, 2007

    Chandler hires a maid, whom Monica suspects is stealing her clothing asshe has a stain in the same piece and also the same bra. Eric has broken up with Ursula and is ready to date Phoebe, except for one problem: he can't look at her without seeing Ursula and it doesent work out. Ross tries to get Rachel an apartment in his building, but the woman living there isn't in a hurry to die so ross tries to get the family over on his side by gunther teaching him norwegian ithink, and Joey wants Rachel to stay with him and succeeds with it.moreless

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  • 8.6

    Phoebe and Eric.

    By Black_Grace, May 03, 2007

    Good episode. More Phoebe and Eric. I wish she didn't blow him off so quick even though what he said before about Ursala's face and looking at her but it got better. Monica should of just let that go. The maid was like what the hell?! First Monica in between her legs then Chandler bending down looking at her!! She sure left quick!

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  • 9.0

    Is she stealing from me? Is she not stealing from me?

    By LiamBolton, Mar 22, 2006

    We've known from the beginning that Monica is an obsessive character by nature, but when Chandler hires a made to do some work around the house - things start to get ugly. Monica believes she has stolen various items of clothing - which, ironically she hasn't.

    There are various clever bits in this episode that tell us a lot about the relationship that Monica and Chandler share - and what they are willing to do for eachother.

    Just your typical, funny episode of Friends.moreless

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