The One with the Stripper

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  • 9.2

    Great episode!

    By Black_Grace, May 03, 2007

    Great episode! I laughed so much during the part with Rachel's dad coming into Ross' apartment with Mono there and yelling at him and Mono and complaing about not marrying her and knocking her up. Mono was shocked but at the end she did stay with Ross even thought he is having a baby with Rachel.

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  • 9.5

    A great episode directed by David Schwimmer (Ross)

    By LiamBolton, Mar 22, 2006

    We meet an old rather un-friendly character once again in this episode - Rachel's dad. Who manages to call Phoebe a lesbian and almost break up Mona and Ross within half an hour.

    Monica, feeling sorry that Chandler did not get a bachelor party arranger a stripper for their anniversary present, but in an unfortunate mix up, accidentaly sends Chandler a hooker.

    Barrels of laughs.

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