The One with the Tiny T-Shirt

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  • Chandler: I can blow dry it. I can put gel on it. It doesn't matter, I still wind up with this little cowlicky thing on the middle part of my head. It's so annoying. Does it bug you? Ross: You bug me.

  • Ross: You, ah, wanted to see me? Rachel: Yeah. Ah, here's a box of your stuff. Ross: What? Rachel: Oh, ya know, it's just like hats, and a shirt, and CDs, just sort of stuff that you've left here. Ross: What are you doing? Are you trying to hurt me or something? Rachel: No. Ross, it, it just seems that ya know, it's time we, we ya know, move on.

  • Phoebe: Wow! I cannot believe Mark asked you out. Rachel: I know. Phoebe: What, so what are you gonna tell him? Rachel: Well, I told him I would think about it, but I'm gonna tell him no. Phoebe: Huh. Rachel: I mean I think I'd say no to anybody right now. Oh, but it was so strange. I mean I'm standing there with this charming, cute guy, who's asking me to go out with him, which I'm allowed to do, and I felt guilty. Ya know, like I'd be cheating on Ross or something. Phoebe: Wow. So, okay, maybe that means that you're not over Ross yet and you have issues with your father. Rachel: I don't have any issues with my father. Phoebe: Okay, so it's probably just the Ross thing then.

  • Kate: Hi. Joey: Oh, so you're playing Adrienne, huh? Kate: Yes. Are you one of the retarded cousins? Joey: Oh, no. Ah, I'm playing your husband, Victor. I'm Joey Tribbiani. Kate: Hi, nice to meet you. Kate Miller. Joey: So the, ah, play's pretty great, huh? Kate: Oh, yeah. I love Jennifer Van Murray's work. She's so brilliantly incisive when it comes to deconstructing the psyche of the American middle class. Joey: Oh, forget about it. She rocks!

  • Ross: (About Mark) I knew it. I knew it. I always knew she liked him. You know, she'd say no, but here we are, right? We just broke up, first thing she does! Chandler: You didn't just break up. Ross: Hey, it's been, like, three weeks! Chandler: You slept with somebody three hours after you thought you broke up. I mean, bullets have left guns slower.

  • Ross: Well, maybe the crazy fog has lifted and she realizes that life without me... sucks. Chandler: It's possible. You are very lovable. I'd miss you if I broke up with you. Just trying to be supportive. Ross: Then be supportive like a guy. Chandler: (In a deeper voice) If I broke up with you, I'd miss you.

  • Monica: I gave you a key for emergencies. Phoebe: We were out of Doritos.

  • Ross: (Eavesdropping on Rachel and Mark) The door's closed! I can't see anything with the door closed! Chandler: And the inventor of the door rests happily in his grave.

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Notes (4)

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Těsné tričko (Tight T-Shirt)

  • This is the first appearance of Reg Roger as the Director. The Director was in 3 episodes of Friends.

  • This is the first appearance of Dina Meyer as Kate Miller. Kate was in 3 episodes of Friends.

  • This episode runs 23:41 on DVD (a typical sitcom runs about 22:00).

Trivia (10)

  • Continuity: When Joey first meets Kate Miller, she mentions condescendingly that, as a "soap actor" it must be exciting for him to have a part in a "real" play. But a few episodes later, in "The One with the Dollhouse," she laments the fact that she gave up a part on a soap to do the play, which has not been favorably reviewed. Why would she be so demeaning about Joey's part as Dr. Drake Ramoray when she had the opportunity to be on a soap opera, too?

  • Trivia: Kate mentions seeing Joey in a milk infomercial. This is a reference to "The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel."

  • Trivia: Monica mentions she has bad taste in men. They are either too old , too young, or a jerk like Julio. "Too old" she is referring to Richard (played by Tom Selleck in various episodes). "Too young" she is referring to Ethan from "The One with the Ick Factor." Julio is referring to "The One with all the Jealousy."

  • Goof: When Ross is looking through the peep hole in Chandler and Joey's apartment waiting for Rachel and Mark to arrive, his red undershirt is sticking out from under his sweatshirt. When the camera angle changes, his undershirt keeps switching from tucked in to sticking out throughout the scene.

  • Goof: When Mark is telling Rachel they should get back at Ross right there on the couch, Rachel's hands go in a instant from on her chest to down her sides.

  • Goof: When Joey says "Pete Chicago", there is a green cup on the table next to him. In the shot immediately after that, he is holding it down in front of himself.

  • Goof: When Joey and Kate are talking for the first time, a man walks behind Joey and sets down a chair. In the next shot the man sets the chair down again.

  • Goof: When Joey and Kate are talking for the first time, Joey is holding a mug. Between shots, sometimes he is holding the mug by the handle and sometimes by the mug, with the handle sticking out.

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Allusions (7)

  • Phoebe: Why isn't it "Spiderman"? You know? Like Goldman, or Silverman? Spider-Man, also known as Peter Parker, is a fictional Marvel Comics superhero created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Spider-Man was adapted into a 2002 film starring Tobey Maguire.

  • Joey: Just because she went to Yale Drama, she thinks she's, like, the greatest actress since, since sliced bread.
    Chandler: Ah, Sliced Bread. A wonderful Lady Macbeth.
    Joey: Oh, I hate her with her, "Oh I'm so talented, and ooh I'm so pretty and oooh I smell so good."
    Chandler: I think somebody has a crush on somebody!
    Joey: Chandler, can we please stay focused on my problem here?
    Chandler: I'm talking about you, you big, big freak!

    Lady Macbeth is the name of a fictional character in William Shakespeare's play Macbeth, based on the historical Scottish queen. The play has been adapted into several films including the 1948 film Macbeth directed by Orson Welles and the 1970 film Macbeth directed by Roman Polanski.

  • Pete: I know I'm no Jon Bon Jovi. Jon Bon Jovi is an American musician, actor, and lead singer of the band, Bon Jovi.

  • Kate: Where do I know you from? Joey: Dr. Drake Ramoray? Days of our Lives? Voted most datable neurosurgeon by Teen Beat? Teen Beat is an American magazine that is geared towards teenage readers.

  • Monica: I mean, in every other way he's the perfect guy. He has everything. Plus he actually has everything. Chandler: Life sized Imperial stormtroopers from Sharper Image? Monica: Two. Chandler: Wow. Can Joey and I put them on and fight? Imperial stormtroopers are trained shock troops in the Star Wars universe under command of the Galactic Empire. They were popularized after the first movie in the popular series Star Wars.

  • Printed on the tiny t-shirt are the words "FRANKIE SAY RELAX." "Relax" is a famous song from the 80s, performed by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

  • Chandler: Yeah. Either that or Gloria Estefan was right, eventually, the rhythm is going to get you. Reference to Gloria Estefan's song "The Rhythm is Gonna Get You"