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    A clever title goes here!

    By christinekill, Dec 20, 2012

    wait a minute! how is this a big revelation? Monica knocked on the door and said "is Joey here?" It was perfectly obvious that she was looking for Joey. Am I missing something?

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    Rachel bonds with Ben.

    By Canogaparkcindy, Jul 25, 2009

    The B plot I like the most, Rachel tells Ben naughty things. While she is babysitting, she teaches him pranks, bad words, & the past about Ross. I like how Rachel visits Susan & Carol, & Ben starts copying her, then she says damn, then she says crap & he repeats, that part is hilarious! I also like how Ben & Ross get back at Rachel, she totally freaked, that was an amazing plot. The A plot was just as good, Chandler finds out that Monica meant to sleep with Joey not Chandler. Chandler was not overreacting, he had every right to be mad, that means Monica still had feelings for Joey so that could mean she might have doubts before the wedding, so I don't think Chandler should of let her off so easy. Oh well, still ended perfectly with the Joey & Monica fantasy. I also loved the Phoebe plot. Her freaking over side effects of the pills, is so like Phoebe.moreless

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    "You wanted to sleep with Batman, and instead you had to settle for Robin." - Chandler

    By FriendsSvuLost8, Feb 05, 2008

    We finally find out what exactly happend the famous night Chandler and Monica got together in London.

    It all starts when Chandler and Monica can't find a minister for their wedding. Phoebe's says that you can get ordained on the internet and perform marriages. Joey offers to do it and after some hesitation they agree to it.

    Joey has some trouble with his speech (personally I thought it was a great speech) because he doesn't know how Chandler and Monica got together.

    We flashback to 3 years earlier when a very drunk Monica knocks on Chandler's hotelroom. After some talking Monica sort of jumps on Chandler.. and well we know the rest of the story.

    However it turned out that Monica wasn't looking for Chandler she was looking for Joey (Yeah baby!). Chandler is not happy about this but after a conversation with Joey he sees that there some things in life are more important.

    The Ross/Rachel/Ben story was also nice but not the best thing about this episode.moreless

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    a funny episode

    By simpfan90210, May 05, 2007

    While working on their wedding vows, Monica reveals the truth about her visit to Chandler's room while the group was in London. Meanwhile, Joey gets ordained as a minister through the Internet so he can officiate the wedding and he writes a speech which causes monica to say that she wanted to sleep with joey when they were in london which upsets chandler and they then get back 2 gether and are happy. Rachel teaches Ben a couple pranks while babysitting him which upsets ross and they plan to get their own back on rachael and succseeds. in a rather funny way, and also pheobe becomes the wedding singer.moreless

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    Monica reveals the truth about her visit to Chandler's room while the group was in London. Joey gets ordained as a minister through the Internet so he can officiate the wedding. Rachel teaches Ben a couple pranks while babysitting him.

    By Black_Grace, Apr 17, 2007

    Awesome episode! This was so funny! Rachel and teaching Ben the tricks and Ross not knowing about the face or Carol. I laughed when Ross came to Carol's and Rachel was there in then in the background you hear Ben say crap!! Monica and Joey were so funny. Monica looking for Joey and Joey saying he would say yes and luckly he didn't bring the stripper up. The end was the best part when Ross and Ben trick Rachel but having a dumbie that looks like Ross fall down the stairs and Rachel freaking out and then Ross and Ben run down laughing.moreless

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    While working on their wedding vows, Monica reveals the truth about her visit to Chandler's room while the group was in London.

    By Alias2001, Feb 14, 2007

    This episode was particularly funny. It is also very life changing for Monica and Chandler, and can stop their wedding. We learn that in the Season Four finale, Monica was looking for Joey, not Chandler. This was such an amazing episode. Chandler and Monica decide to still get married though. This episode is definately a series classic. It was just so sad that this had to come up while Monica and Chandler were engaged. This was one amazing flashback episode. It is definately one of the best episodes of them all. This episode was very well written and I got a lot of laughs. It is definately above average.moreless

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    Very funny episode.

    By Tigermex09, Apr 22, 2006

    Monica and Chandler are picking the minister that's going to marry them. Phoebe informs them that anyone canget ordained over the internet and Joey immediately becomes interested with the idea. Monica and Chandler finally cave in and let Joey be their minister. Joey can't exactly find the right words to say. Meanwhile Ross leaves Ben with Rachel who doesn't like the idea at first, but then becomes "fun Aunt Rachel" when she teaches Ben some tricks and pranks to pull on other people. Ross doesn't like pranks and becomes angry with Rachel, but she eventually convinces him to be okay with it. That is untill Ross hears a word that Rachel taught Ben.moreless

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