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    This episode is definitely one of my most favorite of them all. Ross's discovery of his fathering skills and the beautiful beginning of Joey and Phoebe's eternal bonding.

    By stylecutter, Jan 15, 2011

    Its starts with Chandler and Joey spotting 'Phoebe' in some restaurant as a waitress and trying to talk to her, but she somehow seems to be behaving very odd (even for Phoebe's Standards). They find out that she is Ursula,Phoebe's twin. Phoebe hates her and actually has solid grounds for feeling like that.

    Unfortunately, Joey falls for her and they go out. Phoebe knowing her twin too well, tries to dissuade him for dating her, but feels she cannot interfere. Joey, on the other hand falls in love with Ursula and in fact fails to come to Phoebe's birthday, celebrating Ursula's instead. Ross has doubts whether he will be a good father even after assurance from Chandler that he is the most caring person in North America. Marcel is cranky and does something with the remote and the audio on the television get set to Spanish. Rachel tries to remove the lightings put during Christmas which she forgot to and ends up slipping from the balcony and getting injured. Monica and Rachel go to the hospital and meet the future ER Doctors (Clooney and Wyle), and invite them to their place while pretending to be each other (due to Rachel's not so surprising lack of medical insurance).Monica and Rachel hilariously point out each other's flaws and Monica ends up telling a really nasty secret to Rachel's father.

    Ursula dumps Joey (without his knowledge) and Phoebe talks to Ursula to come out clear with him. Ursula then comes and talks sweetly with Joey and makes him understand that they cannot date anymore, and then they kiss. After a few seconds, Joey realizes something is wrong and finds out that it is Phoebe impersonating Ursula to soften the blow, building a strong foundation for their friendship throughout the ten seasons. Marcel swallows the scrabble tiles and chokes, Ross springs up and takes him to hospital and Marcel is okay, with the tiles removed and Chandler hilariously stating he was trying to spell out Monkey.Chandler then points out in a rather emotional moment that Ross did come through for the monkey and thats was very 'dad', and Marcel wakes up and holds Ross's finger making him realize that he is capable of being a great father.

    Not often are there episodes which blend in emotional moments and comic sequences so brilliantly and this definitely ranks up as one of the best episodes.moreless

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    By Sarah_LOST, Oct 12, 2010

    Joey falls for Phoebe's twin sister, Ursula, making Phoebe feel neglected. Meanwhile, Chandler finds himself between a rock and a hard place, when he is told to fire an employee he is attracted to. Ross has doubts about parenthood when he attends Lamaze classes with Carol and Susan. Meanwhile, Monica tries to fix her TV after Marcel puts the TV on "SAP" function, which she can't turn off. Ursula dumps Joey, but doesn't plan to tell him, so Phoebe disguises herself as her twin sister to dump Joey and make sure he doesn't get hurt. After weeks of procrastinating, Rachel finally takes down the Christmas lights on their balcony, only to fall off the balcony and sprain her ankle. At the hospital, Rachel - who has no health insurance - cajoles Monica into trading identities so she can use Monica's coverage. The girls end up trying to date two cute doctors (characters from the show ER, one played by George Clooney the other Played by Noah Wyle). Ross doubts that he will ever feel like a father. Chandler gets stuck with the task of removing the "SAP" function from Monica's TV. Part two of the last episode, which was a really awesome episode. Tut, tut, tut at Joey! Ross is getting all worried about the baby and him being a dad, which is soon. Yumm docters, so funny what happens to Monica and Rachel - legends! Surpise party for Phoebe was so funny, Ross is a legend. Oh and it's so cute whay Phoebe does for Joey or tries - at the point they kiss I always wanted them to be together, for a while at least!moreless

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    Joey & Phoebe kiss.

    By Canogaparkcindy, May 16, 2009

    The part in which Ursula breaks up with Joey without letting him know. Now we get to see Ursula's true colors. I think Joey was really mean to Phoebe and then Phoebe ends up pretending to be Ursula so Joey wont be heartbroken. And they kiss! Poor Marcel swallowed scrabble pieces. He looked so cute laying in the hospital bed. Now Ross is ready to be a dad, since he has had a connection with a monkey. That part didn't make sense. Monica & Rachel try out insurance fraud. I like how every time they said Rachel, Rachel answered when Monica was supposed to answer. And George Clooney guest stars!moreless

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    really shows the connection between joey and pheebs

    By joeylovesjam, Jul 31, 2008

    i love this episode . it really shows a great connection of joey and pheebs and how much phoebe really means to joey as a good friend . the monica and rachel plot was a little weak but pulled strong in the end . and i also love the ross part of this episode , and really seeing him progress as a dad . it gives me the chills of happyness when i see marcell grab one of ross' fingers and squeezes it . definetely one of the most cherished moments/episodes on friends, and season one alone . a very special and fantastic episode.moreless

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    All right

    By chocoholic411, Mar 01, 2008

    Well, this is a two part episode and although its first part was not too good, this improves but not by much. It really overemphazises Joey's dumbness when he mets Ursula and can't see the similarity between her and Phoebe (their twins!!) and also he doesn't realise that Phoebe and Ursula's birthday is the same. With Joey going out with Ursula, Phoebe starts to feel neglected and think that Joey will pick Ursula over her. In the end though, Joey is dumped by Ursula after just one date and its up to Phoebe to comfort him... 'Pheebs??'. Also, Rachel gets injured taking down the christmas lights and doesn't have any insurance so has to 'borrow' Monica's!!moreless

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    Great episode for season 1.

    By SHUCKLEMAN, Jan 27, 2008

    Considering this is season 1, this is very good. The name mixing up is fantatsic, especially when Monica and Rachel are dating the two docters, and they get angry with each other, and take everything a tad too far. It's also very funny when Chandler, Monica, Rachel and Ross all meet in the hospital, because Monica wants to change the forms and Marcel swallowed a 'K'. Their faces when they see each other is very funny. The Joey and Phoebe storyline is great. It shows the begginning of their wonderful relationship in the seasons to come.

    Overall, an extremely good episode.moreless

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    "Happy Birthday Peehe."

    By Monica-Geller, May 02, 2007

    After weeks of procrastinating, Rachel finally takes down the Christmas light on their balcony, but she falls off and sprains her ankle causing her to go to to the emergency romm. There she finds out she need insurance but doesn't have any so she pretends she's monica so she can use her's. While at the hospital they met two cute cute doctors (George Cluney and Noah Wylie) and ask them out. Monica is worried that someone is going to find out what they did.

    Joey is still dating Ursula but she talking to him. To make him feel better Phoebe pretends she's Ursula to break up with him.moreless

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    By Andrew0000, Mar 30, 2007

    A great Storyline and a really entertaining episode with great amouns of humour, and several funny and enjoyable parts! A definate must see episode if you are in the mood for a laugh! Brilliant! A great Storyline and a really entertaining episode with great amouns of humour, and several funny and enjoyable parts! A definate must see episode if you are in the mood for a laugh! Brilliant! A great Storyline and a really entertaining episode with great amouns of humour, and several funny and enjoyable parts! A definate must see episode if you are in the mood for a laugh! Brilliant!moreless

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    Great Episode!

    By StarbucksAddict, Jan 23, 2007

    This was a great Episode and I Just LOVED Seeing George Clooney & Noah Wyle Make a guest Apperances As Doctors in this episode and Ironicly enough After theire Cameo's here They Got to be Doctors again in a Lil Show called "ER"! How Great is that?! :D

    I Really liked this Episode too I wish I Had Friends On DVD :(

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