A New Day in the Old Town

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  • 9.5

    think outside the box...

    By tykarri, Jul 23, 2013

    I've just gotten into fringe... sadly after it has ended.

    But with this episode (which I thought was fantastic) I have to ask all the critics of the final scene...

    did the real Charlie actually shoot the shapeshifter as you are all assuming? everyone is complaining that there wasn't enough time to do everything.

    well I posit that the real Charlie was overpowered without firing the shots. (we never saw him shoot, just heard, like the others)

    so shapeshifter Charlie does his business, hides the real Charlie and then shoots real nurse's body that was hidden from earlier to bring the others running...moreless

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  • 9.0

    A New Day in the Old Town

    By arkanitoo, Jul 16, 2012

    New day, new season. In this universe and another. And if Olivia (Anna Torv) was appalled at the top of this revelation, we were left hanging. In time and space, inside the tank, sleeping on the speculation of the future, science being a fan. Well, we can disconnect the wires and connect to reality, we are back to "Fringe."

    And nothing better to dismantle this return in questions and answers:

    What happened to Olivia after coming to the window of one of the towers of the World Trade Center's parallel universe?

    We do not know. Contrary to expectations, the episode kicks off with a freak accident, a fugitive who changes shape and Olivia violently that appears out of nowhere. Strange, rough and puzzling. Best start was difficult. Not only says that the conversation between the protagonist and Bell (Nimoy Leoanrd) will get to later (cleverly holding the mystery) and gave us an excellent way to meet and bizarre one (possible) villains.

    And who is this shapeshifter?

    Ui, tough question. Let's start with certainty: the time the typewriter was a highlight of the episode. The secretary, the machine and the mirror. The dark, moist, where two populations are in contact with each other. These are small details that go emphasizing mythology and cementing an increasingly strong. He is a soldier and had as its mission to prevent the meeting between Olivia and Bell. How could not he received new orders: to know what was said at that meeting and eliminate the beautiful FBI agent. Can not even one thing, because it is amnestic or another, because she is the protagonist, but it is what is the big "surprise" of the episode.

    What a surprise is this?

    Well, here is what I regret to read news. To all who knew Kirk Acevedo output of the series, this twist had no impact. At least for me. The blame is not on who built the scene is maybe more. As soon as I heard the shot out of sight I saw there was scheme and was there the eject button on the agent Charlie series. After all, this conversion of the official villain is certainly a bold choice - if the "House" Charlie was killed early in the morning and only saw him the trotters - and interestingly enough, that will provide for a time the agitation the plot.

    Who will replace Charlie?

    The Agent Jessup (Meghan Markle). Appears in the initial crash and start digging until you get to the Fringe Division. All this interest is not only strange how sudden. Was inserted within the research, gaining the confidence of all, very quickly. It is too early to conclude to be whatever is on this character, so let's stick with the statement: it is beautiful, she is agile and she is mysterious, most do not know.

    The Fringe Division will close?

    No. Does it still put the hypothesis to continue but with new leadership (Massive Dynamics?). However, Peter (Joshua Jackson) can help Philiph (Lance Reddick) and hands him one device that allows change shape in order to deliver this to the Council a physical proof that the division operates. The kiss between him and Nina (Blair Brown) was weird, raising more question and designing a more bizarre moment.

    And the Easter eggs?

    The Watcher in the first minute and "Files" to give television shortly thereafter.

    "Fringe" is back. Although we know that Olivia could not die, that Charlie had an exit visa stamped and that the division had to stand up, I was very genica the episode told us the "how." And he told it as only this universe can count. With new characters, new mysteries and all mythology. "Fringe" as told here is back!moreless

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  • 9.5

    Best episode yet for me

    By dreamgoat, Jan 26, 2012

    This show is what I was hoping for when I said team work. I saw a lot of it in this episode when they try to stop fringe division from closing, and also another side of Peter more confident and starting to believe in what he's doing. Now there is complete trust between the team and that's what I wanted to see. Sad what has happen to the agent, but like I said before we didn't even know much about him, his lost should have been deeper felt, but still very sad because his connection with his wife. Still we need more incite into the characters to get a stronger bond its getting there step by stepmoreless

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  • 9.5

    The return of this mysterious show with an episode full of suspanse..and a goof.

    By sickbay, Nov 27, 2011

    It was really , really fascinating how this episode unfolded introducing new charachters - agent jessup and the soldier from other world - and signaling a new development in the Fringe division. They're getting ready for war as far as i can see.Maybe not this seson..but in the next..I do hope mr JJ has it all planned and doesn't go by the ear because it could ruin a potentially amazing developemnt. I still trust in his magic though.

    Now on with the goof: maybe it's just me but how did the Soldier get the body of that nurse there in order to be shot by fake-charlie?! did they analyze the nurse then? isn't she supposed to have different characteristics?! after all ..is a thing from other universe non necessary human [ or totally human ].

    For me, while interesting, the whole charlie thing makes no sense. when did he have time to bring the body of the nurse [ which was left somehwere at the entrance after he changed her OR did he bring her there forseeing what did come?!-unlikely ]- change into charlie AND close charlie's body?!

    isn't that too much in such a short time-span?

    i'm sorry. i'm not convinced.

    and i'm also pissed that they killed charlie. i think it was really a charachter that made the connection with reality as we know it. the last one of them maybe..moreless

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  • 7.5

    Would you eat something from Walters lab?

    By becksdakex, Sep 26, 2011

    I wouldn't! Its so funny and disgusting seeing Walter perform an autopsy and licking a lollipop at the same time, touching everything.

    This episode was good but not great, the story was exciting but filled with too manyplot holesand confusing parts.

    Liked how they tricked us last episode, thinking Olivia avoided the car crash and switched universes in the elevator. That's why we saw people in the elevator, she switched back and forth super fast. It doesn't explain how she wound up being in one of the twin towers though and why she suddenly got back in her car, crashing out the window, where did the time go? Maybe I think of this the wrong way, hope to get a goodexplanation when the Fringe's have thought on this for a while.

    It was so sad seeing Olivia almost dead even though I knew she wouldn't die. Walter was so upset, I'm verydisappointed that we didn't see his or the rest of the cast big relief when she came back. It's a miracle, I want a big reaction next time.

    The Shapeshifter is a great new storyline for the show but once again I'mdisappointed with the writers. The first time we see him shift, he has to make himself look like some sort of vampire from Buffy before he changes form, it seems like he need a few minutes to get it done. Later he does the same trick in seconds, clothes and everything (how can clothes change, they don't belong to the body?). And what about the bodies? I guess somehow, the Shifter was very lucky that Charlie found him in the room that he must have hid the real nurse in before. I'm very confused about this.

    I feel so sorry for Charlie, monster attack and now this. I'm gonna miss him, he was such a good friend to Olivia and one of the good guys. Interesting to see him act as the Shifter though, wonder how long he can keep it up!?


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  • 10

    Probably Fringe's best episode.

    By _Leslie_, Jun 29, 2011

    I've to admit that I just finished watching the first season, but I do believe this episode is the best of 'em all so far. Unlike this one, all of the 1st season episodes seemed so predictable and not that gripping. There was always something lacking, but this season starter was a real mind bender. Yup, some action at last - and I don't mean the guns, chasing and dead people - we get to see that all the time, but now ...we finally saw some development in the storyline. In order to understand why does the Fringe division exist - you've watch this episode. Peter Bishop's greek totally sucked, I barely understood what he said, but that little line was another cross-reference to what there is to come in the series.moreless

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  • 9.0

    This season premiere was exactly that I could expect from a show like Fringe.

    By Dante_Edy, May 16, 2011

    Presentation Phase - » (10/10) could be a better way to start the premiere? I do not think so, this was simply excellent;

    Complication Phase - » (8/10) as predicted, Olivia doesn´t remember what happened before she was tossed, she remains in the hospital and there a part that could make some people that Olivia was done, the villain was strange, nothing different, the patterns of investigation was good as usual, the new character was introduced and works not only as a replacement, but to ask for explanations, for the audience that is fresh to this show;

    Climax Phase - » (9/10) the climax was surprising because I think was very hard to predict that one character would eventually die;

    Ending - » (9/10) Was predictable for some part of the audience like me, but turn things in a new level, made me want to see more;

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (9/10) The necessary progress was made, Olivia is back, one character is death and a new villain that seems hard to kill;

    Time and Scene Management - » (10/10) Didn´t notice fillers;

    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10) fine for now, ok, maybe it is strange Olivia sudden loss of memory, but this is a show where there are many questions to be answered;

    Suspense/Tension - » (8/10) we had some parts with enough tension, but could be even better;

    Drama - » (8/10) wasn´t the top drama, but was fine for the type of episode;

    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (10/10) This episode is full of surprises, since Olivia appearance, one romance revealed and one death by the end of the episode.

    This season premiere was exactly that I could expect from a show like Fringe.moreless

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  • 8.7

    Awesome way to start things.

    By thefanof, Nov 14, 2010

    While I will not say that Fringe > Lost, this was a Lost-quality season premiere where your jaw just drops and you are left asking, "What!!!???"

    True, some of the events such as Charlie's body being taken over, the nurse being the interrogator and Olivia coming back to life when Peter was bedside were predictable, it was still great sci-fi writing by the sci-fi king JJ Abrams. This is how you write for the genre, take note Joss Whedon.

    I was watching the show with three other people, one a die-hard Fringe fan and the other two had never seen or heard of the show before. Needless to say all four of us were hooked from start to end credits. While the move to Thursdays might be risky, it does open the door to some people who may not have not about the show on Tuesdays or to a new demographic in Bones fans.

    We are only one episode in, and last year's series premiere was great as well, but I have a feeling this is going to be a fun year for Fringe.moreless

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  • 10

    This is how you start a season!

    By seikhoqueen, Nov 14, 2010

    It was quite a ride from beginning to end. Totally worth waiting a whole summer for! I absolutely loved it. I like how they addressed a couple of the mysteries from last season and added more than a few to this season as well as mapping out the direction for what's going to happen with Fringe this year. I also like how the characters seem to be developing. Walter's still as kooky as ever, able to alternate between directing Astrid on how to make custard while doing an autopsy, Broyles strange connection with Nina Sharpe and her implications on his character, Olivia breaking down only to get stronger as she becomes an unwitting piece in a war they're only just beginning to scratch the surface on, and best of all Peter. Peter is starting to emerge more as a force in the division. He's no longer just his father's babysitter and junior scientist. I like that he's beginning to take a more active role in the division and the lead that he took in this episode when Olivia and Broyles were unable to do much. Peter in fact saved Fringe and I loved his take charge attitude. There also seemed to be a more pronounced chemistry between he and Olivia. The only minor, and by minor I mean teensy tiny little nitpicky detail that slightly irritated me. When Peter ran off after the shapeshifter, he didn't have a weapon so...how was he supposed to stop it? The female agent already tried shooting it and it didn't work, so what was Peter going to do? Cut it with his scathing cynical comments? Shoot it down with sarcasm? Least he could do was grab the gun that Olivia dropped and try to shoot it in the head.

    To me that little pea in the mattress was the only detraction in one heck of a fun episode. Bring on the rest of the season!moreless

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