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    Haha... Walter the Chimp!!

    By chrisalpha, Oct 01, 2013

    The scene where starts showing signs of being a chimp really was hilarious.

    His yawn like that of a chimp and his banana craving was probably the most hilarious i`v seen on fringe...

    well done walter!!

    And also Astrid for holding her laugh... :P

    and yea nice episode too :)

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    Peter says "I AM ROGUE!!!!"

    By dreamgoat, Feb 01, 2012

    LOL peter went rogue killing and hunting down shapeshifters, that was awesome. Everyone seems worried about Peter, Walter believes the sudden change is because he was in an relationship with bolivia that she has weaponize her. I think it has something to do with that machine he looked at towards the end, could be anyone guess best thing this keep me guessing which is great. Can't wait for next episode this one was awesome. I'M ROGUE!!!

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    By nycand101, Aug 19, 2011

    This us the best episode of Fringe so far. Perhaps I should explain my reasoning.

    At Massive Dynamic, Walter has a serious concern for Peter. HE SHOULD. Walternate's blueprints matched up with Peter. That triggered Thomas Newton to reunite Peter with his father so he could destroy this side in "Northwest Passage". In "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?", he is finally dead. He was the worst shape shifter of all. This episode focuses on shape shifting, too, like "A New Day in the Old Town", "Night of Desirable Objects", "Momentum Deferred", "Earthling", "Grey Matters", "The Man from the Other Side", "Northwest Passage" "Olivia", "The Box", "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?", "6955 kHz", & "Entrada". In this episode, a shape shifter is found dead in a lake. Looks like it's a shape shifter killer. But who is it? Watch Fringe to find out.

    So, you see, this is so good this episode. There could be another episode that beats it, but this is the best. So, I guess it's the right time to say "the end".moreless

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  • 9.5

    another thing that makes this an ubber addictive show

    By rem1973, Jun 01, 2011

    again Walter is a cracking riot inducing laugh, what an actor!!! also in other things, i love how the relationship between olivia and peter is being develop, and that "other" side of peter, plus the subsequent cover-up by walter is going to be something to watch. another question arises, what is making this WMD turn on and off, what is inside of peter that is making this machine to activate. also, would have been the DR covering up something. something that could be in the hands of nina?? questions and more questions and this show is getting better!!!! all i can say is that fringe is getting so addictive!!!moreless

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    Ghost in the machine

    By entil2001, Apr 03, 2011

    The third season of "Fringe" has been all about embracing the mythology more and more, and this episode continues along that trend. This episode introduced a few unexpected wrinkles that ought to have some massive repercussions for the future of the team.

    Peter's reaction to proximity to the Vacuum (the big machine) is quite interesting, and not just because it builds on the suggestion that the machine itself is some kind of advanced organic technology. If the Olivia switching didn't do enough to challenge the team dynamic, Peter's personality conversion truly threatens to undermine it. For all that Peter has been trying to convince Olivia that he was really in love with her, and not her counterpart, Olivia may have to deal with a Peter that is no longer himself.

    Of course, there's also the small matter of Fauxlivia's journal. (And I am pleased to see "Fauxlivia" as canon!) The characters all make a convincing argument for reading the journal with respect to the case, but they (and we) are a lot more interested in what it can reveal about Fauxlivia, her resonance with Olivia, and what that implies for the relationships in both universes. Hopefully this source of intel will not simply disappear!

    In discussing this episode (and the previous one) with fellow fans, it occurred to me that the writers may be setting up the audience with some thrilling misdirection. The Vacuum has the power to destroy both universes, and yet, thus far, the Observers have done nothing to prevent its construction in either Fringe Prime or Alt-Fringe. Instead, while they seem dedicated to repairing the damage caused by Walter's actions in the past, they are intent on allowing (and even fostering) Peter's use of the Vacuum in Fringe Prime.

    Taking into account the speculation that the Observers are related in some way to the First People, either the Observers believe that the Vacuum is going to repair the damage done or they have far more sinister goals than previously indicated. One might even speculate that the presence of the First People in both universes, and the lack of evidence of other universes beyond Fringe Prime and Alt-Fringe, might point to the Observers trying to repair something the First People did to create both universes in the first place!

    That may be taking too much of a reductionist view on the plot elements thus far, but I would wager that the writers are doing their best to keep the series' mythology within relatively well-controlled limits at this point. As I've said before, these are the same people who worked on "Alias", and they have first-hand knowledge of how a complex mythology can get out of control.

    This is why, despite the speculation on the mythology, I started the commentary on the character implications. Because what undermined "Alias" was the growing gap between the plot and the characters. Too many character choices were dictated by plot demands. "Fringe" is using the plot to challenge and reveal aspects of the core characters, and that is why it is succeeding.moreless

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  • 7.7


    By thefanof, Mar 31, 2011

    Fringe has really taken over Friday nights. The show which had been struggling to reallly get back on track this season has found its groove in a big way with yet another strong episode here. The return of the shapeshifters is about as good as you can ask for, and we had an exhilirating thrill ride of a show to go along with. Peter is changing, and that should be fun to keep your eye on, but they let Walter be his usually insane self, and the comedy definitely helps this show.

    Great Fringe tonight. Hopefully its enough for FOX to give it a season four.moreless

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    Chimp Walter and the unexpected serial killer

    By Lccf, Feb 27, 2011

    You can't blame the writers for not constantly trying to redefine the relations between the main characters on the show ( which is, in my opinion, one of its main components ). We've seen Walter, and then Walter and Olivia, try to keep a secret from Peter, "Olivia" try to keep a secret from Peter and Walter, and now, Walter and Peter are keeping a secret from Olivia. Repetitive ? Yes and no, and at least, the cards are shuffled again. So far, I'm digging the new, darker Peter, and I think ( I hope ) his new behavior is caused by the psychological "blows" he has suffered lately rather than the machine itself. I mean, the guy hasn't really caught a break since "Man from the other side", if you think about it ! First, you learn that you're not from here, then, that your real father wants to use you as a weapon, probably killing you in the process ... and then, the woman you fall in love with turns out to be a spy ! It's more than enough to turn anyone into a psycho ! And in hindsight, you could say he began his killing spree at the station in "Entrada", under the shock of Bolivia's betrayal, even if he was pushed by the circumstances back then. I also liked the fact that he genuinely opened up to Olivia, almost crying when she forgave him. If I have something to complain about here, it's that we haven't learned much about the machine. But there are so many threads - the machine, the First People, Walter's quest to regrow his brain, Punisher Peter - that, at least, we can expect the payoff to be huge ( no wonder the writers have said they couldn't close Fringe properly if there's no season 4 ! ).moreless

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    Torn apart and excited at the same time...

    By idlescribe, Feb 06, 2011

    It was bound to happen. This is the first episode of this fantastic ongoing season of Fringe about which my heart and my mind quietly disagree.

    My mind understands the need to move ahead, move toward the bigger picture, and can't wait to see more of the machine and its effects on Peter as well as their role in the impending doomsday scenario.

    My heart on the other hand feels for Olivia, yes Olivia and not Peter. You see, at the beginning of the Olivias-switch there was a very short period during which I was uneasy. It was short because there were two Olivias so I could comfortably dislike the other one - which I ultimately failed to do, but also the other side was so riveting that I had no choice but to like the whole arc and feel for everyone except Walternate...

    Now there is only one Peter, our Peter, and as if the switch wasn't enough, the unsuspecting Olivia might be for some time deceived by the 'affected' Peter. I will admit however that when one comes down to it, this is a brilliant twist putting her in a situation similar to Peter's a few weeks ago.

    This episode, despite having me all torn, was good. I like the way Fringe writers build up their story. You can enjoy it even when you see what's coming. Most of us guessed Peter was the one before actually seeing him in action.

    I liked how the episode moved the season arc forward as fast as a show like this can afford. Remember that Fauxlivia left our side only 3 episodes ago. I also thoroughly enjoyed how they used her notes to help Olivia in her healing process, help her see that she wasn't the only one abused. Only, now that she is almost there, they had to cruelly drive another wedge between our would-be lovers.

    You will understand why at this point, I feel like a kid about to try a roller coaster for the first time. I am somewhat scared, but the attraction is too strong. Plus deep down, I know I am going to enjoy it...moreless

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  • 9.0


    By TrueTvWatcher, Feb 03, 2011

    Reciprocity was a really great episode of Fringe and I suspect it is more important than we know at this time. I thought this episode was interesting because there was a lot of interesting scenes, information, drama, and intrigue. I enjoyed Walter who snorted some DNA Serum from a chimp and thought Faux-Olivia's files were interesting in regards to Peter. The real Olivia was still a little quiet and reserved as she may still be dealing with her own feelings, however it was nice to see she realized she didn't think how it all affected Peter. This episode gave many answers and clues yet leaves us wondering even more. Peter and the Machine share a moment of Reciprocity and Walter suspects this has changed Peter after learning a secret. I hope we get to learn more about the first people, and the ending of this episode only opens up more mystery. I love this show and look forward to watching more!!!!!!!moreless

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