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    The Equation

    By arkanitoo, Jul 16, 2012

    The eighth episode of "Fringe" is distinguished from its predecessors (except "The Arrival") by the ease in which we got involved in the case of the week, due to its credibility, and the return of Walter (John Noble) to house that he met during the last decades, which gives us some scenes far more uncomfortable than any head explode. The problem comes to us in the end, when we want to take away and just take in the carpet under his feet.

    Like "Fringe" will not exactly to do with whether or not to be skeptical about certain subjects out of common sense. There are many other series that explore alternatives to our realities that somehow managed to sell us the concept enabling us that each scene too farfetched, we did not feel the temptation to roll your eyes or simply turn off the television. Some even managed to become a cult phenomenon and 40 minutes per week not to be missed. "Fringe" seems to adopt the same posture, but in my case, I can not put on your pseudoscience or their revolts and fancy hooks that can result in little more than a twitch of discomfort on the couch.

    However, this episode before its end, can carry us to a world we can imagine as ours: we have a sophisticated form of hypnotism (ok, it is accepted), we have a woman who supposedly died in a car accident ten years, but it is alive (instead of the usual ghost a la John Scott, it seems that this time was even a covert death and that the woman was even alive) and have a kid stuck in your imagination (it is much more acceptable than, for example, connecting wires to the brain of a dead person and see what he saw or talk to him or whatever). Only I will not question why is this kid know the formula, it seems that others also knew that somehow, after having been six days in a coma. I will not ask me about it because they simply do not want to know an answer I would bring more than just lack of interest in what happens in this series ...

    To save the kid of evildoers, Walter must return to the site where he spent the last decades of his life in captivity. The burden of dramatic scenes set in a psychiatric hospital, and the reflection of terror in the face of Walter back there, they gave the character more sympathetic than ever. He did not want to return to that place, where his life was withdrawn from him, but put the search and the possibility of salvation for a kid, a stranger, above their fears. On top of that, things did not go for the best and Walter almost found himself trapped again, but never lost the sense of what had taken him there and got the same information I wanted. The scenes shared between John Noble and Randall Duk Kim were superb and the difficulties posed by the character of William Sadler created some tension to leave me to wonder if Walter could really turn it up to that setback. Just did not realize the scenes in which he saw himself.

    As I did not realize that ending. These outcomes are typical in the series of mystery from JJ Abrams. "Alias" had them. "Lost" has them. But "Fringe" can not catch up to either of the two, much less the second, where these mysterious end result and this can only create further confusion and frustration. Mitchell Loeb (Chance Kelly), the character found in the previous episode, being a double agent, reappears. The woman who kidnapped and tortured the kid gives him the formula. He places an apple inside a machine. Both have a dialogue about the properties of numbers, the kind that would leave a book "Physics for Dummies." Connect with it and takes out his club a few seconds later, able to cross the wall of the chest with his hand. He kills his wife (who knows why ...). Connects to someone to say that it worked and ready ... went away. There was a hook that has piqued my interest to continue to monitor what these people go to engender. On the contrary: just gave me even less inclined to see the show.moreless

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    Good Ol' Walter.

    By saleblanc, Aug 14, 2010

    I think one of the things that I love about this episode is that it was a great balance between case and personal. We have an Ben who is suddenly able to play and compose music. But the musical composition is an obsession of both little Ben and a patient at St. Claire's. Walter is willing to see what his friend knows by returning to St. Claire's. It turns our the obsession isn't a pattern, it's an ability. But it's currently in the wrong hands. The wonderful part of this episode is the interaction between Peter and Walter. Peter wanting to protect and care for the man whom is his father. Walter wanting to be the father to Peter that he never had.moreless

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    A show focused on Walter!

    By Nikkles, Aug 14, 2010

    This was a good episode that focused more an Walter. Walter has been doing better lately and this episode really highlights how much healthier Walter is out of the hospital. It also makes you wonder what they do to the patients in that hospital. Walter definitely seems crazier inside the hospital than with Peter. It was also good to see Peter stand up for his father and even respect him a bit for doing something that scared him so badly. Olivia did not have that much to do do in this episode, but the episode still works. We also learn that the doctor at the hospital might make things hard for Peter in the future. Overall, another great episode!moreless

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    I absolutely adore this show and this is most likely my favorite so far!

    By DerickBentham, Aug 14, 2010

    Fringe is a great show because it is so out there and different from other shows on television right now. The Equation is an excellent episode for many reasons. First off, it helped show that waltar genuinely does care about the welfare of others because he sacrifices himself in order to get inside and speak to the man who he believes to have the answer to where the woman took the boy. Another reason it is good is because it helps show that Peter loves and cares for his father. All in all the episode had some excellent character development and told one amazing story.moreless

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    Another good story and more questions posed. Just wanting a bit more from Peter.

    By saturday93, Aug 14, 2010

    This episode encapsulates a lot of what is keeping Fringe great: spooky encounters, good one-liners, and characters that are easy to love. Watching Walter have to go back to the place that may have driven him insane was very interesting and very worrying, and getting a glimpse of his mind's inner workings was great. And again the writers are giving us mysteries with only the barest hint at what it all means... and I'm not frustrated. I'm intrigued.

    I haven't yet missed an episode of Fringe and I'm still excited about where it might be going. I have to grumble about Peter Bishop a bit, though - he was introduced as this brilliant guy who broke a lot of rules and ran around the world making money and being more intelligent than everyone. Now he's comic relief who occasionally gets to add something to an equation. I just feel like the man has to do something heroic (that doesn't involve getting electrocuted and/or tortured) before he loses credibility. As much as I adore funny lab-Peter, I want to see the 190 IQ MIT fraud again.moreless

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    This was one of the better episodes in awhile.

    By DoddsDonnelly, Aug 14, 2010

    I thought that this was a good episode. I like how they had walter go back the mental hospital. I was glad see how much he has changed from the first episode. I dont think that I would have noticed without the comparison at the hospital. I like how they are setting up some drama with the leader of the hospital. The was one of the better episodes in awhile, but i still hope the they add some more crazy effects here soon. The effects are one of the main reasons that I watch the show, and I think that area has been lacking for awhile now.moreless

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  • 9.5

    This was a really good episode with many touching Walter moments.

    By hrgaffney, Aug 14, 2010

    Fringe is one of those shows that has built up the story very gradually and it took a while for me to really get into it. My favourite character is Walter so it was great seeing the development of his character in this episode. The scenes at St Claire's Hospital were particularly moving. It is clear just how much better off he is with Peter than back there. There was nothing about Massive Dynamic this week so I am looking forward to seeing some links there.

    This was probably the best episode of the season so far and well worth a look.moreless

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    great episode and i really felt sad for Walter

    By altaleh, Aug 14, 2010

    what a great episode ... it was really touching .. specially from Walter side .. how he felt when he get back to that filthy place .

    the story was good handled and well written , this show is really something !!!

    Walter really were heart in that place, which gives him an addition to his character in the show, and now we cant wait to see if the manager of the mental institution really want to take Walter from his son

    but we didn't know what the story with the "equation" and what it really do, only go through metal ??moreless

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    A strange woman takes a boy

    By vman85, Aug 14, 2010

    A man and his son are driving on a lonely highway in the rain, when they come across a woman with her broken car. The man stops to help her and, looking under the hood, he sees a green and red flashing light. For him, time jumps forward, and his son and the woman are gone. The trail leads back to the mental institution where Walter had previously resided, and a fellow resident, Dashiell Kim might hold the key to finding the boy and solving the puzzle. Walter gets to Dash and discovers this is exactly what happened to him. After an altercation with Dash, Water is held under Dr. Summer's instruction, before Olivia and Peter use their influence to get Walter out. A chance phone call to Olivia triggers her to investigate an old red fairground attraction near where she's conducting house to house calls. Olivia and Charlie investigate, and immediately split up. Olivia finds the boy but is attacked by the woman, the abductor. She's about to arrest her when the lights flash and Olivia blanks out.moreless

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