Watch the Official Trailer for From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (VIDEO)

By Kaitlin Thomas

Jan 30, 2014

I have a confession to make and it's really going to ruin my street cred, but it's eating away at me and I need to get it off my chest. I've never seen the original From Dusk Till Dawn movie. I know, I should go sit in the corner and think about all the shame I've brought to my family for this ignorance, and I'll do that in just a second, but first: Let's chat about about the official trailer for the upcoming TV adaptation, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.

As someone who has never seen the original Quentin Tarantino film, I think this new series—which premieres March 11 at 9pm on the El Rey Network—looks pretty cool. I don't know the story or the characters (so there's absolutely zero risk of me being let down by unrealized expectations), but here's what I do know: The series is also from Robert Rodriquez, who directed the film, and it's airing on the network that Rodriquez created in 2013. It stars Wilmer Valderrama and some good-looking dudes I don't recognize, and it features both guns and vampires. 

If anything, I'm actually surprised by how much I'm intrigued by this project, considering it's yet another series about the fanged ones, which have pretty much reached a pop culture saturation point. Witches are taking over TV and vampires aren't showing any signs of slowing, but I am drawn to these shows—we all have crosses we must bear—so I'll probably check it out... once I figure out if I even have the El Rey Network (right now, it's available on Comcast, Time Warner, and DirecTV). But for the record: No power on Earth is going to get me to watch Dracula. That's just something I refuse to do.

Will you watch From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series? Does it feel and look similar to the film? On a scale from 1 to 10, how burnt-out are you on vampires?

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  • Eliseer Feb 02, 2014

    Not thrilled with the vampire shtick, as a general rule. That said, Rodriguez is the man, and the fact that this particular vampire mythology is already at least somewhat familiar due to the movie means that it'll probably get the shot that "just another vampire show" would not.

    Don Johnson and Robert Patrick bring some cred to a largely unfamiliar cast. The guy playing Richie (Quentin's character) seems suitably weirdo-creepy, but the guy playing Seth (Cloontang's character) is gonna have a helluva time matching the smooth-creepy vibe of the original.

    From the trailer, it kinda seems like the start of the show is going to be an almost dead on retelling of the way everything started in the movie, with maybe a bit more detail in that initial robbery that went sideways. But I can take that- although clearly we'll see some differences once they get to the Titty Twister- can't kill off EVERYONE at the first stop, right?

    Worth a shot, for sure. Also how cool would it be if Rodriguez could convince Cheech to come back and do another spot as the barker outside the bar? Man that would be sweet...

  • Elerrina Feb 01, 2014

    i'm kinda sick of vamps at the moment. its not so bad when you are seeing the truly old style of vamps, the stuff that makes you look at shadows a different way. i miss that. too many of the vamps these days are the fluffy weird stuff that i can't decide if i want to laugh my ass off at the fact that this is what they think entertains us or upchuck in the trash bin by the couch because its pure sleaze.

    as for this series, i will wait and try it when it comes out on netflix or something... plus i have way too many other show that i know are good to watch, some of which i am behind on by a few seasons. so i think my time will be better spent elsewhere. hopefully it will turn out to be decent and i will be able to enjoy it when i get to it.

  • dazednconfuuzed Jan 31, 2014

    There's a channel called El Rey?? That's kinda boss..

  • Svanehjerte Jan 31, 2014

    And I'm really sick of vampires, they're always done "wrong" these days.

  • Elerrina Feb 01, 2014

    these days vamps are either too powerful to be believable/entertaining, pure sleaze, or they have a bad case of the sparkles :P

  • Svanehjerte Jan 31, 2014

    It could go either way... It doesn't look like there's any good female characters in it though - they're all just poor actress bimbos there to be a pretty face, nude or get killed... I am not a fan of that type of sleaze, so I am unsure about watching it. It looks a little cheap in a way and there's so much else to watch already.

  • Tvking00 Jan 31, 2014

    Looks like it can go either way.

  • LeBuzzE Jan 31, 2014

    sorry but its a Robert Rodriguez movie with Quentin Tarantino acting in it... remember the devil is in the details Kaitlin but yeah looks intriguing and entertaining so yeah I'm gonna add it to the watchlist :)

  • JT_Kirk Jan 31, 2014

    Well, that looked like an overly-serious mess with entirely too little focus on the actual crux, and utterly charisma-free Gecko brothers.

  • ludoTV Jan 31, 2014

    From what I recall From Dusk till Down was a fun somewhat whacky & at the time not unoriginal movie with a cool soundtrack, very Tarantino's 90's fare... Not sure the thin plot can be stretched to the length of a full series but I guess it is worth a try

  • Deuceholedm Jan 31, 2014

    I thought it was very original ..... for the time

  • marcusj1973 Jan 31, 2014

    Dear Sophia Vergara,

    If ever you a second chance to create a show, based in Texas that has a gritty grindhouse type feel to it, watch this and pay attention...there's going to be a test after words.

    Any network willing to give you another shot

    When I first saw the movie...I HATED IT! "This is by the same guy who wrote Reservoir Dogs, Natural Born Killers and Pulp Fiction? What the hell?!?!?" At the time, I didn't realize or understand that Tarantino was the ultimate of movie nerds and that extended to all genres. I also knew little of his protege Rodriguez. Repeated viewings resulted in me liking/appreciating it more and more and it's one of the films where, at the end, I really wanted the story to continue.

    Almost 20 years later, here we are. Given events of the film, I presume this series takes place prior to the brothers walking into The Titty Twister. I'll take a prequel.

    Robert Rodriquez has earned MORE than enough street cred for me to give this series a shot.

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