Full House

Dateless in San Francisco

Season 8, Ep 17, Aired 2/14/95
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  • Episode Description
  • As Danny prepares for his first Valentine's Day with Claire, Becky gets excited about what Jesse will have set up for them this year, but she is disappointed to find that he appears to be losing interest in being the King of Romance he once was. With this exciting day approaching, even Michelle's third grade class gets into the spirit. With their class party coming up, Lisa has the bright idea of pairing all the girls up with the boys, and Michelle and Teddy are placed together. Determined to turn up the heat a little bit, Michelle's efforts to push the romance only end up alienating Teddy. Joey, too, is having some relationship woes of his own; he has received a gift from a secret admirer, but he is afraid that it's from Mrs. Carruthers, the obnoxious woman who can't seem to keep herself away.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • John Stamos

    Jesse Katsoplis

  • Bob Saget

    Daniel Ernest "Danny" Tanner

  • Dave Coulier

    Joseph Alvin "Joey" Gladstone

  • Lori Loughlin

    Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis (recurring Season 2, 1989-1995)

  • Candace Cameron

    Donna Jo Margaret "D.J." Tanner

  • Fan Reviews (2)
  • Teddy and Michelle are an couple

    By yuki_megami, Feb 14, 2007

  • Will you be my Valentine?

    By angelsxo, Aug 04, 2005

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (7)

    • Lisa: (when the time comes to dance with the boys at the party) Anyone who says no gets a wedgie! Mrs. Carruthers: Joey, would you like to dance, or would you like a wedgie? Either way, I can't lose!

    • Lisa: Okay, Derek's mine. Derek: I love these aggressive women of the 90's!

    • Lisa: (pairing her classmates up for the party) Michelle, you'll be with Teddy. Michelle and Teddy: Cool! Lisa: And Aaron, you'll be with Sophia. Aaron: (looks annoyed, turns to Sophia) Don't wear anything trampy.

    • Teddy: I'm out of here. Michelle: But you can't! We have to stay together for the kids! Teddy: We don't even have kids! Michelle: The kids at the party! We'll be the only ones there without dates. Teddy: Who cares? (leaves) Michelle: I gave you the best day of my life!

    • Michelle: Teddy and I just broke up. DJ: Oh, I'm sorry, Michelle. Michelle: DJ, can you help me? Guys are always breaking up with you. DJ: Excuse me, but guys don't break up with me; I break up with them.

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    Notes (1)

    • Last appearances of Teddy, Aaron, Ms. Ullman, and Mrs. Carruthers.

    Trivia (1)

    • When Michelle and Teddy is writting Lennys name, you can see that it is Mary-Kate that is writting the name because she is left-handed.

    Allusions (1)

    • The title of this episode alludes to the Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan romantic comedy Sleepless in Seattle.

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