A Taste of Freedom

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    oh, Zoidberg

    By futuramarama, Nov 04, 2009

    This episode is easily one of the funniest episodes, if not just for that Waterfall character that dies near the end. He makes this a funny episode.

    Zoidberg eats an American Flag on Freedom Day, where people have freedom to do whatever they want. But he eats a flag and everyone hates him. So him and the Decapodians enslave humanity to teach them a thing or two about freedom.

    This is a series classic, and this is one of the episodes that makes Zoidberg my favorite character. He is absolutely hilarious and is used quite well in this episode. A+ for suremoreless

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  • 9.7

    A hilarious episode as Zoidberg goes through US law the hard way.

    By Iverson82094, Feb 19, 2008

    The crew celebrates Freedom Day, a day where you can do anything you want, regardless of the consequences. Dr. Zoidberg seems affectionate about the holiday, as he loves the idea of freedom, something he did not have on his home planet Decapod 10. At the big Freedom Day celebration in Washington, D.C., Earth President Richard Nixon's head unveils the Earth flag ("Old Freebie") to celebrate the spirit of the holiday but the flag is eaten by Zoidberg. Zoidberg feels this is an expression of his freedom on Freedom Day; however, the rest of the crowd sees him as a traitor. Zoidberg is chased around town and takes cover in his planet's embassy.

    Zoidberg is put on trial and the crew hires lawyer Old Man Waterfall to represent him. Zoidberg, however, is found guilty and sentenced to death when he refuses to apologize publicly. After Earth's army storms the Decapodian embassy to seize Zoidberg (which constitutes an act of war, since the embassy is technically on Decapodian mud), the Decapodian ambassador to Earth summons the Decapodian military to retaliate. The Decapodian army easily defeats Earth's defense forces (thanks in no small part to Zapp Brannigan's incompetence, after he hands over the activation codes for the entire global defense network to a thinly disguised Decapodian operative named "Hugh Man") and Earth is enslaved by the crustacean extraterrestrials.

    Zoidberg does nothing to help his former coworkers, claiming that Earth didn't deserve its freedom. Later, Fry, Bender, Leela, Zapp, and Kif find a heat-seeking missile and launch it toward the Decopodians' newly-constructed Mobile Oppression Palace (a gigantic vehicle left behind by the Decapodians to keep the people of Earth subjugated, as it is much cheaper than an occupation force and just as effective). However, the palace is "cold-blooded," like the Decapodians themselves, and the palace continues its destructive rampage. It eventually crushes Old Man Waterfall for standing in its way, whom Zoidberg respected for defending him when no one else would. Zoidberg then lights a flag on fire and throws it toward the Mobile Oppression Palace, attracting the missile and thus destroying the palace. Zoidberg is declared a hero and is honored by Nixon at a ceremony, where he unveils a new Earth flag, out of which Zoidberg is allowed to take a bite. Zoidberg concludes that Earth, not Decapod 10, is now his true home planet.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Zoidberg eats a flag and is sentenced to death.

    By mataletea, Feb 02, 2007

    During Freedom Day, a day where all citizens are free to do as they please to celebrate the freedom Earth has to offer, Dr Zoidberg eats an Earth flag. Everybody is incensed at his actions and he is put on trial and sentenced to death.

    Hearing of Zoidbergs plight, the Decapodians send ships to Earth to enslave the planet to teach them the real meaning of freedom. Zoidberg is unsure what his people are doing is the right thing and assists Fry and Leela to take back the planet. He is hailed a hero for his actions in saving the planet.moreless

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  • 9.7

    This is a sweet episode.

    By ian_ralph12345, Jul 05, 2006

    This is one of my favorite episodes. This episode is all about Zoidberg. It's super funny.

    There is a new holiday. It's called freedom day. You can do whatever you want. Since you can do whatever you want, Zoidberg eats the earth flag. Everyone gets really mad at him. He goes to court. There was only one person who defneded him. He wasn't guilty. Zoidberg's people inslave the human race. They get the power codes and turn off all of the power. They get everyone to build a huge mobile palace. Fry has an idea. They go to a museum and steal a heat seeking missile. They fire in, but the modile palace is cold blooded. Zoidberg realizes what he's done and he burns an earth flag. He throws it at the palace and the missile hits the palace and it blows up. He gets a medal for saving earth.

    I give this episode a 9.7 out of 10.moreless

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  • 9.4

    Introduction of Freedom Day

    By jimbo_001, Feb 02, 2006

    Who couldn't like a Zoidberg story? This is my favourite of the 3 main Zoidberg plots (Why must I be a crustaceon in love, That's Lobstertainment, A Taste of Freedom) as it pokes much fun at the contradictory Freedom Day. Zoidberg's people actually declaring war on Earth was a bit much but still worked very well, and the chicken lawyer comes into the episode aswell, always a hilarious character. Zoidberg's mother's lectures were fantastic about becoming a doctor, not a comedian and then going back on it "What, and give up your dream of being a comedian?"

    This episode isn't my favourite from season 4 but it is very good.moreless

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    By chyrah1023, Dec 06, 2005

    This episode was funny on so many accounts. The first is the fact that it pokes fun at the flag burning controversy. The second is the fact that it continues to show how rediculous Zoidberg and his whole species is. I especially enjoy the part where his mother critizies his choice to become a comedian and tells him about becoming a doctor, and then he becomes a doctor and she asks what happened to his dream of becoming a comedian. I also loved the lawyer who represented Zoidberg. He lead a rediculous life. He had several wives a husband and was purely crazy. He exercized his freedoms to the extreme. This goes on the list of my all time favorite episodes.moreless

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  • 9.6

    My favorite episode!

    By Lyoko_fan, Sep 25, 2005

    This episode is my favorite for many reasons. Firstly, it centers around my favorite character, Dr. Zoidberg. Secondly, it's full of funny things that some other episodes, I'm sorry to say, lack. Ald lastly, because it proves that the show is funny and did not deserve to be cancelled. If they got Family Guy back on, why can't we do the same for Futurama?

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