Bender Gets Made (a.k.a. Bendfellas)

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  • Bender: So they sent a helpless child to kill me? Well I'm not going out without a fight. (kicks Tim's crutch out from under him) Tinny Tim: Fine kick, sir! But I'm actually here to deliver your cut from the cigar heist. Bender: Oh, sweet legal tender! Kid, tell the Donbot I'm quitting organized crime. From now on I'll stick to the regular kind.

  • Leela (seeing a blurry image that looks like Bender): I think it's Blotto, that gangster I saw when my patch fell off! (her vision clears to reveal the Professor) Professor?! Where were you at 10pm last night? Farnsworth: Where am I now?

  • Fry: I'm telling you, Leela was cool, she was in command, and when she kicked people it hurt. It really hurt.

  • Leela: I've got an idea. Hold still. (She rubs her ropes against Bender's arm) It's about to break. Yes! Yes! Bender's arm drops off Leela: Alright! Bender: Yeah that broke, alright!

  • Bender: Uh, help! Help! Leela: Bender! Fry: You're OK! Bender: Yes, I am. Having just this minute regained consciousness.

  • Fry: Leela, we may not have much time left so let's spend all of it reminiscing about Bender. He was like a big computer that ran on magic.

  • Donbot: Keep it up and I might just get you your own pair of clamps, huh? Clamps: He's gonna get clamps? Clamps, clamps...

  • Bender: Uh, hey, Donny, baby, gimme a chance here, huh? Yous guys skedaddle. Let me take care of the doity woik. Donbot: Hey, I like your attitude. And your latest accent.

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Notes (2)

  • As was the case with the previous episode, the Professor's line "Holy Zombie Jesus!" was censored when aired on Adult Swim but restored for Comedy Central.

  • First appearance of Don-Bot, Clamps and Joey Mousepad.

Trivia (8)

  • Alien code: The Ambulance that rushes down the street has Alien Code #1 on the front of it. It's written backwards for rear-view mirrors and it reads "Meat Truck".

  • Bender's mafia name, 'Blotto', is a joke on the double meaning of his real name. Blotto is a slang term for being drunk, and Bender, in addition to being what he does, is also a term meaning a drunken binge.

  • Opening theme promotion: SIMULCAST ON CRAZY PEOPLE'S FILLINGS

  • Fry ties strings to the steering wheel since Leela can't drive, but in the next shot, they are gone. Response: The strings aren't gone until Leela returns to the wheel, and presumably she had removed them herself.

  • When Bender's speaking with Tinny Tim at the Oil-Aide stand, you can see "The Masked Unit" standing in the background.

  • When Bender gets that $50 from the Don-Bot he puts it in his apron. Right before he quits Bender crumples up his apron and throws it on the floor without grabbing the money first.

  • We see the return of Tinny-Tim, but his crutch is on the other side of his body.

  • It is revealed Leela did a horrific job with her lipstick, and that it is all over her cheek. Yet when she comes in the room with Nibbler a few seconds earlier, her cheek is clear and the only place where there is lipstick is on her lips!

Allusions (9)

  • Hermes: Where in Legoland is Leela? Legoland is a theme park based on the popular children's toy, Lego. There are currently four theme parks in England, Denmark, Germany and the USA.

  • Star Trek The console above the bed Leela is on when she is being examined looks like the vital signs monitor used in Star Trek: The Original Series. In Star Trek, they are also placed above the beds.

  • Title Gag: SIMULCAST ON CRAZY PEOPLE'S FILLINGS This could be a possible reference to a claim made by Lucille Ball on The Dick Cavett Show that she had picked up radio signals on her tooth fillings.

  • The ambulance takes Leela to Taco Bellevue Hospital, which uses the Taco Bell logo on its sign. Leela is carried into the ER past a patient who is talking to an alien doctor that looks like the Taco Bell Chihuahua with an antenna growing out of the top of its head.

  • Emeril Live Elzar's cooking show (and in fact his character) are references to Emeril Lagasse and Emeril Live, a cooking show on the Food Network.

  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off: Bender's scheme of having a tape player play a loop of a sick message when someone comes to his door was done in the John Hughes film.

  • Visual: Policemen's Batons
    The Policemen's batons look like lightsabers from Star Wars.

  • The Godfather
    The episode has several references to the 1972 film The Godfather.

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