Insane in the Mainframe

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Quotes (52)

  • Fry: (Fry and bender are in a box being rolled away end-over-end) Ow, my head! Ow, my feet! Ow, my head! Ow, my feet! Farnsworth: Keep your chin up! Fry: Ow, my chin!

  • Bender: Buddy, you may be wrapped in greasy skin, but inside you've got the heart of a robot. Fry: Aw... Thanks, Bender. Bender: Just like inside me, I've got the heart of a human. (takes a human heart out) Everybody: Eww! Bender: What?

  • Fry(after being kissed by Leela): I'm gonna continue never washing this cheek again!

  • Leela: You did it, Fry! Bender: Congratulations, buddy! You're a credit to my race! Fry: It was nothing. I... (sees blood on his finger) Blood? Robots don't have blood. I must be a, a... Dr. Zoidberg: A squid? Fry: (happily) A human! Oh, my god! I'm a human! Dr. Zoidberg: Also good.

  • Roberto: Help! Help! He is a battle-droid! Somebody help me! Mommy! I'm sorry I spilled the transmission fluid, Mommy! No! No! Don't weld me to the wall, Mommy!

  • Fry: No knife can penetrate my skin-tanium armour.

  • Leela: Fry! Stay back! He's too powerful! Fry: Negative, bossy meat creature. I know now what my primary function is: I am a battle-droid, sworn to protect the weak from crazy robots. Roberto: I'm not crazy! Don't call me crazy! I-I'm just not user-friendly! Hermes: Fry! Don't be the hero! It's not covered by the insurance plan!

  • Fry: Halt, fellow robot! Roberto: Hey, Red. You're just in time to join the hostage situation. Which side you wanna be on? Fry: The side that kicks your twisted, metal ass!

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Notes (3)

  • First appearance of Roberto.

  • The can of oil Fry stickes in his jacket has the symbol for "pi" on it. Roughly translated, the can says "3.14... In 1 Oil."

  • A number of robots from previous episodes make guest appearances in the asylum.

Trivia (19)

  • At the end of the court trial, when Professor Farnsworth says "Keep your chin up", you can clearly see that the box that Fry and Bender is in has no tape on it on either side.

  • Look closely:
    Three different times during the court trial, Judge Whitey has a microphone. All the other times he doesn't have one.

  • During the entire court trial, the flag next to Judge Whitey keeps jumping from being to the left of him to behind him constantly for no apparent reason.

  • Bender says "Je suis Napoleon" and "Bonjour, y'all", which contradicts French being "an incomprehensible dead languange" in the future.

  • This is the second time Bender says that Fry has the heart of a robot. The first time was in I, Roommate.

  • Wouldn't it be impractical, not to mention a waste of taxpayers money, to have an asylum for robots? If these robots are malfunctioning, why not just re-program them?

  • Opening theme promotion: BENDER'S HUMOUR BY MICROSOFT JOKE

  • By 3002, the Constitution has at least 67 Amendments.

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Allusions (7)

  • Famous Original Ray's Superior Court is a cheap reference to all the pizza places in NYC that belong to a guy named Ray.

  • The Star Diaries: by Stanislaw Lem Fry's stay in the asylum is reminiscent of a chapter in the 1971 book "The Star Diaries."

  • One Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest

    There are a number of references to the movie, including the tour/meet & greet and Nurse Ratchet.

  • Cypress Hill: Insane in the Membrane

    This title is a play on the Cypress Hill song, "Insane in the Membrane."

  • Name of Asylum: The HAL Institute for Criminally Insane Robots

    HAL was the 'insane' computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  • Mad Hatter Bot: Switch Places.
    A quote from Alice in Wonderland, the design of the Mad Hatter robot is clearly based on the original illustrations from the book (complete with price tag on hat), as also used by Disney for their movie. The voice of the robot is also an impression of the Disney character's voice.

  • Bender: Don't kill me yet! I'm starting to come down with Stockholm Syndrome.

    Stockholm Syndrome is the state many people held in hostage situations get in where they actually start to like their captors. Named for the city in which it was first identified in the 70s.