Leela and the Genestalk

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    By JasonzThwaites, Aug 05, 2015

    This is one off my most favs aha makes me laugh all the time .... why did they stop making more episodes?

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    Fairy Tales... Futurama Style.

    By frosty_ice, Aug 08, 2013

    Well, after the failure that was Calculon 2.0, I guess that the Assie Come Home and this episode prove that if they want to, the writers of the show can come up with clever plots.

    I really loved the sweet scenes of Fry and Leela... it only proves that they both belong together, and they will, at the season and series finale (which we hope it won't be for long, until Matt and the rest of the gang find a new networtk for the series).

    Loved the puns and the references to various fairy tales... and for the record, Leela looked beautiful even in her full mutant form. 10 out of 10.moreless

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    Best Episode Ever!

    By j0rd4nkzf, Aug 08, 2013

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