Less Than Hero

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  • Fry: Wow, a cream that give you super powers! You'd think something like that you'd have to freebase.

  • Fry: Uh, Leela, how you gonna meet your folks tomorrow? We've already scheduled the Zookeeper for a 9am foiling at the museum. Leela: Not a problem. I've cleverly arranged to meet my parents right there at the same museum at 10. Bender: 9...10...a big fat hen. (He takes a puff of his cigar.) The name's Bender!

  • Leela: Oh, I completely forgot, I left my apartment on fire! Bender: As for me, I'm late for my L.S.A.T.’s Fry: And I can't take life anymore! (Fry jumps out the window)

  • Bender: Hey Fry we've still got our costumes on. Wanna steal some more stuff? Fry: I guess, as long as you think it's right. Bender: Superheroes away!

  • Leela: Mom, Dad, oh I'm so sorry I got you kidnapped by a crazy madman who tried to feed you to pirhanas. Munda: We're just happy to be involved in your life. Leela: No no, it's my fault for telling you I was a superhero. Morris: That's true.

  • Fry: Oh no! Our superpower cream is out of itself! Leela: Check inside the cap! There might be a caked in goldmine! Fry: El zilcho! I'm afraid we're boned. Bender: El zilcho...is it too late to change my superhero name?

  • Fry: But, should superheroes commit crime? Even to save lives? I need moral guidance. Bender? Bender: Hmm, the thought of stealing anything fills Superking with disgust. But if it must be so, then let a museum heist be pulled!

  • Munda: Save us Leela! I mean...if you don't have anything better to do.

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Notes (6)

  • The New Justice Team Song: Go, go, go, New Justice Team! Go, team, go, team, team, team, team Who's the newest Justice Team? The New Justice Team! Captain Yesterday is fast. Also he is from the past. Not just fast but from the past, Captain Yesterday! Super King has all the powers, Of a king plus all the power of Superman. Also he's a robot, ain't it cool? Superking, you rule! Clobberella beats you up, Clobberella beats you up! Who does she beat up? You! Clobberella! Citizens never fear. Crazy do-good freaks are here. Until they run out of steam Miracle cream, miracle cream, gives the power to the team It's effects wear off for sure, so they just slop on some more. The New Justice Team! Extra verse at the end of the episode: Go, go, go New Justice Team Fighting justice is their quest Super King, Clobberella and all the rest Here's to you, New Justice Team Do the things that make a team Help each other do some things Winners don't use drugs The New Justice Team

  • Though Leela's dad's name (Morris) is revealed in Leela's Homeworld, her mom's name is not revealed until this episode. Her name is Munda.

  • Several scenes were deleted from this episode. You can find them on the Season 4 DVD.

  • When Bender gets hit by the kangaroo, the cartoon bobble says "01001010." Translated using the ASCII code, the Hex is "4A." Bluntly, it's supposed to mean "Ahhh!"

  • One of the Jackson's from the original Jackson 5 (though it has never been revealed which one) was one of the voices singing the Justice Team song for the show.

  • Alien code: Zoidberg gives Fry & Leela a tube of lotion to rub on their skin. After they get superpowers, they read the back to see what was in it. A large text of Alien Code #1 can be seen on the back. When translated it reads: "Keep out of reach of children under the age of five hundred. For best results, sacrifice a small mammal xanroc, then apply evenly to interior of eyeball. Would you like to help sell Flimflam Products? Contact a representative at a covered wagon near you."

Trivia (15)

  • This episode takes place after Leela's Homeworld, so it's established that Leela is a mutant. However the general public must still believe that she's an alien, otherwise she would be banished to live in the sewers.

  • Opening theme promotion: SOON TO BE A MAJOR RELIGION

  • Captain Yesterday's medallion is a C overlayed by a Y.

  • Leela's sign on her super hero outfit is a hand holding a rolling pin. Many fans mistook it for the communist symbol. The arm was suppsoed to make a C to stand for Clobberella.

  • LOOK HARD: Teddy Roosevelt: Museum Founder; No Admittance Without $5.00 Suggested Donation.

  • The piranhas that were "persuaded to walk on land" use Dr. Wernstrom's reverse SCUBA suit (minus the wetsuit).

  • The creme said that it gives superpowers to humans, but Leela is a mutant. RESPONSE: But she is a human mutant (that is, her DNA is mutated from human DNA), so it's quite probable that the creme might have similar effect on her as on normal humans.

  • Powers listed on creme: The powers listed on the tube included superstrength, superspeed, and aquatic telepathy. But it failed to mention invulnerability, despite the robber's foiled mugging of Fry and Leela. Remember? The laser bounced off of Fry, and the pipe over Leela's head just got dented...without either person getting hurt.

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Allusions (12)

  • The logo that sports the New Justice Team's name greatly resembles the logo on the covers of the original Justice League of America comics from the 1960's

  • One, Two, Buckle My Shoe Bender says "Nine. Ten. A big fat hen", quoting a line from the nursery line One, Two, Buckle my Shoe.

  • The Zookeeper's beltbuckle/logo somewhat resembles the Calvin Klein logo with an extra line.

  • Zookeeper shares his name with a Teen Titans villain who is a vicious changeling.

  • Leela's hair when she was in costume was similar to that of Starfire [comic book version] from the DC comic, Teen Titans.

  • Gilligan's Island The mention of "All the rest" during the New Justice Team's theme played during the end credits is an allusion to the first season of Gilligan's Island where, during the credits, "All the rest" referred to Mary Ann and the Professor.

  • Spider-Man (1967)
    The New Justice Team theme song is similar to the theme song for the old animated Spider-Man TV series.

  • Justice League/Superfriends
    Many of the superhero references, including the backdrop the group jumps through, are taken from the DC based shows The Superfriends and Justice League.

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