Love and Rocket

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Quotes (47)

  • Planet Express Ship: Me. Want. Engulf. Bender!

  • Fry: Well, I guess we'd better clean up these millions of hearts. Leela: Nah, I've got a lazier idea.

  • Fry: Bender! Are you OK? Bender: Aw, what crazy thing am I going to date next? Leela: Well at least it sounds like you were able to keep your consciousness separate from hers. Bender: Of course! Bender is a lone wolf. A solitary eagle. A cuddly baby tapir! And that's why I love him!

  • Leela: It worked! Gravity normal, air returning. Terror replaced by cautious optimism!

  • Fry: Um, Leela? Leela: Fry! I'll read your candy later, when we're not dead!

  • Bender: Hey, pookums! Contrary to what I was saying earlier, melding minds with you would be extremely bearable.

  • Leela: Comprendez, Bender? You'll have to distract her. Merge your programming with hers while I shut down her brain. Bender: It's too risky. I'm a very meek individual. If her personality engulfs mine, the Bender you know and worship could disappear forever! Leela: I'm willing to take that risk.

  • Fry: What's happening? Space cow? Leela: The ship's just taking the break-up a little hard... She's nuts! Ship: In a few moments, the power of 10 billion black holes will smush me and Bender together into a beautiful eternal quantum singularity. Bender: Uh, you don't need to kill us, Planet Express Ship... because... I love you. Oh, yeah, baby! I feel like doing stuff for you and stuff. Ship: Hmm. I don't believe you. If you really wanted to be with me, you'd merge your programming with mine. Bender: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down! All my friends who've done that said that afterwards all the passion went out of their relationship.

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Notes (4)

  • Sigourney Weaver was originally not going to do this episode, until after watching an episode for herself, and seeing a reference to her Alien movie.

  • A dumb joke added in by the animators was the "Bear Hospital" sign, which wasn't in the original script.

  • This is the only time Kif appears in an episode that Zapp isn't in.

  • Lucy Liu has a cameo. This is her second appearance, with her first being I Dated a Robot. The crew had recorded her saying several lines for future use, to be used at moments like this.

Trivia (16)

  • At the end when Leela disabled the ship's brain and turned the oxygen on, Fry is still wearing his oxygen mask. But just before Leela turns Fry around and performs CPR, he no longer has it on. It's impossible for Fry to remove it, since he passed out from the lack of oxygen. Leela clearly didn't remove it either.

  • Leela is in her pajamas when the Ship cuts off the air and gravity, but when the crew are discussing strategy in the shower, and from that point on, she is in her uniform. It seems unlikely that she would stop to change in a life and death situation.

  • In the beginning when the ship is trying to win over Bender's approval, she mentions that every member has their own button for the radio station, however there are 5 buttons on the ship.

  • Opening theme promotion: WHEN YOU SEE THE ROBOT, DRINK!

  • Several signs we see in this episode include 'Welcome to Romantic Milwaukee - Birthplace of Beer Goggles,' 'Romanticorp - A Division of General Emotions' and 'Central Park Zoo - Now With More Goats.'

  • Garbage was being used to produce the heart shaped boxes.

  • In I Second That Emotion, the mutant with an arm growing out of the side of his head had only one ear. But here, as well as in Leela's Homeworld, he now has an ear below where the arm is. He must have further mutated.

  • When Bender breaks up with the ship, it stops moving but when Bender is seen through the ships eyes, you can see that the ship is moving.

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Allusions (10)

  • Smart House While this episode does take a lot from 2001: A Space Odyssey, it also draws many elements from the Disney movie Smart House. In Smart House, a house with artificial intelligence undergoes a personality change and goes insane, imprisoning the family that lives inside of it. In order to plot an escape, the boy hides in the bathtub because it's the only place the house can't see or hear. In addition, Katey Sagal (voice of Leela) voiced the house in Smart House.

  • 'Romanticorp - A Division of General Emotions' is based on the advertising logo phrase, "A Division of General Motors".

  • Bender: This isn't alternative rock, it's college rock!
    The song playing on the radio is the Spin Doctors' one hit wonder "Two Princes."

  • Fry: Shields at full Yarnell!
    Shields & Yarnell were a male-female mime and comedy team with their own TV show in 1977-1978.

  • The Matrix/Tron
    When Bender enters the machine, the green numbers are a reference to The Matrix. And the chase sequence between him and the ship is straight out of Tron.

  • The Care Bears
    The Lovey Bears were designed off the disgusting (yet strangely entertaining) cartoon, The Care Bears.

  • Lrr: This is ancient Earth's most foolish program! Why does Ross, the largest Friend, simply not eat the others? (...) Oh, very well. This is a Joey heavy episode anyway.
    Ross and Joey are two characters of the hit TV sitcom Friends.

  • Planet Express Ship: Oh. If only I could read lips.
    This is a parody of a similar scene form 2001: A Space Odyssey, where two characters plot against the ship's computer - HAL 9000 (also represented by a red-eye panel) - that went insane and homicidal. The two plotters go inside a sound proof capsule, like Fry, Leela and Bender go to the showers. However HAL, unlike the Planet Express Ship, could read lips. There are some other references to this movie: Bender singing "Daisy"; The ship's line "I'm afraid I can't do that, Leela"; The ship turning off the oxygen; The "fisheye" lens used for the computer's P.O.V; Leela turns off the ship's computer.

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