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    I love it!!!

    By Philipjfry1974, Jun 01, 2015

    I really love futurama and I want it to keep going so I can show my kids I'd really appreciate it

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    By dylanscott92102564, Dec 08, 2014



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    The Second Conclusion of "Futurama"

    By bautistakenrick856, Aug 27, 2014

    The series has been cancelled once again. Why do networks hate the show so much? As much as I hate how TV shows are coming to an end, this one has a very good ending. It was about time Fry and Leela got married. They went from young-to-old and they have traveled around the world. This was actually the perfect end to a great series. Ken Keeler must be REAL good at making series finales.

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    Perfect series finale

    By Girlygeek43, Mar 18, 2014

    Now here's something Futurama did that other shows in it's genre have failed to do, end when it needed to. Futurama may have had it's duds from time to time, but this series finale uses imagery, emotions, and writing like no other. All in all, the writers knew what they were doing, and it ended when it needed to.

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    A flawless episode to go out on

    By gpph, Dec 31, 2013

    Very touching, clever, and hilarious. Apparently they saved a lot of their best Season 10 ideas for this one episode, and I'm actually glad they did. It's one of the best of the series.

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    What am I going to do with my life

    By Jaxful, Dec 20, 2013

    I finshed the show last night, and now i dont know what I am going to do with my life... Overall I would say it was a great finale. It had a bit of everything from the past seasons, and my favorite part about it was when the professor said that it would take them back to the moment before he created the time button. I really hope that this show gets renewed ANYWHERE I dont care what network.

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    Amazing Episode

    By georgepanono, Nov 07, 2013

    Great season finale nothing bad to say, it was funny and had a unique interesting and great story.

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    A perfect ending to a great show...

    By mori1bund, Sep 06, 2013

    still leaves a very smart loophole for a comeback.

    In addition this episode has many moments and elements that one can find in the best episodes of this show. This episode is an instant classic!

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    Perfect episode, I hope Futurama will never return

    By wwwjensweb, Sep 05, 2013

    What an ending for such a great show. The episode started off normal, but then turned into one of the greatest moments in TV or movies for me ever. It had everything:

    - this half science, half crazy thing that Futurama can do so perfectly if they just try hard enough

    -all those little jokes that made every second of that episode so great (spoiler/exaple: a bed made of pandas with coalas as pillows; makes you ask yourself if they are warm or not)

    - really good storytelling for just 22min time

    - a perfect ending for fry and leela

    hope and guess this was for real the last episode, and it should be, now go with grace and such a great episod, this is a perfect ending


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